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256 bytes of javascript
Imagine what they could do if they went to 16 bits
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 May 2008 163
Academic snobbery
The ol' academic vs "real world" debate goes on. And on.
Hot Threads The Code Project 28 May 2008 156
Microsoft closes down Book Search
Noble cause? Meh. Show me the money!
Industry News eWeek 27 May 2008 2,854
Five Google-Whacking Ideas for Microsoft
6. Concentrate on building a cohesive brand and consistent user interface?
Industry News Microsoft Watch 27 May 2008 5,346
Bluetooth finally reaches ten (years, not users)
The amazing technology that would enable two people to speak to each other from opposite sides of a room – up to ten metres apart.
Industry News The Register 27 May 2008 3,726
Future Apple devices may be solar powered
The perfect solution to power your devices in your sun-drenched cubicle.
Industry News ITWorld 27 May 2008 2,424
Error Installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta? Then Uninstall KB944899
Old news now but it may save some of your hair.
Developer News Application Development Trends 27 May 2008 2,671
Developers explain why they are avoiding Vista
It's hard to target something when you're not sure which bull's eye to hit.
Developer News ComputerWorld 27 May 2008 7,480
Not Everyone Loves Working at Google
Personally I think it's because Charlie Ayers is no longer there.
Developer News eWeek Blogs 27 May 2008 6,446
Hacking the FBI in 6 hrs
Did they forget to install auto-update?
Developer News ComputerWorld 27 May 2008 19,226
Coding for Fruit
Whatever happened to the Banana Jr 6000?
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 May 2008 44
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 May 2008 183
Australian 3G iPhone to be World's Fastest
Sure, it's 42mpbs, but is it dingo-proof?
Industry News Channel News 26 May 2008 4,386
Industry News The Age 26 May 2008 19,038
Amusing Google Ads
Sometimes context is bad, or at least LOL funny.
Industry News Elsewhere 26 May 2008 7,550
Virtual Worlds Useful To Children, Study Finds
"A 'powerful and engaging' alternative to more passive pursuits". Unlike, say, the outdoors?
Industry News BBC 26 May 2008 1,683
Developer-oriented Alternate Reality Game
We've all known devs in their own alternate realities ...
Developer News Wired News 26 May 2008 3,108
MSFT: Bring Your Own Laptop
IT's next great idea: virtualized corp desktop on your personal laptop
Developer News CNet 26 May 2008 3,645
Maxtor hard drive dominos
1320 drives, 660 Tb, and way, way too much spare time.
Developer News TechRepublic 26 May 2008 6,030
Windows 7 to Support Virtual Hard Disks
Hopefully these will not require Vista ReadyBoost for decent performance
Developer News Elsewhere 26 May 2008 3,924
Antivirus is 'completely wasted money'
So we may as well just give up now...
Hot Threads The Code Project 26 May 2008 78
MacBook or cheap laptop + Linux
Why can't someone just make the perfect laptop?
Hot Threads The Code Project 26 May 2008 2,390
Apple cops Mighty Mouse suit
If only they'd included an iCape
Industry News The Age 23 May 2008 3,697
Insider Reporter Takes Holiday. Panic Ensues
The Insider is heading Outside
Industry News The Code Project 23 May 2008 4,175

Page 901 of 1,175

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