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Industry News 10 Feb 2009 6,615
Senate approves 'strict' rules on hiring H-1B workers
They're everywhere you want them to be
Industry News Infoworld 10 Feb 2009 5,375
The incredible shrinking operating system
"The unbelievably small and the unbelievably vast eventually meet, like the closing of a gigantic circle"
Developer News Infoworld 10 Feb 2009 8,110
MIT students turn Internet into a sixth human sense
That's just great "Locutus of Borg", but your assignment is still due next Tuesday
Developer News Wired 10 Feb 2009 5,098
50 useful JavaScript tools
You just put in an alert, Gert. Add some AJAX to your Web, Deb.
Developer News Smashing Magazine 10 Feb 2009 7,948
HD TV beats depression, claims HD TV company
There you go: it's not a frivolous expense, it's therapy
Developer News The Register 10 Feb 2009 2,717
Does MS pay any attention to bug reports?
Just long enough to close them "by design"
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Feb 2009 193
New Visual Studio built with WPF
Because 'real developers' do everything with 24-bit coloured designers {who needs a fast text editor anyway?}
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Feb 2009 188
Google knows where your eyeballs go
"But I still haven't found what I'm looking for."
Industry News 9 Feb 2009 5,489
Parking ticket leads to a virus
"You can fool some of the people some of the time"
Industry News BBC 9 Feb 2009 6,853
Microsoft reveals 'My Phone' backup, sync service
Not iPhone, *My Phone* {and coming soon: ur Phone}
Industry News Computerworld 9 Feb 2009 3,389
Microsoft looks for Open Source Desktop Strategy Czar
Must have flame-proof vest, soul optional
Industry News OStatic 9 Feb 2009 3,204
New IT salary survey strikes hopeful notes during recession
"In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry, you make it double"
Developer News 9 Feb 2009 9,698
Developer News Elsewhere 9 Feb 2009 4,123
Yum! Grease up the Web with Bacolicious
"Everything is better with bacon"
Developer News 9 Feb 2009 3,203
Newfound comet Lulin to grace night skies
"You came like a comet blazing your trail"
Developer News 9 Feb 2009 3,819
This week's poll
What programming languages are paying the bills?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Feb 2009 170
Victoria Bush Fire Appeal
Help if you can
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Feb 2009 137
Gmail gets 'Multiple Inboxes'
For those who have more mail than fits in a single inbox
Industry News Read/Write Web 6 Feb 2009 6,477
Bill Gates releases bugs
Mosquitos with fricking lasers on their heads!
Industry News Web User 6 Feb 2009 6,667
Nine-year-old whiz kid writes iPhone app
Yeah, but can he quote entire Star Trek episodes?
Industry News ZDNet 6 Feb 2009 6,976
Microsoft launches celebrity site Wonderwall
Good idea, there is a shortage of celebrity gossip sites
Industry News Web Pro News 6 Feb 2009 2,527
The case for supporting and using Mono
"He likes it! Hey Mikey!"
Developer News Infoworld 6 Feb 2009 8,585
Developer News Elsewhere 6 Feb 2009 7,988

Page 884 of 1,236

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