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Friday, October 3, 2014
3 Oct 2014
Answer will be Yes for those “Who don’t understand the core primitive of JavaScript function”. No for those “Who understands the core primitive”.
3 Oct 2014
Numerical concepts of NaN, IND, INF and DEN using C++.
3 Oct 2014
Suraj Sahoo | Coding Passion
Razor view engine in MVC to ease the access of data and model classes...
3 Oct 2014
This tip walks you through the steps for creating a ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Application using Bootstrap as template for layout.
3 Oct 2014
The importance of useless Micro-optimization
3 Oct 2014
John Atten
When working with ASP.NET Web Api from a .NET client, one of the more confounding things can be handling the case where errors are returned from the Api. Specifically, unwrapping the various types of errors which may be returned from a specific API action method, and translating the error content in
3 Oct 2014
In this article we will look at logistic classifier and how regularization affects the performance of the classifier.
3 Oct 2014
Gautham Prabhu K
Copying entire row within Excel sheet using VBA in Microsoft Office 2010 and higher
2 Oct 2014
Object Oriented Design and Programming Process using a Real World Example
Thursday, October 2, 2014
2 Oct 2014
Bahrudin Hrnjica
This is blog post series about new features coming in the next version of C# 6.0. The first post is about null conditional operator. The NullReferenceException is night mare for any developer specially for developer with not much experience. Almost every created object must be check against null val
2 Oct 2014
Jeffrey T. Fritz
Are you building ASP.NET web applications?  Do you Gulp?  in this article, I introduce how to use Gulp with Visual Studio.  The sample walks through automating static file packaging for custom ASP.NET controls.
2 Oct 2014
Got a blog? Want to make yourself a bit more noticeable around the interwebs? What better way to do it than your own short URL (a la,,, etc.)?
2 Oct 2014
Edgar Maass
The goal of this article is to extract a point cloud using the Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor, visualize it using the VTK toolkit, save it for printing or further work (e.g. using Meshlab)
2 Oct 2014
Akos Mattiassich
How to make from a simple TextBox an animated eye candy.
2 Oct 2014
Rapuru Amarendra
This tip presents an example of popups in responsive using bootstrap
2 Oct 2014
Learn Angular and Firebase API (AngularFire) for live storage of data via Internet using nosql db.
2 Oct 2014
This article introduces two free, open source, tools that will make your unit tests more declarative and compact and a lot easier to read and understand.
2 Oct 2014
Shivi Gupta Lucknow
using javascript and jquery I will demonstrate how to call codebehind method from the client side. there are three ways of doing so.
2 Oct 2014
Adam Zgagacz
WinForms Scrollbar with enhanced properties, graphical bookmarks and value tooltips.
2 Oct 2014
This posts tries to introduce template metaprogramming to the average C++ programmer, showing how it works, what can do, and finally leading with its problems trying to make it easier than in the old days of C++98, thanks to C++11 and C++14 language improvements.

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