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Is Sun offering the new G1 garbage collector only with a paid support contract?
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
Developer News InfoQ 2 Jun 2009 3,335
What is coming down the Java pipeline?
A grande triple shot skinny dry cappuccino?
Developer News SD Times 2 Jun 2009 5,595
What would you like on your tombstone?
Archeologists of the future will need something to amuse them
Hot Threads The Code Project 2 Jun 2009 1,615
How good are your estimates
"If you already know the cost, why are you asking me?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 2 Jun 2009 2,040
Top 10 industry-changing applications
Also known as top 10 reasons to debate the value of top 10 lists
Industry News VNUNet 1 Jun 2009 7,653
Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009
"Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose"
Industry News Infoworld 1 Jun 2009 6,361
HTML 5 and Web video: freeing rich media from plugin prison
Now we just need to ratify it, and get all the browsers to support it. How long could that take?
Industry News Ars Technica 1 Jun 2009 3,893
Microsoft makes Windows 7 even more attractive to netbook users
>3 concurrent apps: Yay. No DVD support: BOO!
Industry News eWeek 1 Jun 2009 6,533
Twitter's first scientific study needs you!
So that's what Twitter is for
Developer News New Scientist 1 Jun 2009 2,435
FlairBuilder: Wireframing and prototyping Web sites
More accurate than an Etch-a-sketch, less portable than napkins
Developer News Web Worker Daily 1 Jun 2009 3,188
What have you tried?
Plz send codes! urgent!!!!1111!!!oneoneone
Developer News Elsewhere 1 Jun 2009 4,688
The speed, size and dependability of programming languages
With enough pretty charts, I can change the world
Developer News Elsewhere 1 Jun 2009 8,844
The Code Project's at JavaOne this week; stop by and say hello
Moscone Center, San Francisco June 1-5.
Site News The Code Project 1 Jun 2009 177
This week's poll
How many people are in your programming team?
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Jun 2009 1,275
The Code Project Catalog
"When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping"
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Jun 2009 1,315
Google Wave: Google tries to reinvent email
"Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can."
Industry News Read/Write Web 29 May 2009 6,207
Confirmed: Microsoft's new search engine is called 'Bing', Opens June 3rd
Badda bing, badda boom, Google is going to sleep with the fishes
Industry News Gizmodo 29 May 2009 4,809
SourceForge acquiring open source dev portal Ohloh
Are we getting a monopoly in open source?
Industry News OStatic 29 May 2009 2,838
How much work can you do on an iPhone?
It depends - can I run Visual Studio on it?
Industry News Infoworld 29 May 2009 7,420
Silverlight 3 to launch July 10
Silverlight 3: The Empire Strikes Back
Developer News ZDNet 29 May 2009 6,698
Cobol hits fifty
Upcoming language features: a desire to buy a convertible and prostate swelling {also known as Inversion of Control}
Developer News The Register 29 May 2009 2,250
The most common web design myths busted
Here's a spoiler: the dummy gets blown apart
Developer News Tech Radar 29 May 2009 7,947
.NET Framework 4 Client Profile - Introduction
Remember when you didn't need a DVD to distribute a .NET app?
Developer News MSDN Blogs 29 May 2009 5,552
Someone give Microsoft a gold star
And people say the Lounge is full of Microsoft haters...
Hot Threads The Code Project 29 May 2009 2,402

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