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Industry News Beta News 25 Jul 2008 5,364
Open Source on .NET: Ignored and embraced
It's loved by everyone: except for those who don't like it
Developer News Redmond Developer News 25 Jul 2008 4,934
Google opens its templating technology
Make your pages like Google does
Developer News OStatic 25 Jul 2008 4,860
Ozzie foreshadows 'Zurich,' Microsoft’s elastic cloud
Is Microsoft about to rain on Web 2.0's parade?
Developer News ZDNet 25 Jul 2008 2,313
Sun technologist: SOAP stack a 'failure'
And it could have cleaned up...
Developer News Infoworld 25 Jul 2008 2,988
Microsoft bolsters Ruby efforts
You need someone for a saviour? IronRuby can't fail (with apologies to The Clash)
Developer News Infoworld 25 Jul 2008 2,147
Yesterday it's cell phones, today it's your countertop
Don't forget: saliva causes cancer, but only if swallowed in small quantities over a long period of time
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Jul 2008 34
thawte Scavenger Hunt 2008
Oh, look: they found another contest
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Jul 2008 139
When do we declare Google a monopoly?
Hopefully before they pass Go and collect $200
Industry News Builder AU 24 Jul 2008 4,751
MedPedia is wikifying the medical search space
For those who prefer their medical information from a site anyone can edit
Industry News Techcrunch 24 Jul 2008 2,438
Google's Wikipedia killer "Knol" is open to everyone
"But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know."
Industry News Google 24 Jul 2008 7,188
Intel: Human and computer intelligence will merge in 40 years
I am *not* looking forward to that debugging session
Industry News Computerworld 24 Jul 2008 11,255
Microsoft Visual Studio Middle School Power Toy 1.0
Like regular power toys, but with acne
Developer News Microsoft 24 Jul 2008 5,870
The exploding star that everyone missed
Well, not everyone missed it, or you wouldn't be reporting it, would you?
Developer News 24 Jul 2008 4,881
Developer News Digital Inspiration 24 Jul 2008 6,046
Drizzle: A lean fork of MySQL is generating buzz
"We can rebuild him. We have the technology."
Developer News OStatic 24 Jul 2008 4,149
What to include in requirements documentations
Are you really going to need it?
Hot Threads The Code Project 24 Jul 2008 39
Legacy projects
The attack of the killer project
Hot Threads The Code Project 24 Jul 2008 1,944
Warning: SharePoint can create chaos if not used properly
"This is Kaos. We don't *shush* here!"
Industry News Infoworld 23 Jul 2008 4,410
SanDisk: Windows Vista not optimized for solid-state drives
It is optimized for keeping hard drive lights blinking, however
Industry News 23 Jul 2008 5,090
Games for Windows Live now free
"Train him for the games, let him hope for a while, and blow him away"
Industry News Engadget 23 Jul 2008 6,850
VMware to offer low-footprint ESX hypervisor free
Bonus no-prize to anyone who can explain to me the difference between this and VMWare Server (but it's free, so I want it)
Industry News Infoworld 23 Jul 2008 3,957
IT economic outlook brightens
Until tomorrow, when it will be grim again (until the day after...)
Developer News Information Week 23 Jul 2008 2,282
Tough choices: How making decisions tires your brain
I knew there was a reason I didn't make decisions
Developer News Scientific American 23 Jul 2008 4,428

Page 883 of 1,175

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