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15 Dec 2014 -
  22 Dec 2014
For you, what's the most important next step in computing?
Forget thinner form factors, larger screens or a faster compiler. Think big.
8 Dec 2014 -
  15 Dec 2014
When meeting with team members to discuss tasks, what do you prefer?
Some meetings you have to have, some are valuable to have, and some you just can't wait to end. What's your preferred meeting? "No meeting" isn't an option.
1 Dec 2014 -
  8 Dec 2014
Are you a starter or a finisher?
24 Nov 2014 -
  1 Dec 2014
On which non-Windows platform would you most like to run your .NET applications?
.NET Core is now Open Source. Assuming a mythical write-once, run-anywhere scenario which OSs would you target?
17 Nov 2014 -
  24 Nov 2014
What types of programming languages have you used?
Used == written enough code that you can write a non-trivial working program without too much difficulty.
10 Nov 2014 -
  17 Nov 2014
Caffeine consumption: How much per day?
An 8oz brewed coffee or a 2oz espresso has around 100mg, Tea around 50mg, Coke 35mg. More here and here.
3 Nov 2014 -
  10 Nov 2014
Do you get to participate in hiring new team members?
Assuming you work in a team, do you get to provide input when potential new colleagues are being selected?
27 Oct 2014 -
  3 Nov 2014
What programming languages should be taught in High School or above?
Choose all you think help teach the philosophy, design and patterns required for someone to truly understand programming.
20 Oct 2014 -
  27 Oct 2014
What's the best part about being a software developer?
It's sometimes hard to say why we have the best job in the world.
13 Oct 2014 -
  20 Oct 2014
Trends: Which ones are relevant to you?
Choose all that you think will apply to you over the next 12 months
6 Oct 2014 -
  13 Oct 2014
Windows 10: Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Windows 10 has been announced. Officially. Do you like what you see so far?
11 Oct 2014 -
  12 Oct 2014
Trends: Which ones are relevant to you?
Choose all that you think will apply to you over the next 12 months
29 Sep 2014 -
  6 Oct 2014
How many paid holidays do you get per year?
22 Sep 2014 -
  29 Sep 2014
Why would you say "no" to learning a new technology?
Think of the last time you decided against learning a new technology that was in your area of interest.
15 Sep 2014 -
  22 Sep 2014
How do you manage your passwords?
Us developers often have access to sensitive data (not just our own). If you use passwords, how do you manage them?
8 Sep 2014 -
  15 Sep 2014
If your beer fridge, outside light, TV and washing machine had an API, would you write apps to control them?
It's the age of the Internet of Things. Are we excited?
1 Sep 2014 -
  8 Sep 2014
Do you use your work email or personal email as a username?
Websites often require an email address as a sign-on. Us developers are, well, "questioning" by nature. So do you use your work email or personal email when signing up?
25 Aug 2014 -
  1 Sep 2014
Is coding addictive?
(For all those who think "I can give it up at any time I want to!")
18 Aug 2014 -
  25 Aug 2014
Do you feel Open Source software is better than proprietary software?
"It depends" is an obvious answer but think of your most common scenarios.
11 Aug 2014 -
  18 Aug 2014
What is your favourite programming language?
Yes - it's hard to pick one, and yes, the language you use depends on the problem. But assume you can choose the problem. Which dialect suits you best?

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