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Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees
Well, it's been a great career while it lasted. I guess we're done now.
Industry News Infoworld 1 Dec 2015 0
ITU: 3.2B People now online globally, mobile broadband overtakes home internet use
Congratulations to Luxembourg for being so connected
Industry News Techcrunch 1 Dec 2015 0
Sitting further away from your boss makes you a better worker, study suggests
Not true! I sit 420km from my nearest boss, and I'm a lousy worker.
Industry News The Telegraph 1 Dec 2015 0
What’s new in Visual Studio Update 1 for .NET managed languages
Who needs a Setup Wizard now? We've got an interactive window!
Developer News .NET blog 1 Dec 2015 0
Code Watch: Let’s be clear about code clarity
"Whoever knows he is deep, strives for clarity; whoever would like to appear deep to the crowd, strives for obscurity."
Developer News SD Times 1 Dec 2015 0
Perl 6 is fun
My bar for "fun" is set a little higher
Developer News Dave Rolsky 1 Dec 2015 0
Announcing TypeScript 1.7
your with for debugging async pleasure Now
Developer News Typescript blog 1 Dec 2015 0
This week's survey
How old is your oldest daily-use development machine?
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Dec 2015 10
With all of the challenges we’re facing and those yet to come, we need to begin building not just patterns, but principles for responsive design—principles that will allow us to focus not just on layout, but on the quality of our work.
Tips and Tools A List Apart 1 Dec 2015 0
Styling and scripting sliders
Sliders are relatively new, and of course supported strangely across browsers. So, back to the "fun" of vendor prefixes!
Tips and Tools Quirks Mode 1 Dec 2015 0
How Vorlon.js helps you improve your web code
When it comes to writing good code in web development it is easy to get lost in the quantity of resources you find online. There are some basics that everyone knows or should know and there are some more specific ones.
Tips and Tools Etienne-Margraff 1 Dec 2015 0
RFC: Server-side Image and Graphics Processing with .NET Core and ASP.NET 5
Currently, as of the time of this blog post's writing, .NET Core has no good built-in option for image resizing or image generation/creation.
Tips and Tools Scott Hanselman 1 Dec 2015 0
Frameworkless JavaScript
In this article I’ll discuss about the pros and cons of using a framework and what you should consider before starting your project. (Welcome to the new endless discussion in web development)
Tips and Tools Sitepoint 1 Dec 2015 0
Drag and Drop File Uploading
I wanted to enrich the feed import experience by making allowing for drag and drop file upload alongside the traditional file input. Sometimes drag and drop is a more comfortable way to select a file, isn't it? (Assuming you're not using Edge, that is.)
Tips and Tools CSS Tricks 1 Dec 2015 0
Building for HTTP/2
Whereas its predecessors allowed each connection to a server to serve only one request at a time, HTTP/2 allows a connection to serve multiple requests simultaneously. A connection can also be used for a server to push a resource to a client — a protocol-level replacement for the technique we currently call “inlining.”
Tips and Tools R Murphey 1 Dec 2015 0
Satire Dilbert 1 Dec 2015 0
Scientist says huge clumps of dark matter may lie just beyond the Moon
That would explain why it's been so obvious all these years
Science And Technology Ars Technica 1 Dec 2015 0
Industry News Daily Dot 30 Nov 2015 3,056
Robots are learning how to say 'No' to humans
"A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law."
Industry News Motherboard 30 Nov 2015 3,068
The network skills shortage
How hard can it be? You just plug one thing into another.
Industry News Network computing 30 Nov 2015 4,958
Prelude to a Profession
This is my compiler. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Developer News Clean Coder 30 Nov 2015 1,910
2015 Source Code Poetry Competition
There once was a coder named Chuck...
Developer News I, Programmer 30 Nov 2015 2,457
Developer News Free Pascal 30 Nov 2015 1,700
Why, Microsoft? Why?
Cheese was moved
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2015 5,056

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