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Industry News Computerworld 28 Apr 2008 13,837
Developers press Google on its App Engine
"Come on baby, do you do more than dance?"
Developer News Infoworld 28 Apr 2008 2,849
Google's pointers on countering Web spam
Make their life miserable, so they don't do the same to you
Developer News 28 Apr 2008 4,234
Interview with Donald Knuth
The original artist programmer on literate programming, and more
Developer News InformIT 28 Apr 2008 4,593
Microsoft: break up HTML 5
How are they expected to ignore a standard if it comes in just one document?
Developer News SD Times 28 Apr 2008 5,064
Darth Vader attacks leading Jedi
He's their father too
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Apr 2008 217
This week's poll
What office environment suits you best?
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 Apr 2008 194
Web 2.0: It's no fad
That's true. To be a fad, people would have to agree on what it was
Industry News Information Week 25 Apr 2008 3,826
Free anti-virus software launched
Latest version of free AVG gone wild
Industry News Web User 25 Apr 2008 9,277
Quake gives 3-D control
Frag your server stats
Industry News The Age 25 Apr 2008 4,681
Microsoft nixes XP extended-life rumors
SteveB says yes, but no one listens to him
Industry News Redmond Developer News 25 Apr 2008 11,652
Programming languages: Everyone has a favorite one
But everyone knows that the best one is
Developer News Dr. Dobb's 25 Apr 2008 10,117
When galaxies collide
Did Joseph Hazelwood get a new career as galaxy navigator?
Developer News Elsewhere 25 Apr 2008 2,256
Moondust and duct tape
Oh, duct tape: is there nothing you can't fix?
Developer News NASA 25 Apr 2008 3,948
Developer welcome mat
Yahoo wants to remind people they're not dead yet
Developer News Yahoo 25 Apr 2008 2,964
CodeProject Screencasts...
Is it time for Channel BOB?
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Apr 2008 98
PhD and employment
Is it worth it to Pile it Higher and Deeper?
Hot Threads The Code Project 25 Apr 2008 261
Ten things to know about Microsoft's Live Mesh
Just in case you didn't sign up for the Beta
Industry News ZDNet 24 Apr 2008 7,496
Google: No plans for desktop operating system
Of course, that's *just* what they'd say if they were planning something...
Industry News 24 Apr 2008 4,175
Web apps developers told to aim for lofty goals
Pyramids. We need Web pyramids.
Industry News 24 Apr 2008 3,482
Industry News Infoworld 24 Apr 2008 7,456
Will SQL Server 2008 slip again?
SELECT convert(datetime, getdate() + (rand()*1000)) ShipDate FROM Microsoft
Developer News Redmond Developer News 24 Apr 2008 2,574
5 easy ways to commit career suicide
"You know, corporate accounting is sure gonna notice $305,326.13 missing"
Developer News Computerworld 24 Apr 2008 6,962 - Unit Testing for .NET
For the agile crowd
Developer News CodePlex 24 Apr 2008 3,590

Page 900 of 1,165

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