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NASA's lost toolbag filmed from Earth
"Colonel, you better have a look at this radar"
Developer News The Register 25 Nov 2008 4,919
Can nobody make a sandwich like McDonald's?
"Often the sandwich filling is the source of the name of the sandwich, for example - ham sandwich."
Developer News The Guardian 25 Nov 2008 3,137
Programming Language and code aesthetics
I think that I shall never tell a poem as lovely as some APL
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Nov 2008 205
This week's poll
Are you colour blind?
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Nov 2008 182
A call for revolution against Beta culture
"The peasants are revolting"
Industry News Gizmodo 24 Nov 2008 5,084
GeoCities 2.0 auctions self on eBay
One Website, still in wrapper
Industry News The Register 24 Nov 2008 3,489
With Chrome, Google busts a move right out of Microsoft's playbook
"He who controls the Spice controls the universe"
Industry News OStatic 24 Nov 2008 7,919
Would you 'Kumo' it?
Microsoft is still searching for a way to win search
Industry News ZDNet 24 Nov 2008 3,153
C++ enhancements in VS 2010
"'Cause people got me, got me questionin', where is the love?"
Developer News MSDN Blogs 24 Nov 2008 4,783
Developer News 24 Nov 2008 6,130
Ruby on Rails upgrade released
Turning a new code page (finally)
Developer News Infoworld 24 Nov 2008 2,438
Q&A: What's ahead for Visual Studio and .Net
"I never think of the future, it comes soon enough"
Developer News 24 Nov 2008 9,244
Building culturally aware applications
... is harder than you think
Hot Threads The Code Project 24 Nov 2008 39
Convert Word documents to PDF library in C# ?
"This is going on your permanent record"
Hot Threads The Code Project 24 Nov 2008 132
New tool will let DBAs handle 100s of servers at once
I have a recurring nightmare about that
Industry News Techworld 21 Nov 2008 4,155
IE 8 won't be done until 2009
The job's not done, until all the Websites run
Industry News Webware 21 Nov 2008 3,019
Roll your own search results with Google's new SearchWiki
If you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself
Industry News Ars Technica 21 Nov 2008 3,730
Google Maps used to mark pirate attacks
Arrr, but where be the dragons?
Industry News Web Pro News 21 Nov 2008 5,662
Google drops Picasa's 'beta' (and pigs fly)
It only took three full versions to get them out of Beta
Industry News 21 Nov 2008 5,542
12 myths about how the Internet works
"The Internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck."
Developer News Network World 21 Nov 2008 15,790
Developer News Computerworld 21 Nov 2008 2,642
Developer News Elsewhere 21 Nov 2008 6,257
History's greatest conspiracy theories
But they're true I tell you! Only the tin foil protects me!
Developer News Telegraph 21 Nov 2008 7,454
It's confirmed: Matter is merely vacuum fluctuations
Dude! Have you ever *really* thought about what we're made of? Whoa...
Developer News New Scientist 21 Nov 2008 7,855

Page 847 of 1,176

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