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MySQL gets cloudy with Amazon's new database service
SELECT TOP 1 FROM clouds WHERE type <> 'MS'
Developer News Ars Technica 28 Oct 2009 5,622
Developers balk at VS2010 price points
"Only suckers pay retail"
Developer News Redmond Developer News 28 Oct 2009 7,366
Recommendations and professionalism
"Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, and, without sneering, teach the rest to sneer"
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Oct 2009 1,123
So there was this guy sitting next to me on the train with a Mac notebook...
You missed the part about the smug alarm going off
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Oct 2009 3,138
Microsoft pulls plug on 'Family Guy' special
The evil monkey scared them off
Industry News 27 Oct 2009 7,021
Big cellphone makers shifting to Android system
Just wait, soon they'll have a new version of Windows Mobile to ignore
Industry News NY Times 27 Oct 2009 11,647
Net set for 'language shake-up'
Finally, we can get the umlauts we deserve: http://www.cödepröject.cöm
Industry News BBC 27 Oct 2009 5,387
Ubuntu 9.10 Linux creator calls Windows 7 'excellent release'
Does this mean the next version of Ubuntu will be Surrendering Springbok?
Industry News Computerworld 27 Oct 2009 9,684
When is there too much security?
Enter your password to find out
Developer News IT World 27 Oct 2009 4,399
Meet Peristera, the 'female pigeon' exoplanet
Now you have to hope we find aliens there, just so we can tell them what they're called
Developer News New Scientist 27 Oct 2009 3,657
Ahead of their time: Nine technologies that came early
If you build it, they might not come
Developer News IT World 27 Oct 2009 9,477
Developer News MSDN Blogs 27 Oct 2009 4,166
Dell unveils exclusive Microsoft-branded Ubuntu OS
Microsoft Visual Ubuntu Express 2009, Premium Ooops Edition
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Oct 2009 3,859
How do I manage a small dev team with a large number of small projects
99 tasks on the whiteboard, 99 tasks to go, you take one down...
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Oct 2009 2,554
Elgan: Is Windows 7 cursed?
I told Ballmer not to open Clippy's tomb
Industry News Computerworld 26 Oct 2009 8,270
Microsoft seeks ISO security certification for its cloud services
That should persuade the hackers not to bother trying
Industry News Infoworld 26 Oct 2009 1,788
Universal phone charger OK'd
One Plug to bring them all and in the darkness charge them
Industry News 26 Oct 2009 4,897
Clean install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media: The answer
I'm not saying you should, but here you go
Industry News Elsewhere 26 Oct 2009 7,248
Linux creator: A big fan of Windows 7?
Maybe he just couldn't get Vista working on the kernel?
Industry News Computerworld 26 Oct 2009 11,140
Developer News Telegraph 26 Oct 2009 5,976
Ninite Bulk-Installs great free Windows apps
Because your time is too valuable to click Install that often
Developer News Lifehacker 26 Oct 2009 4,024
Seven questions that keep physicists up at night
Not counting the one about Seven of Nine, T'Pol and Yeoman Rand
Developer News New Scientist 26 Oct 2009 11,675
Developer News PhysOrg 26 Oct 2009 3,627
Developer News Java World 26 Oct 2009 8,421

Page 779 of 1,215

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