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Newsletter - 17 Feb 2014

Most popular new articles
129 articles this week.
Welcome to this week's newsletter from CodeProject.
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Site News

CodeProject now uses Git.

CodeProject is for sharing code, articles and tutorials, with Code being one of the most important parts of this. Hence our name, really.

Previously all code was stored in zip files that authors uploaded and our readers downloaded. That was fine, but a little inflexible given that most devs now use source code control connected directly to their IDE. We also didn't have versioning of the zips which was not great if you wanted to rollback to previous versions.

This has changed. Code samples for CodeProject articles are now being stored using a Git backend. On the left hand side of each article you'll find a "browse code" link that will take you to the Git repository where you can browse the files, the commits, and where you can connect directly to the repo in order to clone or, if you're an author, update.

It's a major change in our backend systems that should result in easier updates for our authors and more choice for our readers. Most of our articles have been converted but there are a few stragglers that we'll convert over in the next few days.

Enjoy, and please post any comments or bug reports on our Bugs and Suggestions forum.

Chris Maunder

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Weekly Poll Results

What type of mobile phone do you have?

Survey period: 10 Feb 2014 to 17 Feb 2014

We'd like to think our friends and family look up to us when asking for gadget advice. So what do we ourselves use?

Android phone111947.381119 votes, 47.38%
Android phablet1556.56155 votes, 6.56%
Bada / Tizen200.8520 votes, 0.85%
Blackberry793.3479 votes, 3.34%
iPhone37015.66370 votes, 15.66%
Windows Phone44618.88446 votes, 18.88%
Other42618.04426 votes, 18.04%
No mobile phone954.0295 votes, 4.02%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

This week's survey: What type of mobile phone do you have?

Most popular new articles

10 Feb 2014 - 16 Feb 2014


    Agile at the Team Level (Companion Guide to “Insider Secrets for Agile: A Survival Guide for Project Managers)

    The benefits of Agile are multi-dimensional. But the most important change is that it focuses the entire organization on meaningful delivery to the customer. This guide, which is meant as a companion resource to “Insider Secrets for Agile: A Survival Guide for Project Managers in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands” (also available in the CodeProject Research Library), is packed with proven planning techniques, agendas, and real-world advice from experts and peers to help you quickly grasp and apply the principles of Agile.

    Download Now

Latest Additions

129 articles overall. 94 new, 35 updated.

New articles added

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes


  • Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days – Day 5 - Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh
    As the article's name says, learn MVC. Ao the agenda is simple, we are going to learn ASP.NET MVC in 7 days.

  • ASP.NET Web API - ambilykk
    ASP.NET Web API is a framework for building HTTP services that can be accessed from various clients, such as browsers and mobile devices. ASP.NET Web API was introduced as part of ASP.NET MVC 4; however, it has its origins in WCF as WCF Web API. This new HTTP service model is simple to develop and c

  • Another Generic Util for Easily Testing REST Methods - B. Clay Shannon
    Easily test REST methods that do not include args in routing attributes

ASP.NET Controls

C / C++ Language

  • Type Rich Style for C++11 - helicalius
    How to implement the type rich style recommended, as recommended by Bjarne Stroustrup

  • SW Message Bus - Evgeny Zavalkovsky
    SW Message Bus represents message flow abstraction mechanism in a complex, multithreaded SW system.


  • Graph of Function - Vasyl Khomko
    The program builds graphs of mathematical functions

Code Generation

Custom Controls


  • UpgradeDB - x3F
    An incremental database upgrade utility for SQL Server.


  • 2d Textures in cocos2d-x V3 - _Maxxx_
    Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, but I managed to get a version of my scrolling texture program working under cocos2d-x V3 Beta 2. I set up cocos2d-x v3 as in my previous … Continue reading →

Product Showcase

Testing and QA

Tools and IDE

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

Windows Phone 7/8

Articles updated


Applications & Tools


Audio and Video

  • Camera_Net Library - free5lot
    Camera in .NET application using .NET library (DirectShow).

Cryptography & Security


Date and Time

Design and Architecture

Files and Folders


  • LINQ to CSV library - Matt Perdeck
    Easy to use library to use CSV and tab delimited files with LINQ queries.


Testing and QA

Threads, Processes & IPC

Windows Presentation Foundation


  • XMLFoundation - Brian Aberle
    XMLFoundation is the fastest approach to dealing with XML and it also delivers a simple and easy to manage pattern of software development into your application.

New Tips and Tricks added

.NET Framework

Algorithms & Recipes



C / C++ Language


Charts, Graphs and Images

Client side scripting


Design and Architecture

Files and Folders

Grid & Data Controls

Internet / Network



Macros and Add-ins




Tips and Tricks updated


Applications & Tools

  • Web Automation - Đinh Công Thắng
    You can fill any form, click any button, and extract any data from web by using Web Automation.

Web Services

New Technical Blogs added

.NET Framework

  • Directory Size Utility - Version 2 - Indivara
    This is the second version of my previous directory size utility. It has improved accuracy and supports older .NET frameworks.


  • But How Do I Learn ASP.NET? - Rion Williams
    “How do I learn ASP.NET?” or “What is the best way to learn ASP.NET?” are two questions that I am frequently asked on nearly daily basis. These questions are fairly subjective and as everyone should know, there is never any “best” way to learn, but I thought I wou

  • ASP.NET CheckBoxList Client Side Validation using JavaScript - Tadit Dash
    In this Blog, we will explore a Trick to validate whether any CheckBox inside one CheckBoxList is checked or not.

  • ASP.NET MVC 5 Identity: Extending and Modifying Roles - John Atten
      In a recent article I took a rather long look at extending the ASP.NET 5 Identity model, adding some custom properties to the basic IdentityUser class, and also some basic role-based identity management. We did not discuss modifying, extending, or working directly with Roles, beyond seeding the d

  • ASP.NET MVC bundles internals - Sebastian Solnica
    The idea of minimizing and combining multiple script and style files into one file has been popular among web developers for quite some time. With the 4th version of ASP.NET MVC Microsoft introduced a mechanism (called bundles) that allow .NET developers to automate and control this process. Althoug

Audio and Video

Book Reviews

  • Book Review: ASP.NET 4.0 in Practice - CoderPanda
    Book review for "ASP.NET 4.0 in practice"

  • Unity Multiplayer Games – A Review - Simon Jackson
    It seems the strength of Unity holds no bounds of late going from strength to strength, yet for all the books and tutorials I’ve seen to date, none have gone beyond the editor itself, so it’s nice to see a title address a key factor in modern games, networking. Unity …

C / C++ Language

  • Improve Code Clarity with Typedef - Paul Watt
    The concept of selecting descriptive variable names is a lesson that seems to start almost the moment you pick up your first programming book. This is sound advice, and I do not contest this. However, I think that the basis could be improved by creating and using the most appropriate type for the ta

Client side scripting

  • JavaScript "static" class - make JavaScript code more readable - harleydk
    I usually use static classes for my C# helper-functions, when there're no properties to expose, nor any need to inherit from them. So this increases code readability. Javascript, however, doesn't have that feature, so how to immitate it?

Code Generation

Combo & List Boxes

  • Sample for to list, sort, search data and add pagination in ASP.Net MVC 5 - saramgsilva
    This article has the goal to show a sample to list data, sort data, search data and add pagination. First install the nuget package for PagedList.MVC Complete code: The controller products public class ProductsController : Controller { private readonly ICommandBus … Continue reading →

Custom Controls

  • How to implement custom role based authorization for my WCF service operations - Adarsh Kumar Chaurasia
    You can use custom attributes to implement it. Create a new custom attribute as below: CustomMembershipAuthorization.cs     public class CustomMembershipAuthorization : Attribute, IOperationBehavior, IParameterInspector     {         public string AllowedRole { get; set; }         public CustomMembe


  • Decorators in Python - hugocaracol
    Today I’ll turn you into a decorator. Let’s build a house and decorated it.First things first… the house. In my world it’s very simple to build a house, just call the function build_house().After the “construction”, in order to live there, we need to turn it cozier. For this effect we can call a dec

Design and Architecture

  • SOLID principles, in layman's terms: Open/Closed - harleydk
    Raison d'être: I set out to write about the SOLID software development principles. Specifically, my aim was/is to make these things more understandable to other developers who, much in the way as yours truly, found it troublesome to have to decipher lengthy, complex articles and books on the matter.

  • SOLID principles, in layman's terms: Liskov Substitution - harleydk
    Raison d'être: I set out to write about the SOLID software development principles. Specifically, my aim was/is to make these things more understandable to other developers who, much in the way as yours truly, found it troublesome to have to decipher lengthy, complex articles and books on the matter.

Files and Folders

  • Create zip files using PowerShell - Bryan O'Connell
    Continuing my series of articles on handy PowerShell scripts, I'd like to take a look at creating zip files. If you missed either of the first two articles, you can get caught up on them both here. Zipping a file or folder manually is obviously a trivial trivial process. However, there are many situ

  • Prevent browser caching of css and javascript files - harleydk
    A modern browser will attempt to cache content as best it can, to make for a better end-user experience. This works well, but we may run into issues when we deploy a set of different files to the server, yet the client browser insists on serving up the old ones out of its cache.So here's a tip on ho

GPU Programming

  • Smaller, Faster, with Windows programming - Chris Boss
    With mobile computing taking hold, programmers are looking for ways to produce smaller and faster applications. Soon with the so called “Internet of Things” concept bringing possibly even smaller mobile devices into all areas of life, the need for smaller and faster software capable of r

Hardware & System

  • Arduino: How to wire a relay - harleydk
    Here's my quick tutorial on how to hook up a relay to an Arduino; specifically a electromagnet switch relay from Omron, the G5SB-14.You can use the relay that's referred to with AC voltage, i.e. to turn on and off mains-powered applications such as lamps and such, BUT DO THIS ONLY ONLY ONLY if you'r


  • Introduction to LESS : an easier way to create CSS stylesheets - Cindy Potvin
    In web pages, HTML elements are used to represents the content of the page, while CSS styles sets the look and feel of those elements. CSS styles works with pairs of property/value that define for example a size, a border or a color. In most cases CSS stylesheet files are created to define selectors


  • Virtual Keyboard in iOS - part 1 - Leonardo Paneque
    When you are a developer for more than one platform, you might find that what is considered basic or pre-built in one, it’s incomplete or completely missing in another one. This entry is about fixing some issues with the virtual keyboard on iOS; especially when it hides your text fields or keeps the

Other .NET Languages

  • ASP.Net – How to map virtual path to physical path? - Arun Ramachandran India
    CodeProject In the last blog post, we have discussed in detail about UNION and UNION ALL  Operators in SQL Server. You can read that article here. In this article we will go over mapping virtual path to physical path using Server.MapPath method in ASP.Net. First of all, let’s understand what i

Session State

SQL Reporting Services

  • ADO.NET – What is Meant by SQL Injection Attack? - Arun Ramachandran India
    ADO.NET - What is meant by SQL injection attack?

  • Linq-to-sql enums support - harleydk
    I don't much like it when I must specify hard-coded values into my code. It can be a debugging nightmare, furthermore it looks ghastly. Microsoft's Sql Server OR-mapper linq-to-sql, which I like very much, unfortuantely do not have built-in designer support for generating enums from lookup-tables, w

Status Bar

  • Simple jquery stacked bar chart - harleydk
    One way of doing an easy and simple stacked bar chart is to style a DIV to a desired length, then have its left-border represent the second data range. If you need more ranges you can always stack several DIVs on top of each other.Here's example HTML for the graph itself...:How are we doing? Exchang

Testing and QA

  • Advanced Debugging Techniques in JavaScript – Part 2 - Keyhole Software
    Introduction Writing Part 2 of this series has been really exciting. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve read Part 1. This post will be more hands-on than the previous, so be ready for screenshots and real case scenarios I’ve come across while working with Jav

  • Help Yourself in Debugging (Part-3) StackTrace and Caller Information attribute - Pranay Rana
    Help yourself in Debugging by using Call Stack and Immediate Window  Help Yourself in Debugging (Part-2) using Breakpoint/Tracepoint This post is about two feature in C# Caller Information Attribute and StackTrac class , which are helpful to get information at

  • The Purpose of a Unit Test - Paul Watt
    I would like to clarify the purpose and intention of a unit test for every role even tangentially related to the development of software. I have observed a steady upward trend, over the last 15 years, for the importance and value of automating the software validation process. I think this is fantast

Uncategorised Technical Blogs

  • 4 ways of object clone - comiscience
    Introduction We usually need to copy all contents of an instance to another which have the same object type (or heritage object). I know four ways to do that, some of them are good and some are bad. Using the Code Copy all properties of the object to another. This is not a bad way.…

  • When MVC5, SignalR and NuGet Just Won’t Get Along - Rion Williams
    Sometimes things just blow up. If you have recently attempted to create a new ASP.NET MVC5 project (or any new Web Project within Visual Studio 2013) and decided that you wanted some of that sweet SignalR magic in your application, then you may have encountered the following error : An exception of

  • How Developers Gain Perspective: The Forgotten Approach - Zac Gery
    How Developers Gain Perspective: The Forgotten Approach

  • Notes from Jan 09, 2014 LIDNUG TDD, Where did it all go - Aligned
    Originally posted on: recently was asked by a co-worker to watch Ian Cooper talk about TDD to give my take on Mr. Cooper’s presentation on TDD. Here’s what I sent back and decided to share it wi

Web Security

  • Contact web api from InfoPath Designer 2013 - harleydk
    I was having some trouble getting values from my home-brewed web api into a InfoPath Designer 2013 form, so I wanted to document the solution for those of you out there perhaps struggling with this as well.I was calling a simple 'Hello World'-web api that would return a string. My simple aip looks l

Web Services

  • Remote debugging Windows Azure Cloud Services from Visual Studio 2013 - Carl Randall
    When your cloud services have been deployed and things are maybe not going quite as you expected, the first thing you may turn to is diagnostics. I recently ran into a scenario where using a Dev-Ops cloud logging service which was normally full of logs and graphical richness, decided to have it's ow

Windows 8 Design

  • Combining WinJS, TypeScript, jQuery and KnockOut - Timmy Kokke
    In this tutorial we’re going to build a very simple Windows Store application based on TypeScript that uses jQuery and KnockOut to get some data from the internet and show this in a GridView.

Windows API

  • Kinect for Windows version 2: overview - Vangos Pterneas
    NOTE: This is preliminary software and/or hardware and APIs are preliminary and subject to change. Well, I have been lucky enough since Microsoft selected me for early access to the new Kinect for Windows version 2 sensor. Today, I want to share some facts and figures regarding the new device. The h

  • Partitioning SPA Resources and API Implementations in Separate WAR Components - Keyhole Software
    Single Page Applications are quickly gaining traction as a way to implement rich, robust, and mobile friendly web-based applications. Essentially, this requires a shift in application architecture where the entire application user interface is implemented using JavaScript and the server side code su

Windows Powershell

Work Issues

Technical Blogs updated

Web Services

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