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Industry News The Verge 24 Jul 2014 0
Internet Explorer vulnerabilities have increased more than 100 percent since 2013
Good news, everyone! The universe still exists, and is operating normally.
Industry News Beta News 24 Jul 2014 0
Industry News Wired 24 Jul 2014 0
Industry News Infoworld 24 Jul 2014 0
The best coding language for you to learn
"Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript."
Developer News Code(love) 24 Jul 2014 0
Have your own cloud to get people off of
Developer News AppScale 24 Jul 2014 0
Researchers print electronic memory on paper
Remembering to get a new printer cartridge is still up to you though
Developer News Chemical and Engineering News 24 Jul 2014 0
Social Media???
Don't forget to 'Friend' the interviewing manager
Hot Threads CodeProject 24 Jul 2014 0
Most App Developers Stick With One Store
The results were a bit surprising. While about 12% of developers sell on two or more app stores only 1% sell their apps in all three. Going into this we didn’t expect this to be a high number, but 1% is considerably lower than what our gut said. Whether it’s a technological barrier or just plain loyalty, developers seem to stay on their side of the fence more often than not.
Tips and Tools AppFigures 24 Jul 2014 0
Appcelerator gears up for business app devs
The Appcelerator Platform is an integrated suite for building mobile applications. The package includes a code editor and a set of tools for testing the software, as well as for monitoring its usage once the app goes live. It includes libraries that allow a single app to be ported to different mobile platforms, including Apple, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.
Tips and Tools Computerworld 24 Jul 2014 0
Realm: Low-Footprint, Thread-Safe Database For iOS And Android
Realm is an open-source, Object-oriented database. It provides a simpler, more performant alternative to using CoreData on iOS and will soon be available on Android as well.
Tips and Tools InfoQ 24 Jul 2014 0
New Sprite Kit Physics Features in iOS 8
Sprite Kit, the 2D game framework from Apple, has some interesting new features in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. These include integration with Scene Kit, shader support, lighting, shadows, constraints, normal map generation and physics enhancements.
Tips and Tools Xamarin 24 Jul 2014 0
You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy
You resize the browser and a smile creeps over your face. You’re happy: You think you are now mobile-friendly, that you have achieved your goals for the website. Let me be a bit forward before getting into the discussion: You are losing users and probably money if responsive web design is your entire goal and your only solution for mobile. The good news is that you can do it right.
Tips and Tools Smashing Magazine 24 Jul 2014 0
M dot or RWD. Which is faster?
M dot site load times suffer from the initial redirect, but generally are much smaller in request and KB count. RWD sites are the opposite: no redirect, but heavy on the requests and tonnage. That leads to a question that was discussed at a panel at Velocity Conference: Which is faster: M dot or RWD?
Tips and Tools 24 Jul 2014 0
Industry News Gizmag 23 Jul 2014 5,926
EFF releases Chrome, Firefox plug-in to block third-party tracking
"I am in disguise. This way no one will recognize me."
Industry News Infoworld 23 Jul 2014 2,974
Microsoft adds emphasis on design excellence, is trying to make devices attractive and desirable
"And some things are so snazzy they never go out of style! Like tail fins! "
Industry News WinBeta 23 Jul 2014 1,967
Industry News Techcrunch 23 Jul 2014 2,501
UK makes ODF its official documents format standard
How do you say, 'How the F do I open this GD file?' in British?
Industry News ZDNet 23 Jul 2014 0
Microsoft: We'll talk about the next major version of Windows in the "coming months"
OK, I'll be here waiting until they do. Not holding my breath or anything.
Industry News WinBeta 23 Jul 2014 2,945
How to judge a job candidate's personality (and why you should)
"You don't have to be crazy to work here. But it helps."
Developer News CIO 23 Jul 2014 4,335
Not even Apple knows Swift yet
"Nobody knows Swift because it isn’t baked yet."
Developer News DZone 23 Jul 2014 2,926
Just let me code!
"Listen, this old system of yours could be on fire and I couldn't even turn on the kitchen tap without filling out a 27b/6... Bloody paperwork."
Developer News Dr Dobb's 23 Jul 2014 3,469
Java Developers
"The biggest problem I’ve encountered over the years looking at Java code is that it always seems to be the product of someone who fancies themselves as an architect."
Developer News Neil Sainsbury 23 Jul 2014 3,207

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