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25 May 2015 -
  1 Jun 2015
How long have you been at your current development job?
Do we lot move around or do we plant roots and tend our beloved code at one place? (suggested by Ravi Bhavnani)
18 May 2015 -
  25 May 2015
How old is the oldest code your organisation has in Production?
It doesn't have to be used a lot: it just has to still be running. Swift developers will not win this one.
10 May 2015 -
  18 May 2015
Do you feel your favourite development platform is changing too quickly?
Think of the platform you most enjoy developing against. Can you barely keep up with the changes or is it stuck in the Mesozoic Era?
4 May 2015 -
  11 May 2015
What platforms are interesting to you as a .NET Developer?
Between the .NET 2015 wave of releases and Mono there's plenty of choice for .NET developers.
27 Apr 2015 -
  4 May 2015
Will you move to Visual Studio 2015?
The Visual Studio RC page is live, suggesting a launch of The Real Thing is on its way. Will you level-up?
3 May 2015 -
  4 May 2015
What platforms are interesting to you as a .NET Developer?
Between the .NET 2015 wave of releases and Mono there's plenty of choice for .NET developers.
20 Apr 2015 -
  27 Apr 2015
Do you follow Best Patterns and Practices when coding?
Best Patterns and Practices could be design / architecture patterns, testing, deployment, and/or source code control.
13 Apr 2015 -
  20 Apr 2015
As a developer, are you involved in setting up your data storage systems?
Whether you use SQL, NoSQL, cloud based, file-based or whatever, are you involved in configuring and/or setting up the systems you use?
6 Apr 2015 -
  13 Apr 2015
How would you classify your handwriting?
30 Mar 2015 -
  6 Apr 2015
Are you the best developer in your team?
Best = the one who writes the most performant, best designed, least buggy code the quickest. Votes are anonymous so be honest with us and with yourself.
23 Mar 2015 -
  30 Mar 2015
Do you write cross-platform applications?
Cross-platform meaning "able to run on more than one distinct computer architecture or operating system" (so multiple versions of Windows don't count here)
16 Mar 2015 -
  23 Mar 2015
What language/technology inspired you to be a developer?
We can't list them all, so add a comment to give your inspiration a shout-out. If you have more than one inspiration, pick the first.
9 Mar 2015 -
  16 Mar 2015
What format of documents do you read the easiest?
Some are visual and prefer to scan images, some can't read formatted text, while others just want to go to the metal.
2 Mar 2015 -
  9 Mar 2015
What's the most interesting development platform for you?
May you always develop on an interesting platform.
23 Feb 2015 -
  2 Mar 2015
As a software developer, would you ride in a self-driving car?
16 Feb 2015 -
  23 Feb 2015
You're committed to releasing a new version: What's better: completed on time or completed properly?
Assume you can't do both, but you but you can update within weeks. It's your project and you're calling the shots.
9 Feb 2015 -
  16 Feb 2015
Which of the following issues are best handled using Exceptions?
Exception handling provides a way to deal with any unexpected or exceptional situations. Define "unexpected".
2 Feb 2015 -
  9 Feb 2015
Does Microsoft need a new Browser to replace Internet Explorer?
Project Spartan aims to
26 Jan 2015 -
  2 Feb 2015
Rate the quality of Software now coming out of these companies
1 = appalling, 5 = so good even I'm impressed.
19 Jan 2015 -
  26 Jan 2015
Which versions of Visual Studio are you using?
Visual Studio and .NET in general are spreading beyond Windows. Are you keeping up or stepping out?

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