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Date Survey #
24 Dec 2001 -
  30 Dec 2001
What do you want from Santa this Christmas?
If you could have anything - anything - in your stocking this Christmas what would it be?
17 Dec 2001 -
  23 Dec 2001
Software Piracy
Pirated software is extremely easy to come by, and is sometimes the only way to 'try before you buy'. Have you ever engaged in piracy?
4 Dec 2001 -
  17 Dec 2001
Purchasing Visual Studio .NET
9 Dec 2001 -
  16 Dec 2001
The Code Project Article Competition
Welcome to another CodeProject article competition. Over the last 6 months a ton of amazing articles have been posted and we'd like to showcase 20 of the best written, most informative, useful or just plain enjoyable articles. The winners and 3 random voters get a bunch of great prizes. You must be logged in to vote. Good luck!
10 Dec 2001 -
  16 Dec 2001
Programmer's egos
How defensive is the average programmer about their source code and applications?
3 Dec 2001 -
  9 Dec 2001
C++ compliance and your code
If a future release of the VC++ compiler went from 89% compliance to 97% compliance but may not compile 100% of existing code (due to it being non-conformant) then how much of your code would you be willing to change in order to make it standard compliant? (suggested by Nick Hodapp, Microsoft)
26 Nov 2001 -
  2 Dec 2001
How do you prefer to communicate?
Sometimes it's easier to type a message than it is to get up out of that chair of yours. So how do you prefer to interact with your colleagues, bosses and even loved ones?
18 Nov 2001 -
  25 Nov 2001
Does .NET interest you?
You would have to have had your head under the sand for a year not to have heard of .NET. But does it interest you (in any way, shape or form).
12 Nov 2001 -
  18 Nov 2001
The XBox
Are you going to buy an XBox console? (suggested by Michael Dunn)
5 Nov 2001 -
  11 Nov 2001
Are users getting Dumber?
As software developers we must ensure our applications are easy to use for the general user. Sometimes though we just don't get it right. Is it us, or is it them?
29 Oct 2001 -
  4 Nov 2001
Crystal ball gazing
The IT industry has taken a battering over the last year, yet everyone still uses computers and new chips, gadgets and programming platforms are coming out each month. How do you feel about the future of IT?
21 Oct 2001 -
  28 Oct 2001
Windows XP
Windows XP is officially launched this week. Will you be upgrading?
18 Oct 2001 -
  24 Oct 2001
The Suggestions box survey
This is a quick survey to test the effcetiveness of our new survey scripts
15 Oct 2001 -
  21 Oct 2001
Training camps
There are a number of companies offering training to help software developers. Have you, or would you ever attend such a course?
8 Oct 2001 -
  14 Oct 2001
Improving Productivity
what do you wish your company would do for you or with you to most improve your productivity? (Suggested by David Cunningham)
1 Oct 2001 -
  7 Oct 2001
Standards Compliance
Many technologies such as programming and markup languages all adhere in varying degrees to Standards. How important is Standards compliance versus innovation?
24 Sep 2001 -
  30 Sep 2001
PC Security
How much do you worry about your personal computer's security? suggested by Mike Dunn
17 Sep 2001 -
  23 Sep 2001
Where are you from?
Events in the last week have shown that we really do live in a small world. Tell us which bit you call home.
10 Sep 2001 -
  16 Sep 2001
Your personal Geek factor
We're all developers or computer types in one way or another, but are we still geeks? How would you rate your personal geek-factor.
3 Sep 2001 -
  9 Sep 2001
Operating Systems
How many operating systems do you target in your day to day programming? (Treat minor OS revisions and SP's as a separate OS if they require separate coding)

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