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Developer News 22 Nov 2007 2,714
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Nov 2007 6
Banning GPL articles
As in, should Code Project ban them?
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Nov 2007 8
News for Wednesday, November 21 2007
News for Wednesday, November 21 2007
Site News CodeProject 21 Nov 2007 9
Fave Operator of the Day
No, I'm not just sucking up and linking to all of Chris' posts, I really didn't know about that one...
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Nov 2007 6
Vista worries cause businesses to consider Macs and Linux
They'll have to retrain their users, and buy new software ... oh, wait...
Industry News eWeek 21 Nov 2007 4,793
Hackers jack, infect job hunters
Does this mean I didn't get that job?
Industry News Network World 21 Nov 2007 3,927
Firefox 3 Beta 1: The memory use says it all
Are the memory leaks sealed?
Industry News Techcrunch 21 Nov 2007 6,321
Are XP, Vista vulnerable to random number generator attack?
Not a security flaw, just a "design error"
Industry News Computerworld 21 Nov 2007 4,032
Steps to uninstall VS 2008 Beta2 before installing the VS 2008 final release
... because no one believes the "Really, this is a Beta, don't install it on your main machine" warning...
Developer News MSDN Blogs 21 Nov 2007 2,101
AMD's quad core Phenom preview
Is it your next CPU?
Developer News ExtremeTech 21 Nov 2007 4,131
What if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft?
They'd have had to call it Windows Live EMail System for Windows, Powered by Internet Explorer (Beta)
Developer News Elsewhere 21 Nov 2007 9,930
Star Trek's 10 cheesiest classic creatures
Oh, the great days before every alien had a weird forehead.
Developer News Wired 21 Nov 2007 4,206
VS2008 alongside VS2005?
Theoretically, you shouldn't need both, as VS2008 can target .NET 2.0 (but then I still believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy)
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Nov 2007 12
News for Tuesday, November 20 2007
News for Tuesday, November 20 2007
Site News CodeProject 20 Nov 2007 8
Is Apple spying on iPhone users?
They'll have to redo that 1984 advertisement.
Industry News Information Week 20 Nov 2007 4,584
Industry News Infoworld 20 Nov 2007 8,432
Users complain new Gmail version slow, crashes browsers
Welcome to the new boss, just the same as the old boss.
Industry News Network World 20 Nov 2007 2,909
Windows Live for your domain
Now you can get all your email in the hands of Hotmail.
Industry News Techcrunch 20 Nov 2007 1,858
The Java GUI toolkit flatline
Has Java given up on the rich desktop?
Developer News SD Times 20 Nov 2007 2,446
Developer News MSDN Blogs 20 Nov 2007 2,126
Toward a discussion of morality and code
Is your code good, or is it Good?
Developer News eWeek 20 Nov 2007 2,732
IBM making 'agile' moves
You have to use quotes to use IBM and "agile" in the same sentence.
Developer News Infoworld 20 Nov 2007 1,440
The joys of hired consultants
Don't pay him until he gets you to the other side...
Hot Threads The Code Project 20 Nov 2007 8

Page 918 of 1,137

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