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EFF introduces Switzerland... the program
Has your ISP got their hand on your throttle?
Industry News Webware 5 Aug 2008 3,525
Everyone really is just six degrees from Kevin Bacon, Microsoft says
"And they told two friends, and so on, and so on..."
Industry News Information Week 5 Aug 2008 4,653
Five things Linus Torvalds has learned about managing software projects
"...the Linux philosophy is 'laugh in the face of danger'. Oops. Wrong one. 'Do it yourself'. That's it."
Developer News CIO Insight 5 Aug 2008 5,144
New data suggest Mars soil not as life-friendly as thought
"Yet he had begun to understand that these others did have greater acquaintance with the stuff of life… a fact not yet grokked but which he had to accept."
Developer News 5 Aug 2008 3,175
10 ultimate rules for effective system administration
Bonus #11: It's always the developers' fault
Developer News Elsewhere 5 Aug 2008 4,889
2008 Best of Open Source Software awards
Just mind the license before you enjoy it
Developer News Infoworld 5 Aug 2008 6,788
Interviewee Competency Tests
Must have 50 years programming experience, and have written your own database engine
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Aug 2008 122
I (not) heart *nix
You can pry my mouse from my cold, dead fingers
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Aug 2008 27
The Trolls among us
Normal person+Anonymity+Audience=____
Industry News NY Times 4 Aug 2008 4,336
Firefox closer to supporting open source video codec
Because we need another reason to put video on Web pages
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 3,274
Your server is wasting your CPU
"This one goes to 11"
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 6,292
The tale of two busted spammers
"Well, there's spam, egg, sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it."
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 4,320
Developer News 4 Aug 2008 9,932
Developer News Gizmodo 4 Aug 2008 6,919
25 gotta have travel gadgets
Also known as "25 gadgets I don't have, but I want"
Developer News Time 4 Aug 2008 6,955
New tools for framework designers published
Not for everyone, but some will depend on them {there is a pun there if you're interested, and I apologize}
Developer News MSDN Blogs 4 Aug 2008 3,529
This week's poll
How much RAM do you have on your Dev box?
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Aug 2008 25
Is it good to use Vista ?
Please keep all discussions relatively civil, no punches below the belt, no spitting, or eye-gouging
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Aug 2008 115
Industry News Digital Inspiration 1 Aug 2008 7,369
Rethinking Web browser security
Let's just give up, and mail them our computers
Industry News eWeek 1 Aug 2008 3,019
Microsoft sees uptick in use of 64-bit Vista
Twice as nice as 32-bit Vista
Industry News Infoworld 1 Aug 2008 4,407
Open Source platforms arrive on IBM's most vulnerable list
You know you've arrived when the hackers show up
Industry News OStatic 1 Aug 2008 4,386
Microsoft's road to the cloud is paved with parallelism
Scope: cures 'morning breath' and large datasets
Developer News ZDNet 1 Aug 2008 1,984
World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC
Stop me if you've heard it before
Developer News Yahoo News 1 Aug 2008 18,898

Page 880 of 1,175

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