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14 Oct 2013 -
  21 Oct 2013
What sort of keyboard are you using?
We spend an awful lot of time tapping things with our fingertips.
6 Oct 2013 -
  14 Oct 2013
Should Software Developers offer warranties for their code?
Let's restrict it to just the code and not any loss or damage caused by bad code. If our code breaks should we be legally liable to provide a repair, a replacement or a refund?
29 Sep 2013 -
  7 Oct 2013
Will you buy a Microsoft Surface 2?
Many of us have an iPad, an Android tablet or maybe even a Playbook or Surface. Will you be grabbing yourself a Surface 2?
23 Sep 2013 -
  30 Sep 2013
How good a software developer do you consider yourself?
Use whatever gauge you feel is appropriate, and be honest. No one can see your name next to your answer.
16 Sep 2013 -
  23 Sep 2013
Do you like to target specific chipsets when you program?
Do you want a write once, run anywhere API or do you enjoy talking dirty with instruction sets?
9 Sep 2013 -
  16 Sep 2013
Should those who develop Software do an MBA?
An interesting post in the Harvard Business Review asks if MBAs should learn to code. Let's turn it around. (Suggested by Manas Bhardwaj)
2 Sep 2013 -
  9 Sep 2013
What does Steve Ballmer retiring mean for Microsoft?
The obligatory armchair expert survey. Post your other answer options on the discussion board at the end of the survey.
26 Aug 2013 -
  2 Sep 2013
What format for the monthly competition would you prefer?
There's been a lot of debate so we wanted to open the floor to you for your say. Suggestions, variations and crazy wild ideas welcome. Just make it fair and fun.
19 Aug 2013 -
  26 Aug 2013
Would you prefer to work in one programming language only, or many languages?
Suppose your favourite language was made available everywhere: it creates client apps, mobile apps, it powers web pages, does the database calls, handle UI layouts, or embedded development. Everything. And it was fast and efficient. Would you want just one language?
12 Aug 2013 -
  19 Aug 2013
What Operating Systems do you plan on developing against?
A quick straw poll. So many choices, so few hours in the day.
5 Aug 2013 -
  12 Aug 2013
A small electric household item stops working. It has accessible screws on the back. You have a screwdriver. Do you
(What's the first thing you do)
29 Jul 2013 -
  5 Aug 2013
How many books on Software Development have you read in the last 12 months?
Hardcover, softcover, eBook - doesn't matter. Coding, designing, selling, debugging - they all count. All that matters is that it was related to the art and science of software development.
22 Jul 2013 -
  29 Jul 2013
Which do you prefer?
Are you a giver or a taker?
15 Jul 2013 -
  22 Jul 2013
As a coder, what do you see yourself as?
8 Jul 2013 -
  15 Jul 2013
What book taught you most about being a good programmer?
A totally open ended question this week. Please just enter the full title of the book, and post any explanatory comments in the survey's discussion forum.
1 Jul 2013 -
  8 Jul 2013
What optimisations do you consider when you code?
In general, when writing code, which of the following optimisations do you always think about when writing code? (even if you reject them as unnecessary for a certain situation)
24 Jun 2013 -
  1 Jul 2013
Are you a Code Hoarder?
Do you have difficulty getting rid of unused or obsolete code? (Suggested by Andreas Gieriet)
17 Jun 2013 -
  24 Jun 2013
What will be your next primary development machine?
My beige desktop is on its last legs. If you're in my situation what would you buy?
10 Jun 2013 -
  17 Jun 2013
Do you use external data services in your apps?
We're told not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to code, but what about data? Data services could be geolocation, currency exchange, stock prices or stuff you'd find in the Azure data market, for instance) (Suggested by Laura)
3 Jun 2013 -
  10 Jun 2013
What's your personality?
We ran this survey back in 2009. Take the test and let's see what's changed...

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