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Monday, March 24, 2014
DLLs & Assemblies
A custom implementation of the FindResource() and LoadString() functions with better error indication. Pointing the direction for those who want to learn the binary PE resource format.
Here is a small tip to perform a client-side paging without any scripting language
Applications & Tools
Have you ever committed code that was meant to stay on your machine? We all add temporary hacks to make development or debugging easier... And it's so easy to forget about them!
Omar Alani
How to use ASP.NET Web API 2 with Individual User Account from AngularJS client with CORS enabled to issue a Bearer token.
Progress Controls
This is a Windows Forms control to copy a file with progress information
It explains step-by-step how to develop a basic IVR voice menu system in the most simplest way and explains how to create such a professional VoIP functionality as blind transfer.
Er. Puneet Goel
Game Development
Zachary Gardner
There is a lot that goes on from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. We sit at our desks, we program, we respond to emails, we sit in meetings, we go to backlog grooming, etc. Every day brings its own challenges, and its own opportunities for learning and growth. What matters the most is how […]The
C / C++ Language
Guidance on C++/C++!1 Parameter Passing
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Windows Communication Foundation
Imran Abdul Ghani
In part-1 of this WCF Tutorial series, we have gone through new features introduced in Windows Communication Foundation v3.5 and v4.0. In this part, we will highlight new features of WCF 4.5.New Features in WCF v4.5Simplified Generated Configuration files, generated configuration file on client will
Ciumac Sergiu
A simple way of using dependency injection and service locator in you class library
using .Net SerialPort class for data acquisition and updating screen at the same time
Shuqian Ying
Implementing the user account setting part of Membership+ management system.
Shuqian Ying
Initiating an Asp.Net Mvc 5 development environment for an administration front-end of extended membership system called Membership+.
Saturday, March 22, 2014
Other .NET Languages
Sacha Barber
Any serious programming you do in any language will always involve lists. As such you will be pleased to know that F# has very very good support for Lists, by way of its List module. A list in F# is an ordered, immutable series of elements of the same type.   Creating Lists In F# […]
Shell and IE programming
Zachary Gardner
Yesterday, I saw some unusual behavior in IE. I had a window.onbeforeunload set and added href=”javascript:void(0);” to an anchor tag. This works fine in Chrome, but in Internet Explorer the onbeforeunload message gets triggered. The only way I could accomplish what I needed was by addin
Windows Phone 7/8
If you are a Windows Phone developer and have upgraded your system from windows 8 to windows 8.1 then you might have faced “Not enough memory” error problem. If you are facing same problem then stop worrying, Microsoft exposed the … Continue reading →
Internet / Network
Ravi Bhavnani
An object that harnesses the power of Google's online natural language translation tools.
Tree Controls
Treeview with Checkboxes supporting 3-state-logic
Other .NET Languages
Paul Watt
If you ask a group of 10 software engineers to develop unit tests for the same object, you will end up with 10 unique approaches to testing that object. Now imagine each engineer was given a different object. This was my experience with unit testing before I discovered how useful and how much more v

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