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Monday, June 16, 2014
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Tim Golisch
Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools
Right Handed Monkey
The ProblemI have a Samsung Galaxy S phone with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread).  This device came out in March 2010 which is ancient in terms of mobile devices, but I am still rather fond of this phone.  I began having trouble with certain websites when they changed their certifying authority early in
Book Reviews
Sampath Lokuge
The Video Course is Building an Application with CoffeeScript.
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Dave Kerr
If you need modals in an AngularJS application, look no further. I'll show you how to use the Angular Modal Service to add Bootstrap Modals or your own custom modals to your application.See it in a fiddle or check out a full set of samples online.ContentsUsing the Angular Modal Service A Quick Exam
Client side scripting
Garvit Arya
It is a JavaScript based application for drawing basic free-hand shapes, logos and drawings.
Sunday, June 15, 2014
Right Handed Monkey
This post explains how to use the WorxForUs SQLite Database framework to have an Android app that works well in multi-threaded applications and supports table level upgrades (instead of the entire database).  Background:I wrote this library because I my app was based on the Android examples and work
Right Handed Monkey
CodeProjectThis post explains how to use the WorxForUs Network framework to have an Android app that works robustly even in areas that have poor network connectivity.  Background:I wrote this library because none of the tutorials I found went clearly into the different types of faults that you can
Tamas Lorincz
Right Handed Monkey
CodeProjectMySQL Database Performance Diagnostics - Where to Start?In most web applications the biggest bottleneck you are going to have is the database.  If you want good performance and to scale your application, you are going to need to know how to optimize it.  Even before you worry about cachin
.NET Framework
Bilel Msekni
How to transform a list to a dictionary in 3 different ways?
Get information about how to work with angularJs bundling and minification in ASP.NET MVC
Jamal Seyedi
How to create print button for non-IE browsers in RDLC Viewers
Custom Controls
Dolinka Márk Gergely
Creating a Custom Migration Operation in Entity Framework
Client side scripting
Knockout Data-binding to Table with rowspan
JO Hyeong-Ryeol
An introduction to the WatchableObject that is a base class to implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
Ahmed Bakodah
This post is about how to demonstrate CheckBoxList in ASP.NET MVC 4
This will set you logging from your NLog to your Growl in no time.
Algorithms & Recipes
Marco Bertschi
A walk-through on how a Key-Value pair can be parsed using a PERL-compatible regex engine
Cross Platform
Marco Bertschi
A short guide on how you can style and customize the appearance of you QML controls in a CSS-like way
Marco Bertschi
A brief guide on what you need to do to get the Qt Creator to compile and develop Qt Applications on Mac OS X without running into install_name_tool_failed

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