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Microsoft on Vista: 'The time of worry is over.'
"This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius"
Industry News ZDNet 9 Jul 2008 13,454
Microsoft sets hosted-services pricing, irks partners
Play Microsoft Mad-libs at home! Here's your headline: Microsoft ____, irks ____
Industry News Infoworld 9 Jul 2008 3,499
Troubleshooting tool for Java offered
An X-Ray, er J-Ray machine for your code
Developer News Infoworld 9 Jul 2008 1,939
Opinion: How does a developer decide on a mobile platform?
Whichever one the boss buys "for your testing"?
Developer News Computerworld 9 Jul 2008 2,669
Knights in the ring as chess boxers slug it out
Not your usual chess club members
Developer News Elsewhere 9 Jul 2008 2,412
Merriam-Webster unveils new dictionary words
Bonus points if you can use fanboy, subprime, pescatarian and mondegreen into a sentence
Developer News Yahoo News 9 Jul 2008 2,306
What do you do when you're not coding? (Besides more coding?)
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Jul 2008 2,992
Physics in OOP?
How to program the universe (recursion optional)?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Jul 2008 167
Google is doing WHAT?
"Program, program, get your program here! You can't follow the game without a program."
Industry News Computerworld 8 Jul 2008 8,272
Microsoft plans to ship Service Pack 3 of Windows XP soon
If you've been putting it off, soon's the time
Industry News Information Week 8 Jul 2008 4,405
Remote sign out and info to help you protect your Gmail account
Google would like you to log out now. kkthxbye
Industry News Google 8 Jul 2008 3,463
Study: outsourcing can lead to plummeting customer loyalty
If this just happens to get printed out and placed on your boss' desk, I know nothing
Industry News Ars Technica 8 Jul 2008 4,187
COBOL: Don't call it a comeback
"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"
Developer News eWeek 8 Jul 2008 3,101
Figure out how much money you need to retire
Anyone have a spare (winning) lottery ticket for me?
Developer News LifeHacker 8 Jul 2008 6,583
Developer News Elsewhere 8 Jul 2008 3,215
Protocol Buffers, our serialized structured data, released as Open Source
You didn't already have a way of serializing data, did you?
Developer News Google 8 Jul 2008 2,043
Apple Does not 'Just work'
The grass isn't green anywhere
Hot Threads The Code Project 8 Jul 2008 52
Vinegar is an excellent weed killer
And how to ensure nothing else is green, either
Hot Threads The Code Project 8 Jul 2008 270
Industry News Elsewhere 7 Jul 2008 6,672
Think before you voicemail
If you disagree, leave a comment after the beep
Industry News Techcrunch 7 Jul 2008 4,024
Making desktop Linux work for business
If you think your average user complains about Vista, switch them over to Linux for a while
Industry News Infoworld 7 Jul 2008 5,601
Is the Web still the Web?
Maybe we should come up with some new, hip term to confuse everyone?
Industry News Infoworld 7 Jul 2008 5,876
The A-Z of Programming Languages: INTERCAL
When it absolutely, positively must not be understood
Developer News Techworld AU 7 Jul 2008 4,410
2008 Community Choice Awards
With categories like: Most Likely to Get Users Sued
Developer News Sourceforge 7 Jul 2008 3,339

Page 888 of 1,175

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