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2008 Best of Open Source Software awards
Just mind the license before you enjoy it
Developer News Infoworld 5 Aug 2008 6,788
Interviewee Competency Tests
Must have 50 years programming experience, and have written your own database engine
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Aug 2008 122
I (not) heart *nix
You can pry my mouse from my cold, dead fingers
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 Aug 2008 27
The Trolls among us
Normal person+Anonymity+Audience=____
Industry News NY Times 4 Aug 2008 4,336
Firefox closer to supporting open source video codec
Because we need another reason to put video on Web pages
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 3,274
Your server is wasting your CPU
"This one goes to 11"
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 6,292
The tale of two busted spammers
"Well, there's spam, egg, sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it."
Industry News Infoworld 4 Aug 2008 4,320
Developer News 4 Aug 2008 9,932
Developer News Gizmodo 4 Aug 2008 6,919
25 gotta have travel gadgets
Also known as "25 gadgets I don't have, but I want"
Developer News Time 4 Aug 2008 6,955
New tools for framework designers published
Not for everyone, but some will depend on them {there is a pun there if you're interested, and I apologize}
Developer News MSDN Blogs 4 Aug 2008 3,529
This week's poll
How much RAM do you have on your Dev box?
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Aug 2008 25
Is it good to use Vista ?
Please keep all discussions relatively civil, no punches below the belt, no spitting, or eye-gouging
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Aug 2008 115
Industry News Digital Inspiration 1 Aug 2008 7,370
Rethinking Web browser security
Let's just give up, and mail them our computers
Industry News eWeek 1 Aug 2008 3,020
Microsoft sees uptick in use of 64-bit Vista
Twice as nice as 32-bit Vista
Industry News Infoworld 1 Aug 2008 4,408
Open Source platforms arrive on IBM's most vulnerable list
You know you've arrived when the hackers show up
Industry News OStatic 1 Aug 2008 4,386
Microsoft's road to the cloud is paved with parallelism
Scope: cures 'morning breath' and large datasets
Developer News ZDNet 1 Aug 2008 1,986
World's oldest joke traced back to 1900 BC
Stop me if you've heard it before
Developer News Yahoo News 1 Aug 2008 18,899
Firebug Lite extends Firebug's reach
Same great taste, now with fewer calories!
Developer News Web Worker Daily 1 Aug 2008 2,957
NASA to live stream total eclipse
Don't stare into the Sun, watch it from the Web
Developer News Web Pro News 1 Aug 2008 4,157
Water on Mars
Get your swimsuit ready!
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Aug 2008 47
Am I the last one?
Now we all are
Hot Threads The Code Project 1 Aug 2008 54
Amazon opens Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing for non-coders
Why do the hard work, when you can get everyone to help out?
Industry News eWeek 31 Jul 2008 3,732

Page 918 of 1,213

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