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9 Nov 2015 -
  16 Nov 2015
As an IT professional, are you paid enough?
Many of us do what we do even if we weren't paid. Given that, do you feel you're paid enough, too much or just right? Be honest and reasonable.
2 Nov 2015 -
  9 Nov 2015
Would you recommend storing sensitive data in The Cloud?
"Cloud" == any hosted storage service such as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.
26 Oct 2015 -
  2 Nov 2015
What roles do you fill in your organisation?
We all wear many hats
19 Oct 2015 -
  26 Oct 2015
Preference: One framework for all tasks, or the best framework for each task individually?
Do you prefer to use a single language or framework for as much as you can get away with, or do you use as many different languages / frameworks as you need for the various parts?
12 Oct 2015 -
  19 Oct 2015
Does programming frustrate you?
It's the ultimate game of "do as I want, not as I say" and it requires patience and tenacity. Does it frustrate you, or does your zen calm hold?
5 Oct 2015 -
  12 Oct 2015
On what types of devices are you writing code?
The device must have an editor and a compiler or interpreter. We're looking for
28 Sep 2015 -
  5 Oct 2015
Do you write async code in .NET?
The async/await keywords have been with us a while now. Are you taking advantage of them?
21 Sep 2015 -
  28 Sep 2015
Is Coding Addictive?
Addiction: a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. (cue the "adverse consequences" jokes regarding your favourite tech company)
14 Sep 2015 -
  21 Sep 2015
Visual Studio 2015: First impressions?
Visual Studio 2015 has been out for just over a month now, what do you think so far?
7 Sep 2015 -
  14 Sep 2015
Would you consider writing code specific to a chip-set?
Would you ever want to offload processing to the Xeon Phi coprocessor, run massively parallel code on NVIDIS's GPUs or just go retro and hit Arduino with a little assembler?
31 Aug 2015 -
  7 Sep 2015
How much do you pay attention to hardware infrastructure/capabilities when choosing a cloud service provider?
You can think of nothing else, or this question catches you by surprise?
24 Aug 2015 -
  31 Aug 2015
Do you use full variable names in trivial lambda expressions?
eg "Items.Select(x => x.Id)" vs "Items.Select(product => product.ID)". Are you brief or expressive?
17 Aug 2015 -
  24 Aug 2015
How physically active are you?
The pizza eating coke quaffing stereotype of software developers is fading, but how wrong is it?
10 Aug 2015 -
  17 Aug 2015
Which is your favorite technology company?
A totally subjective and unscientific popularity quiz, but that's half the fun. (suggested by Newton Saber)
3 Aug 2015 -
  10 Aug 2015
Do you do Unit Testing?
Whether it's using a formal unit testing system or hand-made tests of the fundamental parts of your system: do you do it?
27 Jul 2015 -
  3 Aug 2015
Windows 10 goes live this week. As a developer, is this good news or bad news?
Your app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox, but you'll have to learn new APIs, but you get new features, but now you have Yet Another Platform to test on... How does it balance out for you?
20 Jul 2015 -
  27 Jul 2015
Do you enjoy Software Development?
We tend to think of ourselves as passionate about our art. Is this actually the case?
12 Jul 2015 -
  26 Jul 2015
What would you recommend someone learn as their first programming language?
Let's assume you like the person and wish them no harm.
6 Jul 2015 -
  13 Jul 2015
Which is your preferred way to pay for software?
Assuming you pay for it, that is.
29 Jun 2015 -
  6 Jul 2015
When new features appear in your chosen language, where do you use these new features?

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