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17 Mar 2014 -
  24 Mar 2014
What's better: Coding solo or as part of a team?
A team means you have to fix someone else's bugs. Coding solo means you have to write all the bugs yourself.
10 Mar 2014 -
  17 Mar 2014
Do you fix co-workers' bugs?
Someone else's bug can either be a relief or a serious impediment to your day.
2 Mar 2014 -
  10 Mar 2014
Do you work on software projects outside work hours?
For some, coding is a job. For others, it's life.
24 Feb 2014 -
  3 Mar 2014
What would you rather be doing?
Software development spans a lot of disciplines. What aspect suits you best?
16 Feb 2014 -
  2 Mar 2014
If you were writing an app to sell, what platform do you feel would make you the most money?
For those looking for the "fortune" part of the Fame and Fortune that comes with being a software developer.
10 Feb 2014 -
  17 Feb 2014
What type of mobile phone do you have?
We'd like to think our friends and family look up to us when asking for gadget advice. So what do we ourselves use?
3 Feb 2014 -
  10 Feb 2014
Do you write gaming applications?
Pacman 2014? Really, really Angry Birds? Or even just the next Scrabble killer? Do you write Games? (An update from our 2013 survey)
27 Jan 2014 -
  3 Feb 2014
Who most influences your programming career?
There's often someone, or some group that influences the decisions we make, the road we travel, or even just the language we use. Who is it for you?
20 Jan 2014 -
  27 Jan 2014
Do you have code reviews?
Having a second set of eyes look over your code is incredibly valuable. But do you do it?
13 Jan 2014 -
  20 Jan 2014
What's the most interesting development platform for you?
Frameworks and languages are one thing, but what about the target hardware? Time to get another quick strawpoll.
6 Jan 2014 -
  13 Jan 2014
What would you most like to learn next?
30 Dec 2013 -
  6 Jan 2014
Will next year be better than this year?
"Better" is whatever's important to you. Better pay, better lifestyle, better job or just better beer.
23 Dec 2013 -
  30 Dec 2013
What do you want for Christmas this year?
Assuming you're on the Nice list.
16 Dec 2013 -
  23 Dec 2013
Who would you rather partner with?
Assume it's a team of 2. You and them, and you know enough to complete the current project yourself.
9 Dec 2013 -
  16 Dec 2013
Have you, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, written code intended for production?
Be honest.
2 Dec 2013 -
  9 Dec 2013
Will you be buying a SmartWatch in the next 12 months?
...assuming the SmartWatch of your dreams is on the market in the next 12 months (and: Buy == acquire in whatever manner you see fit).
25 Nov 2013 -
  2 Dec 2013
What source code control system do you use?
A narrowed down follow up to Last Year's poll. Pick the one you use the most.
18 Nov 2013 -
  25 Nov 2013
If you have used Agile Programming Methodologies, would you say it was a success?
Beyond the rhetoric, what has been your experience with using Agile Methodologies?
11 Nov 2013 -
  18 Nov 2013
What is the newest version of the .NET framework you're targeting?
For the .NET devs out there.
4 Nov 2013 -
  11 Nov 2013
How many different operating systems are you currently working with?
Working with == installed on a computer you use. This includes mobile devices, servers, tablets and traditional PCs. Different (major) versions of an OS should be treated as a different OS.

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