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CodeProject Petition
"The peasants are revolting"
Hot Threads The Code Project 23 Apr 2008 104
It's official: XP SP3 has RTM'd
Only seven more sleeps until you can download it
Industry News ZDNet 22 Apr 2008 14,287
Is IT ready for the coming brain drain?
Will the baby boomers ruin this as well?
Industry News Infoworld 22 Apr 2008 5,589
Skype launches new unlimited plan
"London calling – and I don't wanna shout"
Industry News Web Worker Daily 22 Apr 2008 3,478
AT&T: Internet to hit full capacity by 2010
"That's it man. Game over man, game over!"
Industry News ZDNet 22 Apr 2008 6,084
Developer News Freelance Switch 22 Apr 2008 3,770
Developer News MSDN Blogs 22 Apr 2008 2,409
Developer News Infoworld 22 Apr 2008 4,211
Mashups a hot item at Web 2.0 show
Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' mashups?
Developer News Infoworld 22 Apr 2008 3,284
Programming competition
"Do you want to play a game?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Apr 2008 379
Mac project ?
Is it time for Bob to, "Think different?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Apr 2008 188
Mono project takes Silverlight step closer to Adobe AIR
The Moonlight looks lovely on your desktop
Industry News 21 Apr 2008 4,480
Will MySQL keep lighting up LAMP?
Otherwise they may have to change the acronym (LAPP? LASP? LAFP?)
Industry News Infoworld 21 Apr 2008 4,508
5 IT skills that won't boost your salary
Unless you find a desperate customer, that is
Industry News Network World 21 Apr 2008 27,133
Microsoft plans MSDN revamp
Translation: They're going to change all the URLs again, and break search
Industry News Redmond Developer News 21 Apr 2008 4,451
Because you know there must be a way to use that...
Developer News Elsewhere 21 Apr 2008 4,610
Is small or big shop IT for you?
Just another cog in the wheel, or the only cog?
Developer News eWeek 21 Apr 2008 2,696
Daily decisions make mush of your mind
"If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice"
Developer News LiveScience 21 Apr 2008 3,955
Helping you develop world-ready applications
"Wow. You must really like lemon chicken."
Developer News MSDN Blogs 21 Apr 2008 3,379
The 500,000 GB MP3 Player
Just hope you never have to reload all the contents
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Apr 2008 247
This week's poll
What is the main reason a deadline would not be met?
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Apr 2008 158
Macs run Windows Vista better than PCs, Popular Mechanics says so
And Popular Mechanics doesn't lie (unless you count the time they promised flying cars)
Industry News Information Week 18 Apr 2008 6,111
Ballmer: Vista is 'a Work in progress'
Let's just call it an extended Beta then
Industry News 18 Apr 2008 4,849
Novell: 'The stand-alone OS is dead'
What we should do is create some vast worldwide network to connect them all. That would be cool...
Industry News Internet News 18 Apr 2008 3,375

Page 901 of 1,165

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