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8 Jul 2013 -
  15 Jul 2013
What book taught you most about being a good programmer?
A totally open ended question this week. Please just enter the full title of the book, and post any explanatory comments in the survey's discussion forum.
1 Jul 2013 -
  8 Jul 2013
What optimisations do you consider when you code?
In general, when writing code, which of the following optimisations do you always think about when writing code? (even if you reject them as unnecessary for a certain situation)
24 Jun 2013 -
  1 Jul 2013
Are you a Code Hoarder?
Do you have difficulty getting rid of unused or obsolete code? (Suggested by Andreas Gieriet)
17 Jun 2013 -
  24 Jun 2013
What will be your next primary development machine?
My beige desktop is on its last legs. If you're in my situation what would you buy?
10 Jun 2013 -
  17 Jun 2013
Do you use external data services in your apps?
We're told not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to code, but what about data? Data services could be geolocation, currency exchange, stock prices or stuff you'd find in the Azure data market, for instance) (Suggested by Laura)
3 Jun 2013 -
  10 Jun 2013
What's your personality?
We ran this survey back in 2009. Take the test and let's see what's changed...
27 May 2013 -
  3 Jun 2013
What new category in the "Article of the Month" contest would you like to see?
Every month we award the best of the best. Where do we spread the lovin' next?
20 May 2013 -
  27 May 2013
Do you test your applications using real, live users?
Do you test against actual users, or rely on those closest to the product? "Real user" means someone who would use your product day-to-day and who wasn't involved in any aspect of development (other than testing)
13 May 2013 -
  20 May 2013
What is your favourite phase of software development?
The fun bits of any given project vary with the project, but generally, of the following, which do you look forward to the most?
6 May 2013 -
  13 May 2013
Do you consider yourself more pedantic than the average person?
A programmer's brain becomes wired to be very, very, very precise in how we specify something. Does this carry over into your normal (for want of a better work) life?
29 Apr 2013 -
  6 May 2013
Do you write gaming applications?
Maybe you're writing the next Angry Birds, or a 3D phsyics engine to make Crysis look so last year.
22 Apr 2013 -
  29 Apr 2013
Will you move to jQuery 2.0 (and drop IE 6,7 and 8 support)?
jQuery 2.0 has been released and drops support for IE8,7 and 6. Will you, too, drop IE6,7 and 8 support?
15 Apr 2013 -
  22 Apr 2013
Do you build your own machine?
Once upon a time every developer worth their salt spec'd and built their own machine to their own exact requirements...
8 Apr 2013 -
  15 Apr 2013
Have you learned a new programming language in the last 12 months?
You don't need to have mastered it, just be able to say you're competent in it.
1 Apr 2013 -
  8 Apr 2013
What Browsers do you support with your web applications
For the webdevs among us. "Support" means you ensure the app looks and works the same on a given browser as it does on other browsers on a given device type.
25 Mar 2013 -
  1 Apr 2013
As a software developer, what's the pinnacle of your profession?
Do you want to become the ultimate Polyglot Programmer, run your own software company, or be the resident genius, admired and feared in equal amounts in a company wealthy enough to afford your services?
18 Mar 2013 -
  25 Mar 2013
Is a touch-screen computer a good idea?
Some have famously called touch-screen laptops "ergonomically terrible". Are they a fad, a dumb idea or are they the future of PC interaction?
11 Mar 2013 -
  18 Mar 2013
Do you prefer to buy or rent software?
Pay a one-time $50 charge or pay $5 a month - but only on the months you need it. Which model works best for you?
3 Mar 2013 -
  11 Mar 2013
Have you ever written code for a non-PC gadget or toy?
Maybe you've written a GPS plugin, or hacked your camera with the CHDK, or written your first app for your Pebble. Share your story!
25 Feb 2013 -
  4 Mar 2013
What non-coding stuff do you do in your spare time?
Life after Code. Or between Code. Take Two,

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