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Bryan Lyman - Professional Profile


I achieved my degree in Electronics Engineering, however, my true passion has always been programming. I started programming at a very young age using Basic on a TRS-80 and saving my programs on audio tape through an audible modem. I moved up to Basic on an Atari 800XL computer, saving my work on 5.25 Floppy Disks. I then learned Basic on an Apple IIe, saving my work on 3.5 floppies. When I approached Highschool I began getting into lower level languages such as Borland Pascal on IBM 8086 machines using DOS. Gaining a love of early video games (gotta love Ultima 3 through 7), I endeavored to write my own games and DOS utilities using Borland C++ and Intel x86 Assembly language. I began a career in software engineering during college using everything from Rex on OS/2 to .Net Studio v1.0 (some tech support jobs thrown in here and there). I am now a big proponent for C#, I believe that (standards-wise) it is where C++ should have been many years ago. Today I write everything from Native apps for PC, Mac and smart-phones; to Web applications. Trends change quickly, but I perceive the most useful form of programming currently is Web Applications, Cloud services, asynchronous Ajax, and JQuery JavaScript libraries.


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