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I was at a university when they installed their new IBM 360. We had to write a simple program in fortran. I wasn't interested. 20+ years later I see a GW-Basic program that puts a sentence on the screen and invites you to copy it before it descends off the screen. Got hooked. Went through it line by line. Corrected errors. Later, PC-Mag ran ASM utilities. I copy-typed them out, hand-traced them, even before I had the old XT clone. Even found an error in CONVERT.COM.
Now, at 60+, I just dawdle about, preferably in ASM even though debug doesn't do even 286 instructions.
Two projects to think about. One is the "24-puzzle" that some newspapers publish. How would a computer solve it? Something to ponder. Second one comes from when, in 1962 I worked at a lab that had an electro-mechanical calculator. Normally we just worked to two decimal places. One day, I let it chunker-chunker on and the result was all the digits, I think in the order 1357924580, but what was the divisor? As if it matters.
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