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How the Web was won
From those who created it (except Al Gore)
Industry News Elsewhere 6 Jun 2008 3,317
Desktop virtualization: Vista's secret weapon?
"Say hello to my little friend"
Industry News Infoworld 6 Jun 2008 8,142
Gates-Ballmer clash shaped Microsoft's coming handover
"There are two dilemmas... How do you hold onto someone who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?"
Industry News Wall Street Journal 6 Jun 2008 6,016
Introducing GMail Labs
Google's mail gets 20% more useful
Industry News Google 6 Jun 2008 7,679
Developer News ZDNet 6 Jun 2008 2,538
Move over, AJAX, ARAX is here
Oh good. Things were getting a little too stable in Web development.
Developer News eWeek 6 Jun 2008 7,467
5 things Grady Booch has learned about complex software systems
They have a real part, and an imaginary part?
Developer News 6 Jun 2008 4,186
Developer News LifeHacker 6 Jun 2008 17,207
"ISS Toilet Fixed, Astronauts Relieved"
"And there was much rejoicing"
Hot Threads The Code Project 6 Jun 2008 39
Happy birthday, x86! An industry standard turns 30
Traditional gift is pearl if you want to buy your computer something
Hot Threads The Code Project 6 Jun 2008 23
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to step down within 10 years
Sorry, all I see is him dancing at a retirement home, "Oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal"
Industry News Information Week 5 Jun 2008 3,042
IT certifications declining in value
Does this mean we have to go back to knowing the stuff?
Industry News eWeek 5 Jun 2008 12,245
Repetitive strain injury is costing businesses
You {ow] need to {ow} invest in ergo{ow}nom{ow}ic keyboards and mice {ow}. Why does my wrist hurt so? {ow}
Industry News Infoworld 5 Jun 2008 2,365
Microsoft plug-in lets users try group search
Because people that search together ... uhm ... find things together?
Industry News 5 Jun 2008 1,603
Software development too complex, says Ballmer
Maybe he should talk to some company to help those developers developers developers
Developer News Tech World 5 Jun 2008 4,923
Microsoft sees parallel app development as future trend
You'll have to put the goatee on your code yourself
Developer News Infoworld 5 Jun 2008 3,055
Improving Web Services Security
Don't make yourself one of my headlines...
Developer News CodePlex 5 Jun 2008 2,759
Report IDs most dangerous Web domains
"Oooo baby, baby it's a wild world"
Developer News LiveScience 5 Jun 2008 4,327
Cassini images
Such an accomplished artist for a four year old
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Jun 2008 48
"Looking for developers with at least TEN years of experience in .NET Frameworks"
... and be willing to work for minimum wage (but free parking!)
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Jun 2008 184
Wikia Search launches the hackable search engine
Don't like the results? Change them (yeah, I don't see anything bad happening either)
Industry News 4 Jun 2008 3,409
Microsoft plans to 'fix' its online branding
Hopefully that 'fix' is more plumber than veterinarian
Industry News 4 Jun 2008 2,738
Workers with ADHD less productive, WHO study shows
Another great study proving ... ooo bunnies!
Industry News Yahoo News 4 Jun 2008 4,024
World realizes Google home page is 'illegal'
"Ignorance of the law is no excuse"
Industry News The Register 4 Jun 2008 18,863

Page 884 of 1,161

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