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Friday, September 26, 2014
26 Sep 2014
The sample package outlined in this post can be downloaded here. While my last post discussed SSIS object variables this post will look at variable value assignment.  There are several ways that a variable can be assigned a value within an SSIS package:   Default Value Assignment Once a variable is
25 Sep 2014
OLAP cube performance optimization technique
25 Sep 2014
Part 1 described the general idea behind Sonar project, hardware components used and Arduino sketch... This second post in "Out of Boredom" series is about C# and JavaScript programs that make it possible to display ultrasonic range sensor data in web browsers. The role of .NET application is to rec
25 Sep 2014
Mathew Soji
Logging is a method of tracking/monitoring what is going on when an application is in progress/running.
Thursday, September 25, 2014
25 Sep 2014
Rakesh Ku Nayak
A new plugin named jGrid to display grid with pagination and sorting functionality in an easy way
25 Sep 2014
Ivan Yakimov
In this article I'll describe how to create simple AutoComplete TextBox for entering folders which also can use values of environment variables.
25 Sep 2014
M. Sreekanth
In this article, we are going to create responsive HTML table using FooTable Plug-In and a hint of client side data binding using Handlebars.js library.
24 Sep 2014
Duncan Edwards Jones
A simple unit testing framework for T-SQL
24 Sep 2014
Take some of the headache out of Android porting with a stable, consistent build environment.
24 Sep 2014
Bob McGowan
Utilizing SQL Server FILESTREAM capabilities from .Net.
24 Sep 2014
Samer Abu Rabie
1 alternative  
This article talks about Fluentx .NET Library
24 Sep 2014
Simple and PCF shadow mapping algorithms (Bonus Article - Android Wild Card Category)
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
24 Sep 2014
“Airspace” is a conceptual way of thinking about how the two halves of an interoperation application share the rendering areas within a common top-level window. This topic explains how the “airspace” concept might influence the presentation design as well as the input conside
24 Sep 2014
Meshack Musundi
A WPF 3D Rubik's Cube application
24 Sep 2014
Façade design pattern
24 Sep 2014
Proxy design pattern
24 Sep 2014
A base viewmodel implementing IDataErrorInfo
24 Sep 2014
Jeroen De Maeijer
This is an alternative for "Simple Windows Service in C++"
24 Sep 2014
This is my response to the ComputerWorld article: Where Is Modern IT Heading? – opens in new window/tab The author of that article veers drastically from the main question of his article and never answers it, but instead digresses into the study of the word ‘modern’.  Here’s
24 Sep 2014
"Togosoft Device Browser" allows web programmers to create Android web apps in minutes with pure HTML and JavaScript.

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