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Better router tech: Mind the flows, not the packets
Larry Roberts says you're doing it all wrong.
Developer News ars technica 14 Jul 2009 1,997
True IT confessions
I can fix this. I know the root password...
Developer News InfoWorld 14 Jul 2009 5,338
CSS 3 Cheat Sheet
In convenient inside-the-sunglasses and temporary tattoo formats.
Developer News Smashing Magazine 14 Jul 2009 4,070
Uh, what happened to math forum?
It add sum problems creating division.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Jul 2009 1,114
Moving from C# to C++
There's that Stroustrup book, which isn't bad...
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Jul 2009 3,745
Twitter from Your Outlook Inbox
Because you needed yet another distraction from work.
Industry News CyberNet 13 Jul 2009 2,137
The Google Revenue Equation, and Why Google’s Building Chrome OS
A computer on every desk, in every home, looking at ads on the web.
Industry News Mashable 13 Jul 2009 6,448
Forgotten Operating Systems
Linux fanboys are gonna love this...
Industry News Silicon Valley Insider 13 Jul 2009 10,472
Is Sparq the Future of Twitter?
After all, every new technology needs to be monetized (ugh...).
Industry News InternetNews 13 Jul 2009 4,092
10 Business Lessons Learned from Dungeons & Dragons
Remember, all bosses have a respawn timer.
Industry News Java World 13 Jul 2009 6,700
100 Essential Skills for Geeks
Practice these skills, grasshopper, and your fu will become stronger.
Developer News Wired 13 Jul 2009 14,401
Six Reasons to Stick with Your Startup
They left off "10-foot commute" and "working in pajamas."
Developer News Read Write Web 13 Jul 2009 5,204
What web developers need to know about IE8
It's not like these standards issues didn't start with IE, right?
Developer News TechRadar 13 Jul 2009 5,803
Silverlight 3’s Chicken-or-the-Egg Conundrum
I guess Windows Live Essentials isn't the "killer app" they're looking for.
Developer News Technologizer 13 Jul 2009 3,381
The practical guide to patch management
There's nothing quite so exciting as wrapping hotfixes in bureaucracy.
Developer News The Register 13 Jul 2009 2,635
Is Copyright all Right?
Let's ask Mickey Mouse.
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Jul 2009 1,624
How to write requirements for this?
I don't know what I want to change, I just know I want to change it.
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Jul 2009 2,074
Tell a friend to follow us on Twitter: @thecodeproject
We promise, sometimes it's interesting! No updates about meals or personal hygiene.
Site News The Code Project 12 Jul 2009 248
Industry News TechCrunch 10 Jul 2009 9,745
Americans value science, but not all of it
Why let facts get in the way of... well, anything.
Industry News Reuters 10 Jul 2009 4,735
Silverlight 3 debuts ahead of Friday's launch
So fast, it renders before the download, too.
Industry News 10 Jul 2009 4,864
MechWarrior franchise to get a reboot
The Gray Death Legion is where I learned to fight.
Industry News ars technica 10 Jul 2009 3,383
How nanopayments finally came of age
Nickled and dimed by the web.
Industry News TechRadar 10 Jul 2009 5,005
Use Relative Paths in Your Batch Files
Yes, batch files still exist.
Developer News Lifehacker 10 Jul 2009 4,001

Page 797 of 1,198

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