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Tom Polanski, Avionics Software Engineer
Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems delivers high performance rugged embedded computing solutions, based on industry standards and open architectures, to mission-critical applications in defense, aerospace and industry around the world.


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GeneralPriority-induced starvation: Why Sleep(1) is better than Sleep(0) and the Windows balance set manager Pin
Tom Polanski19-Aug-16 11:56
memberTom Polanski19-Aug-16 11:56 
GeneralWhy We’re Not Recommending “FIPS Mode” Anymore Pin
Tom Polanski17-May-16 7:24
memberTom Polanski17-May-16 7:24 
GeneralDriver Installation Failure: Access Denied (See LQuinn Comment) Pin
Tom Polanski17-Dec-15 6:00
memberTom Polanski17-Dec-15 6:00 
General"Access Denied" Message During USB Device Installation Pin
Tom Polanski17-Dec-15 5:58
memberTom Polanski17-Dec-15 5:58 
GeneralWindows Enforcement of Authenticode Code Signing and Timestamping Pin
Tom Polanski11-Dec-15 5:57
memberTom Polanski11-Dec-15 5:57 
GeneralCryptographic Operation Failed Pin
Tom Polanski11-Dec-15 5:06
memberTom Polanski11-Dec-15 5:06 
GeneralTroubleshooting Driver Signing Installation Pin
Tom Polanski10-Dec-15 7:40
memberTom Polanski10-Dec-15 7:40 
GeneralAutomatic Root Certificates Update Configuration Pin
Tom Polanski2-Dec-15 13:35
memberTom Polanski2-Dec-15 13:35 
GeneralDirectX DDI Version Regresses from 11 to 10.1 Pin
Tom Polanski6-Oct-15 11:18
memberTom Polanski6-Oct-15 11:18 
GeneralHow to edit code when debugging a 64-bit application Pin
Tom Polanski16-Sep-15 12:41
memberTom Polanski16-Sep-15 12:41 
GeneralSigning Windows 8 Drivers Pin
Tom Polanski10-Jul-15 13:03
memberTom Polanski10-Jul-15 13:03 
GeneralPractical Windows Code and Driver Signing Pin
Tom Polanski10-Jul-15 12:48
memberTom Polanski10-Jul-15 12:48 
GeneralMake Debugging Faster with Visual Studio Pin
Tom Polanski20-Mar-15 11:10
memberTom Polanski20-Mar-15 11:10 
GeneralPnPUtil Cannot Remove 'Phantom' Drivers Pin
Tom Polanski4-Mar-15 9:12
memberTom Polanski4-Mar-15 9:12 
GeneralConfigure a User Account to Log On Automatically on Windows 7 Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:10
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:10 
GeneralWhy does `rd /S` say “directory not empty”? Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:09
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:09 
Generalrmdir /s /q "The directory is not empty." Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:07
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:07 
GeneralHow to get Startup folder Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:07
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:07 
GeneralHave VirtualBox VMs Start as a Service on a Windows Host Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:03
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:03 
GeneralVirtualBoxService Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:02
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:02 
GeneralUse Task Scheduler to create auto VM start/stop Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:01
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 8:01 
GeneralAllow Remote Desktop connections from outside your home network Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 4:51
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 4:51 
GeneralHow to change the listening port for Remote Desktop Pin
Tom Polanski18-Sep-14 4:49
memberTom Polanski18-Sep-14 4:49 
GeneralHow to fix Error 1402. Could not open key: UNKNOWN... Pin
Tom Polanski5-Aug-14 13:00
memberTom Polanski5-Aug-14 13:00 
GeneralWindows Installer Cleanup Pin
Tom Polanski5-Aug-14 12:59
memberTom Polanski5-Aug-14 12:59 
GeneralError: Please wait while Windows configures... Pin
Tom Polanski5-Aug-14 12:56
memberTom Polanski5-Aug-14 12:56 
GeneralImproved .NET Remoting, Part 1: Same-Box Communication (IPC) Pin
Tom Polanski7-Feb-14 11:39
memberTom Polanski7-Feb-14 11:39 
GeneralNMEA Data Pin
Tom Polanski2-Jan-14 10:12
memberTom Polanski2-Jan-14 10:12 
General.NET Framework Versions and Dependencies Pin
Tom Polanski7-May-13 6:14
memberTom Polanski7-May-13 6:14 
GeneralSigning an Unsigned Assembly (Without Delay Signing) Pin
Tom Polanski12-Dec-12 5:43
memberTom Polanski12-Dec-12 5:43 
GeneralRunning Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-ins from the Start menu Pin
Tom Polanski14-Nov-12 5:41
memberTom Polanski14-Nov-12 5:41 
GeneralCreate a LAN with just PCs and a wired network switch Pin
Tom Polanski13-Nov-12 7:10
memberTom Polanski13-Nov-12 7:10 
GeneralTELNET Protocol Specification (RFC 854) Pin
Tom Polanski9-Nov-12 11:22
memberTom Polanski9-Nov-12 11:22 
GeneralExample TELNET Controller and Helper in C# .NET Pin
Tom Polanski9-Nov-12 11:21
memberTom Polanski9-Nov-12 11:21 
GeneralVirtualBox Network Driver Installation Issues - Solved (MaxNumFilters) Pin
Tom Polanski10-Oct-12 11:58
memberTom Polanski10-Oct-12 11:58 
GeneralHowTo: VirtualBox Networking (Adapters, NAT and Bridged, Host-only and Internal) Pin
Tom Polanski10-Oct-12 11:54
memberTom Polanski10-Oct-12 11:54 
GeneralDirectX in VirtualBox 3.0.0 - Pure joy is here Pin
Tom Polanski10-Oct-12 8:37
memberTom Polanski10-Oct-12 8:37 
GeneralGeneration of pseudorandom numbers by a shift register Pin
Tom Polanski12-Sep-12 8:41
memberTom Polanski12-Sep-12 8:41 
GeneralQuick image conversion to 8bpp Pin
Tom Polanski12-Sep-12 8:38
memberTom Polanski12-Sep-12 8:38 - Pin
Tom Polanski12-Sep-12 7:53
memberTom Polanski12-Sep-12 7:53 - TIFF File Format Pin
Tom Polanski12-Sep-12 7:52
memberTom Polanski12-Sep-12 7:52 
GeneralMPEG Audio Layer I/II/III Frame Header - Pin
Tom Polanski7-Sep-12 5:11
memberTom Polanski7-Sep-12 5:11 

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