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ASP.NET gets no respect
"Find out what it means to me"
Developer News Elsewhere 18 Aug 2008 15,044
Apple Project ?
Should Bob start "thinking different"?
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Aug 2008 234
This week's poll
Do you get paid overtime?
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Aug 2008 165
What Linux Will Look Like In 2012?
Like Windows in 2010?
Industry News Information Week 15 Aug 2008 8,569
Steven Sinofsky starts blogging on Windows 7
Learn everything that the people writing the blog for the VP want you to know
Industry News LiveSide 15 Aug 2008 3,238
Torvalds: Fed up with the 'security circus'
It's the fault of all those clowns in the car
Industry News Infoworld 15 Aug 2008 4,500
Analyst: In-house app development fraught with waste
Be prepared for another round of "How expensive you are" from management
Industry News Infoworld 15 Aug 2008 4,552
Microsoft running on at least 220,000 servers
"Could you reboot the server? It's the grey one"
Industry News The Register 15 Aug 2008 4,462
More materials on Google Code University
Why drag yourself all the way to University, when you can download the material?
Developer News Google 15 Aug 2008 4,292
Men claim to find Bigfoot remains
Apparently it tastes like chicken
Developer News Elsewhere 15 Aug 2008 7,493
People really do look better when you drink
"Is she looking at me now? How about now? Now?"
Developer News LiveScience 15 Aug 2008 3,766
Next Visual Studio going multi-screen?
Time to order your fourth monitor!
Developer News The Register 15 Aug 2008 6,201
The dos and don'ts of IT job seeking
Assuming you want that job, that is.
Developer News Network World 15 Aug 2008 5,520
Quality of code
Comments deemed useful
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Aug 2008 151
Office chairs
Don't forget to take care of all your assets
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Aug 2008 132
Industry News Builder AU 14 Aug 2008 2,786
Industry News Tech News World 14 Aug 2008 3,997
Microsoft kills more third-party ActiveX controls
Some days I wish they'd just kill them all (and let the CPU sort them out)
Industry News Computerworld 14 Aug 2008 7,000
Google says thanks for Android petition
Don't call them, they'll call you
Industry News 14 Aug 2008 4,592
Warp drive engine would travel faster than light
300,000,000 m/s: it's not just a good idea, it's the law!
Developer News Discovery 14 Aug 2008 9,303
Are we science-savvy enough to make informed decisions?
Blinded by science? Or blinded to science?
Developer News USA Today 14 Aug 2008 3,090
.NET 3.5 SP1: Changes overview
What's in that shiny new service pack?
Developer News Elsewhere 14 Aug 2008 7,451
Microsoft worried over .NET fragmentation
Is it getting to be that you can't see the Framework for the APIs?
Developer News SD Times 14 Aug 2008 13,973
And the quantum world keeps on getting stranger and stranger
Schrödinger's cat would be happy. Or maybe not.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Aug 2008 28

Page 852 of 1,151

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