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Saturday, August 29, 2015
29 Aug 2015N
Miral Sarwar
It supports in C#.NET and Android platform for Encrypting and Decrypting data.
Friday, August 28, 2015
28 Aug 2015N
Atanas N Atanasov
This article presents a simple examples on how to build responsive design with jQuery Grid
28 Aug 2015N
Dmitriy Gakh
Development on C# without care of resource consumption can lead to overloading the system. This article describes a case with large waste of memory and CPU time and how to avoid it.
28 Aug 2015N
Bobby Lough
Big O Notation is a way of expressing the worst case complexity or order of growth of an algorithm. It is not as scary and something to only break out during interviews.
28 Aug 2015N
Sacha Barber
An introductory article on Apache Spark, with a demo app
28 Aug 2015N
K Barakathulla Khan
Programmatically connecting AS400 and executing commands
28 Aug 2015N
Defining innovation beyond the limits of Chomsky
28 Aug 2015N
Arora Sumit
Defining Filters in AngularJS
28 Aug 2015N
Bert O Neill
AngularJS and Web API Active Directory Security (Authorisation)
28 Aug 2015U
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess
28 Aug 2015U
syed shanu
This article shows how to create a word puzzle game using MVC, AngularJS and Web API 2.
28 Aug 2015U
Building for and consuming the Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network
Thursday, August 27, 2015
27 Aug 2015N
Chandra Shekhar Joshi
How to implement the Queue of Background Worker
27 Aug 2015N
Chinh Vo Wili
Send HTTP GET requests, consume ASP.NET Web API server
27 Aug 2015N
Error handling often brings down an otherwise good design, this article offers an approach to standardize and simplify your error handling particularly in SOLID applications.
26 Aug 2015N
A simple & elegant way to apply Bevel-effect in wpf
26 Aug 2015N
Chandan Kumar Chaurasia
This tip will help you to create Sitemap/Page Title on the fly using AngularJS in just few step!
26 Aug 2015N
Value type and Reference type in C# explained
26 Aug 2015N
Clifford Nelson
If you are having issues with getting the WPF Focus() method working, then maybe all you need to do is add a delay on the Initialized event before setting the focus. This solution is a nice demonstration of the features of TPL, and how easy TPL can make doing asynchronous programming in the UI.
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
26 Aug 2015N
Xun Ding
Make some shapes, have some CSS fun

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