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Date Survey #
17 Nov 2003 -
  23 Nov 2003
When developing a project, how do you prefer to work?
10 Nov 2003 -
  16 Nov 2003
PDAs - what features do you most need?
Feature lists in PDAs are getting longer - but what features do you absolutely, positively need?
3 Nov 2003 -
  9 Nov 2003
What is better? Smarter programmers or safer programming environments?
Is it better to have the developer or the underlying framework the developer targets be responsible for catching bugs and security issues?
28 Oct 2003 -
  3 Nov 2003
Getting help with your UI design
Do you get a graphic designer to help with your application's UI look and feel or just slap together something yourself?
20 Oct 2003 -
  26 Oct 2003
What are the most valuable skills for your job?
The IT industry is always changing so it's good to get a handle on what skills graduates and those seeking new jobs really need.
13 Oct 2003 -
  19 Oct 2003
How do you comment your C# code?
C# devs get the new look XML style comments, but do you use them? (suggested by Rakesh Rajan)
6 Oct 2003 -
  12 Oct 2003
Will network based applications become the norm?
Allowing applications to be available from any computer is not a new idea, but has its time finally come? (Suggested by Adrian Herscu)
29 Sep 2003 -
  5 Oct 2003
Do you code to allow internationalization of your applications?
Writing an app is easy - but allowing apps to be used in different languages can be a challenge. Do you take this into account when coding? (See Planning World-Ready Applications for more information)
22 Sep 2003 -
  28 Sep 2003
Mouse, trackball or keyboard?
What do you use to flip your Windows?
15 Sep 2003 -
  21 Sep 2003
What are the most important languages in the future of Windows Development?
C# is still the Bright Young Thing, XML still sexy, and C++ the workhorse. Which language(s) (or meta language) do you think will be the most important to you in the future?
8 Sep 2003 -
  14 Sep 2003
How satisfied are you with Visual Studio .NET 2003?
For VS.NET 2003 users only.
1 Sep 2003 -
  7 Sep 2003
What's more important - easily understandable code or good comments?
You would hope to get both, but given a choice, which would you take?
25 Aug 2003 -
  31 Aug 2003
Do you Blog?
Blogs, or Web Logs, are the current geek de rigeur. Are you into them?
18 Aug 2003 -
  24 Aug 2003
What backup power do you have?
The obvious question for this week.
11 Aug 2003 -
  17 Aug 2003
Who does your System Administration?
Not the most glamourous but certainly one of the most critical. So who's the bunny stuck there on a Sunday morning?
4 Aug 2003 -
  10 Aug 2003
Would you rather...
28 Jul 2003 -
  3 Aug 2003
What devices do you have or expect to have in the next 12 months?
We all need our toys, and there's certainly no lack of new gadgets coming out.
21 Jul 2003 -
  27 Jul 2003
How do your clients get the .NET redistributable?
If you're going to supply your clients with a .NET application then you're going to have to bank on them having .NET installed - but how? (suggested by Frank Wu)
7 Jul 2003 -
  20 Jul 2003
Vote for the best Visual Studio .NET add-in.
This is the voting form for the Visual Studio .NET / Outlook add-in competition. Check out the articles below and choose the ones you like the best. You can vote for as many as you like but you can only vote once!
14 Jul 2003 -
  20 Jul 2003
What is the oldest significant piece of code you have in a current application?
Just to prove a point that the life span of a piece of code is far longer than 3 years. (Suggested by John Cardinal)

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