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22 Sep 2014 -
  29 Sep 2014
Why would you say "no" to learning a new technology?
Think of the last time you decided against learning a new technology that was in your area of interest.
15 Sep 2014 -
  22 Sep 2014
How do you manage your passwords?
Us developers often have access to sensitive data (not just our own). If you use passwords, how do you manage them?
8 Sep 2014 -
  15 Sep 2014
If your beer fridge, outside light, TV and washing machine had an API, would you write apps to control them?
It's the age of the Internet of Things. Are we excited?
1 Sep 2014 -
  8 Sep 2014
Do you use your work email or personal email as a username?
Websites often require an email address as a sign-on. Us developers are, well, "questioning" by nature. So do you use your work email or personal email when signing up?
25 Aug 2014 -
  1 Sep 2014
Is coding addictive?
(For all those who think "I can give it up at any time I want to!")
18 Aug 2014 -
  25 Aug 2014
Do you feel Open Source software is better than proprietary software?
"It depends" is an obvious answer but think of your most common scenarios.
11 Aug 2014 -
  18 Aug 2014
What is your favourite programming language?
Yes - it's hard to pick one, and yes, the language you use depends on the problem. But assume you can choose the problem. Which dialect suits you best?
4 Aug 2014 -
  11 Aug 2014
Is the amount of legacy code you're responsible for increasing or decreasing?
Compared to this time last year. "Legacy code" meaning code that relates to a no-longer supported systems or features.
28 Jul 2014 -
  4 Aug 2014
What's the hardest bit about writing an app?
We'll assume writing the actual code is the easy bit...
21 Jul 2014 -
  28 Jul 2014
Do you like Windows 8.1?
It's almost a moot point but let's just get a final, solid data point before we move on to critique Win9, Yosemite and Android L. No fence-sitters.
14 Jul 2014 -
  21 Jul 2014
Do you use Open Source code in professional software?
"Professional Software" meaning "code you were paid to write".
7 Jul 2014 -
  14 Jul 2014
What are the worst programming habits
Inspired by a rant-fest
30 Jun 2014 -
  7 Jul 2014
Which email clients do you use?
It's been a looong time since we ran this. How the times change...
23 Jun 2014 -
  30 Jun 2014
You inherit code in a language you're not familiar. Do you...
A hypothetical of 4 choices.
16 Jun 2014 -
  23 Jun 2014
As a software developer, does your family actually know what you do?
Are you "The Social Network" or "Minority Report"? Do they think you play games all day or do you just tell them you play piano in an establishment of disrepute?
9 Jun 2014 -
  16 Jun 2014
What source code control system do you use?
Time to run this one again to see which way the winds blow.
2 Jun 2014 -
  9 Jun 2014
Will you buy a smartwatch or pair of smartglasses this year?
They are coming out of the woodwork. The question is, though: do you want one.
26 May 2014 -
  2 Jun 2014
What do you need most when collaborating on code?
We probably should have included "Punching bag" and "colleagues who can code" but ran out of room. (1 = not important, 5 = important)
19 May 2014 -
  26 May 2014
Why did you leave your last job?
(Suggested by Duncan Edwards Jones)
12 May 2014 -
  19 May 2014
Are you a procrastinator?
We're a fairly driven bunch, us developers, but are we a creative excuses bunch?

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