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Thursday, March 27, 2014
Kelum W. Ganegoda
After long time I had a chance to update my Blog. In this post I’m going to show you how to display data fetching progress with AJAX Auto Complete extender. This is very simple. Add ASP Text box to the page (ID=TextBox1) Add AJAX AutoCompleteExtender Insert following javascript code to the web
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Zachary Gardner
In my last post on the three stages of an argument, I discussed how to help group discussions be focused and productive. The following is the thesis for my argument: By focusing on observation, discussion, and resolution, group discussions at work can have a positive, actionable impact. There is ano
Windows API
Uuups, sometimes we are looking for a way to do simple things and do not remeber how easy it was. Question: How can one hide/show the start icon in taskbar of Windows Mobile 6.1 (and before)? Answer: Use the API provided by Microsoft for this: SHFullScreen! No need to use FindWindow and subclass, ve
Applications & Tools
Leonardo Paneque
My favorite (critical) developer tools
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Yogesh Kumar Tyagi
I’m going to show one simple common method to export.
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Lộc Nguyễn
Example of JNotif - A Java Notification App
Winform programmatically creating a form and with corresponding events
Windows API
Martin Mitáš
Overview of techniques for customizing existing controls.
How to cache HTML output with PHP
Edit Controls
Nirav Prabtani
Virtual Expandable Gridview using Ajax post method
David Fahlander
Discover the hidden features of indexedDB!
Other .NET Languages
Sacha Barber
Last time we looked at the List module, and we now proceed to look at the sequence module. You will in fact see a lot of similarities with the sequence module compared to the list module. The main difference between F# lists and F# sequence is pretty much the same as it is in C#|VB […]
Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development
Using the Task Parallel Library (TPL) for multitasking and UI responsiveness in WinForms
Audio and Video
This article explains speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech and speech synthesis in C#.
Mika Wendelius
This tip demonstrates the use of LAG and LEAD functions in SQL Server.
Windows Phone 7/8
Hadrich Mohamed
This tip shows you how to publish a Windows Phone 8 application step by step.
Client side scripting
Akshya Dash
Ths jquery plugin helps to store the values that are being changed in the DOM input elements of a webpage for future reference and restoration.
Cryptography & Security
Don Fizachi
A C# implementation of the SCRAM SHA-1 (RFC 5802) authentication protocol.
C / C++ Language
john morrison leon
Introducing smart observers of single owners and the concept of Public and Private scope visibility

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