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21 Jul 2003 -
  27 Jul 2003
How do your clients get the .NET redistributable?
If you're going to supply your clients with a .NET application then you're going to have to bank on them having .NET installed - but how? (suggested by Frank Wu)
7 Jul 2003 -
  20 Jul 2003
Vote for the best Visual Studio .NET add-in.
This is the voting form for the Visual Studio .NET / Outlook add-in competition. Check out the articles below and choose the ones you like the best. You can vote for as many as you like but you can only vote once!
14 Jul 2003 -
  20 Jul 2003
What is the oldest significant piece of code you have in a current application?
Just to prove a point that the life span of a piece of code is far longer than 3 years. (Suggested by John Cardinal)
7 Jul 2003 -
  13 Jul 2003
Which handheld OS for you?
Which operating system do you prefer to be powering your handheld devices?
30 Jun 2003 -
  6 Jul 2003
Drag and Drop programming vs. Hand coding
Do you prefer drag and drop programming with a property browser or hand coding your components?
23 Jun 2003 -
  29 Jun 2003
What usability testing do you do?
Writing an application is one thing, but making it easy to use is another. What testing do you do?
16 Jun 2003 -
  22 Jun 2003
Is your data irreplaceable?
If your main data storage failed would you be OK? (inspired by David Cunningham's miraculous recovery from the jaws of disaster)
9 Jun 2003 -
  15 Jun 2003
Mobile/Wireless development
How ready are you to add wireless features to your next application?
2 Jun 2003 -
  8 Jun 2003
Should Internet Explorer be developed only as part of the OS?
Brian Countryman has said that Further improvements to IE will require enhancements to the underlying OS. Do you agree with this statement?
26 May 2003 -
  1 Jun 2003
Are you happy with Visual SourceSafe?
Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe has become the de facto standard Windows source control tool for small to medium projects. How happy are you with MS Visual Sourcesafe? (Suggested by Uri Mishol)
19 May 2003 -
  25 May 2003
Do you use the ASP.NET server controls?
Do you use the <asp:...> family of server controls when programming Web Forms?
12 May 2003 -
  18 May 2003
What is the most stressful part about software development?
Some people hate dealing with customers and some break into a cold sweat at deployment time. Which bit do you like least?
5 May 2003 -
  11 May 2003
How many people use the software that you write.
How many people typically get to enjoy your application (with all its inherent, er, features)?
28 Apr 2003 -
  4 May 2003
Intellectual Property Infringements
How careful is your company in checking for trademarks, copyright and patent infringements?
21 Apr 2003 -
  26 Apr 2003
Do you read your software licence agreements?
Remember those screens full of words with the big 'I agree' button? You're meant to read and abide by them - but do you?
14 Apr 2003 -
  20 Apr 2003
Will you upgrade to Visual Studio .NET 2003?
Visual Studio .NET is upon us. What is your upgrade path?
7 Apr 2003 -
  13 Apr 2003
What is the easiest way to contact you?
Some people never answer their phone and some are hopeless with email. What's the best way for someone to get a hold of you?
31 Mar 2003 -
  6 Apr 2003
What tools of the trade do you have?
Every profession has it's set of must-have tools. Besides hardware, what does your toolbox hold?
24 Mar 2003 -
  30 Mar 2003
Is the pace of IT innovation a good or bad thing?
How do you feel about the current pace of innovation in IT? (suggested by Paul Watson)
17 Mar 2003 -
  23 Mar 2003
How many hours a week do you work?
Are we all still working silly hours or have things calmed down a little?

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