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10 quick fixes for the worst security nightmares
Covering your eyes isn't on the list
Industry News Infoworld 12 Aug 2008 5,875
What to see at the Microsoft PDC
"Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World."
Developer News eWeek 12 Aug 2008 2,342
Developer News Webware 12 Aug 2008 3,895
Report: Cloud computing poised for enterprise adoption
Start getting ready to be rained on
Developer News Infoworld 12 Aug 2008 1,471
.NET 3.5 Enhancements Training Kit RTM
Just in case you want to learn about that other little developer thing that shipped today
Developer News MSDN Blogs 12 Aug 2008 6,982
100,000 orbits
"You spin me right 'round, baby. Right 'round like a record, baby"
Hot Threads The Code Project 12 Aug 2008 1,521
Olympic fireworks digitally faked
Don't think of it as fake, think of it as "using performance enhancements"
Hot Threads The Code Project 12 Aug 2008 61
Goodbye, passwords--you aren't a good defense
Do you mean "password" isn't secure?
Industry News 11 Aug 2008 10,529
Industry News Techtarget 11 Aug 2008 8,945
Industry News Computerworld 11 Aug 2008 3,158
Industry News Elsewhere 11 Aug 2008 4,881
Scientists say they're closer to invisibility cloak
"I don't need a cloak to become invisible."
Developer News Elsewhere 11 Aug 2008 6,217
A simpler approach to SOA
It may not be buzzword compliant, but it gets the job done
Developer News Information Week 11 Aug 2008 8,296
Cargo cult methodology: How Agile can go terribly, terribly wrong
You mean having "stand up" meetings won't magically make the apps better?
Developer News 11 Aug 2008 4,991
Perseid meteor shower peaks August 12
Hopefully you'll all have clear skies
Developer News 11 Aug 2008 3,235
This week's poll
You're working on a project and you are under pressure to deliver. What would you do get it over the line?
Hot Threads The Code Project 11 Aug 2008 114
C++, C#, web... Where do I go from here?
You can't get there from here.
Hot Threads The Code Project 11 Aug 2008 37
Industry News Computerworld 8 Aug 2008 2,585
Forgotten PC history: The true origins of the personal computer
Come. Gather around the fire while we hear a tale of glory...
Industry News Computerworld 8 Aug 2008 7,833
Timeline tracks history of Internet fads and trends
Just in case you forgot when the Hamster Dance was popular
Industry News Webware 8 Aug 2008 5,472
IBM to Linux desktop developers: 'Stop copying Windows'
Start copying VMS. We need more time-sharing systems
Industry News Information Week 8 Aug 2008 6,538
Industry News The Register 8 Aug 2008 9,371
Group protests treament of hadrons at CERN
Won't anyone think of the sub-atomic particles?
Developer News BBSpot 8 Aug 2008 2,881
Watch the Olympics Online
HOWTO make your sysadmin mad at you
Developer News Wired 8 Aug 2008 4,251

Page 880 of 1,177

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