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Sunday, April 19, 2015
19 Apr 2015N
Member 11246861
Some ways in which laptops and microcontrollers communicate
19 Apr 2015N
Hideous Humpback Freak
How to construct the SUT (System Under Test) – Eradicate Brittle Unit Tests
19 Apr 2015N
Paul M Watt
Coupling and Cohesion are two properties that deserve your attention when you design software. These are important because they have a direct effect on how flexible and maintainable your software will be as your software continues to e developed. Will you be able to reuse it? Will you be able to ada
19 Apr 2015N
George MVC Study
A jQuery function to set all columns in a div with equal height.
18 Apr 2015N
Matt Scarpino
This article provides an overview of MPI development for C programmers.
Saturday, April 18, 2015
18 Apr 2015U
Lothar Perr
A simple structured native task scheduler
18 Apr 2015N
Dr Gadgit
Client server program using a single TCP port to control a remote desktop
18 Apr 2015N
Call and Callvirt instructions in .NET IL
18 Apr 2015N
Rabhi Sofiene
Business application based on WPF MVVM and Entity Framework 6
18 Apr 2015N
Duy H. Thai
ASP.NET Dynamic Data lets us mange data right on the website instead of having to access the database. You can add it as an admin interface to your MVC website, but it seems there has never been an easy way to do so. In this article I'll try to make the task easier for you if you have never done it.
18 Apr 2015N
How to work with KnockoutJS arrays (simple and nested) in MVC
18 Apr 2015N
efficient and secure selecting from large amounts of data
Friday, April 17, 2015
17 Apr 2015N
Creating Simple Android Chat Bubble or Chat UI Layout
17 Apr 2015N
Julian Joseph - India
PDF Viewer using Flexpaper
17 Apr 2015N
A sample how-to tip on creating a Featured section on a website, using HTML and Bootstrap 3
17 Apr 2015U
Lô?c Nguyê~n
Event-Driven Programming Model
17 Apr 2015N
Emiliano Musso
A quick method to add days to a date, skipping weekend days if the number of days added results in a Saturday/Sunday
17 Apr 2015N
PEtter Ekrann
How to do authentication through Azure with OAuth2. Clearing up some not so well documented thing in Azure

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