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Is Google making us stupid?
Let me just do a search to find out...
Developer News 10 Jun 2008 5,480
The new browser war
"In the Webs the browsers burning, As the war machine keeps turning"
Developer News eWeek 10 Jun 2008 11,318
Why it's better to be lazy
You may not get much done, but at least you {someone else finish this one please}
Developer News Artima 10 Jun 2008 5,452
Pointless metrics
87% of reader agree, 19 times out of 20
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Jun 2008 143
Ever wonder who decided to eat a tomato?
"Look again, Harry. That’s not blood. It’s tomato juice!"
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Jun 2008 25
Opera bolsters Web browser with new malware protection
Their dozens of users now even more protected
Industry News eWeek 9 Jun 2008 1,829
Microsoft shutters its Craigslist competitor
I know what you're thinking, "He's going to say, 'Microsoft had a Craigslist competitor?'"
Industry News Information Week 9 Jun 2008 4,172
Why are IT security pros so bad?
"And the whole world has to answer right now"
Industry News Internet News 9 Jun 2008 4,057
Industry News Infoworld 9 Jun 2008 5,849
All your browsers (well, IE from 5.5 to 8) in one place for your Web breaking fun
Developer News Elsewhere 9 Jun 2008 4,345
What's new with Silverlight Tools Beta 2!
For those playing along at home
Developer News MSDN Blogs 9 Jun 2008 4,440
Managed Extensibility Framework preview available
Because someone is always going to ask you to "add just one more thing"
Developer News MSDN Blogs 9 Jun 2008 2,095
Martian soil sample clogs Phoenix probe's oven
No one can smell the rocks cooking
Developer News 9 Jun 2008 3,905
This week's poll
On which types of machines do you develop?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Jun 2008 80
A preview of your next computer?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Jun 2008 21
How the Web was won
From those who created it (except Al Gore)
Industry News Elsewhere 6 Jun 2008 3,317
Desktop virtualization: Vista's secret weapon?
"Say hello to my little friend"
Industry News Infoworld 6 Jun 2008 8,142
Gates-Ballmer clash shaped Microsoft's coming handover
"There are two dilemmas... How do you hold onto someone who won't stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?"
Industry News Wall Street Journal 6 Jun 2008 6,016
Introducing GMail Labs
Google's mail gets 20% more useful
Industry News Google 6 Jun 2008 7,679
Developer News ZDNet 6 Jun 2008 2,538
Move over, AJAX, ARAX is here
Oh good. Things were getting a little too stable in Web development.
Developer News eWeek 6 Jun 2008 7,467
5 things Grady Booch has learned about complex software systems
They have a real part, and an imaginary part?
Developer News 6 Jun 2008 4,186
Developer News LifeHacker 6 Jun 2008 17,207
"ISS Toilet Fixed, Astronauts Relieved"
"And there was much rejoicing"
Hot Threads The Code Project 6 Jun 2008 39

Page 887 of 1,165

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