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21 Apr 2003 -
  26 Apr 2003
Do you read your software licence agreements?
Remember those screens full of words with the big 'I agree' button? You're meant to read and abide by them - but do you?
14 Apr 2003 -
  20 Apr 2003
Will you upgrade to Visual Studio .NET 2003?
Visual Studio .NET is upon us. What is your upgrade path?
7 Apr 2003 -
  13 Apr 2003
What is the easiest way to contact you?
Some people never answer their phone and some are hopeless with email. What's the best way for someone to get a hold of you?
31 Mar 2003 -
  6 Apr 2003
What tools of the trade do you have?
Every profession has it's set of must-have tools. Besides hardware, what does your toolbox hold?
24 Mar 2003 -
  30 Mar 2003
Is the pace of IT innovation a good or bad thing?
How do you feel about the current pace of innovation in IT? (suggested by Paul Watson)
17 Mar 2003 -
  23 Mar 2003
How many hours a week do you work?
Are we all still working silly hours or have things calmed down a little?
10 Mar 2003 -
  16 Mar 2003
What types of applications are you working on?
A quick straw poll to see who's working on what
3 Mar 2003 -
  9 Mar 2003
What do you spend most of your time doing?
You may have started off coding for food, but what do you really spend most of your work time doing?
24 Feb 2003 -
  2 Mar 2003
Visual Basic .NET: Your thoughts.
Is VB.NET a language you take seriously or do old prejudices from the VB6 days still hold sway?
17 Feb 2003 -
  23 Feb 2003
Who should take responsibility for library function calls?
When a library function is called, who is responsible for ensuring that the input data will not cause a program to crash, or worse - be susceptible to a security hole?
10 Feb 2003 -
  16 Feb 2003
What device in your household would you most like to be able to program?
Writing programs for our PDAs and cell phones is one thing, but what device in your house would you most like to be able to embrace and extend?
3 Feb 2003 -
  9 Feb 2003
As a developer, how do you rate yourself against your work colleagues?
90% of drivers think they are better than average and I'm sure the same goes for developers. How do you honestly rank yourself among those you work with?
27 Jan 2003 -
  2 Feb 2003
What features of an IDE are most important to you?
Assume you can pick and choose your IDE based on your personal preferences. What features would you classify as 'must have'?
19 Jan 2003 -
  26 Jan 2003
What is the minimum spec machine you would buy today?
New games, new OS's, new .NET. They all mean our kick-ass box of 2 years ago is now obsolete. What CPU/RAM specs are you choosing today?
13 Jan 2003 -
  18 Jan 2003
What reward do you most appreciate?
What token of appreciation from your boss or your clients most inspires you?
6 Jan 2003 -
  12 Jan 2003
How do you link your C++ applications?
Conflicts between different versions of the MFC and ATL libraries can cause headaches. How do you link you C++ apps?
30 Dec 2002 -
  5 Jan 2003
Your New Year's resolution
What's your New Year's resolution this year?
23 Dec 2002 -
  29 Dec 2002
What do you want for Christmas?
If you could choose only one of the following what would you grab?
29 Nov 2002 -
  28 Dec 2002
Adding services to CodeProject
We're looking to add new services to CodeProject but before we do we need to ensure that they will actually be used. We need you to tell us what you think, not what you think we want to hear. This is an invitation-only survey and every invited respondant gets a free CodeProject T-shirt regardless of how they answer (as long as they answer meaningfully. No asdf's please!)

This survey is about online jobs boards, and is focussed on those posting job advertisments, not on those using a jobs board to find a job.

All replies will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Thanks for helping us make CodeProject better!

16 Dec 2002 -
  22 Dec 2002
C++ Buzzwords
With the latest version of VC++ coming out soon there's a lot of talk about what's new. Without Googling tell us which of the following concepts you are familiar enough with to use.

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