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By a recruiter fooled into dropping out of the tenth grade to join the United States Army, given the run-around, paid to take test for others, denied entry into the United States Army(said I was not passing the tests;)). Obtained my GED there after and had been working for various employers from landscapers to employment agencies doing various technical and warehouse assembly jobs to warehouse fork truck operator. Have been practicing coding from age seven(?) starting with Atari's BASIC with NO MANUAL and a keen scenes of cultural protocols;). learned to diff~ of various coding software's and fell in love with assembly, op-codes, and hex editing while bearing in mind that C would be great to learn after I had felt comfortable with the hardcore stuff. So now I am studying C and C++ again after four decades doing the wizards thing of doing crash analysis on my mind and exercising my focus of mental concentration, etc, etc... g++, borland C/C++, DEV-CPP are compilers of choice right now and console programming of simple functional programs, translation drivers, and graphic representations of scientific data and calculations along with scientific simulations of atomic physics being a goal to complete. mmmm, very busy and not one to talk about my self I'll have to finish this another time, any spelling error :p I am still waking from the death I suffer every night. ha ha.
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