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Industry News ZDNet 17 Sep 2008 6,474
Ten enterprise security pitfalls, and how to avoid them
You're only as secure as the computer of the person next to you
Developer News Ars Technica 17 Sep 2008 3,100
Google speech recognition technology is now called Google Audio Indexing
"Dear Aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all."
Developer News Digital Inspiration 17 Sep 2008 3,278
Developer News MSDN Blogs 17 Sep 2008 3,066
Developer News Infoworld 17 Sep 2008 4,603
HP OS to Counter Vista
We like standards, that's why we have so many
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Sep 2008 168
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Sep 2008 78
20 amazing, amusing and alarming IT "facts"
In case you need a conversation starter at the watercooler
Industry News Network World 16 Sep 2008 9,982
Industry News ZDNet 16 Sep 2008 3,677
Survey: Enterprise .NET investment on the rise
I guess it's time I took a look at it then
Industry News eWeek 16 Sep 2008 3,366
Industry News Internet News 16 Sep 2008 9,636
Dropbox opens to the public
The first 2GB are always free
Industry News Web Worker Daily 16 Sep 2008 6,082
Developer News Gizmodo 16 Sep 2008 7,682
CodePlex launches support for TortoiseSVN
Now you can have your CodePlex, and keep your 'svn co' too!
Developer News MSDN Blogs 16 Sep 2008 2,117
Pictured: The first known planet orbiting a sun-like star?
"Looks more... like a sycamore... to me."
Developer News Discovery 16 Sep 2008 4,451
Still overflowing after all these years
Our buffers overrun with delight
Developer News eWeek 16 Sep 2008 3,152
Microsoft CSS vendor extensions
"Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick"
Developer News MSDN Blogs 16 Sep 2008 3,233
Monday's programming question of the day
No peeking at others' papers
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Sep 2008 36
Visual studio 2008, is it worth it?
"Maybe, perhaps... Yes"
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Sep 2008 66
Hackers attack Large Hadron Collider
All your bosons are belong to us
Industry News Telegraph 15 Sep 2008 9,237
Celebrating the IC's 50th anniversary
Buy your chips something in gold
Industry News Infoworld 15 Sep 2008 1,902
Firefox 3.1 to gain modicum of privacy
For those ... special ... Websites
Industry News Webware 15 Sep 2008 5,186
Berners-Lee starts foundation aimed at Web's future
Do you really think there is a future in this Web thing?
Industry News Computerworld 15 Sep 2008 2,751
Special 'SQL' proposed for unstructured data
SELECT thingie, doodad, widget FROM stuff WHERE macguffin=gizmo
Developer News Infoworld 15 Sep 2008 4,200

Page 852 of 1,160

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