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27 May 2002 -
  2 Jun 2002
How often do you clean the fuzz from your mouse
It's the little things in life.
20 May 2002 -
  26 May 2002
Is your age a problem when looking for work?
Getting a job these days can be difficult as it is. Does age make the task even harder? (suggested by Steve Roach)
13 May 2002 -
  19 May 2002
Should Operating Systems be modular?
Some OS's are fully customisable and can be tailored to include only the bits you need, while others are black boxes that rely on certain applications.
6 May 2002 -
  12 May 2002
Letting off steam.
Something about the hard-core developer mindset leads them to enjoy some energetic sports. How do you let off steam at the end of the day?
29 Apr 2002 -
  5 May 2002
How do you commute to work?
Commuting to work can mean anything from padding to the next room or packing a week's worth of supplies.(Suggested by Jason De Arte)
22 Apr 2002 -
  28 Apr 2002
It's a hardware problem
As software developers, how much do you know about computer hardware? (suggested by Amit Dey)
15 Apr 2002 -
  21 Apr 2002
How much time do you spend at CodeProject?
CodeProject can be a place to hang out with your friends, a valuable reference library, a gossip column or simply an addiction. Suggested by David Stone.
10 Apr 2002 -
  19 Apr 2002
Article competition voting form - Final 10 articles
8 Apr 2002 -
  14 Apr 2002
Are developers becoming less skilled?
Years ago developers would balance their check books in hex and knew the kernal source code in binary.
1 Apr 2002 -
  7 Apr 2002
How many programming projects do you work on concurrently, including your job and on your own (suggested by Alexander Wiseman)
25 Mar 2002 -
  31 Mar 2002
How often do you upgrade your hardware?
How often do you upgrade your PC (or a major piece of it such as a new processor, more RAM, bigger HDD etc)
17 Mar 2002 -
  24 Mar 2002
Multiple Inheritence
Do you use multiple inheritence when programming?
11 Mar 2002 -
  17 Mar 2002
Shipping Source code
Do you ship source code with your applications? (Suggested by Michael Butler)
4 Mar 2002 -
  10 Mar 2002
Internet enabled applications
More and more applications are including some kind of internet enablement such as registration and automatic update checking. How important is it for your applications to be internet enabled?
25 Feb 2002 -
  3 Mar 2002
Do you use templates?
Do you use templates in your coding?
19 Feb 2002 -
  24 Feb 2002
Are you a conservative or bleeding edge developer?
Are you a developer who likes to dive into the latest technologies, or do you prefer to stick with what you know?
18 Feb 2002 -
  18 Feb 2002
Have you used Visual Studio .NET?
After a long and extensive beta program Visual Studio .NET is now officially available. Have you had a chance to use it yet?
11 Feb 2002 -
  17 Feb 2002
C# vs Managed C++
You're a C++ programmer and have been told that from now on all your code is to target the .NET platform using the language of your choice. Do you use C# or stick with C++ and use Managed Extensions?
4 Feb 2002 -
  10 Feb 2002
Code Design and Planning
How much design and planning do you do?
28 Jan 2002 -
  3 Feb 2002
IT reference books
There has been a flood of new reference books over the last couple of years - so much so that it's sometimes hard to choose. Is the quality of the books coming out getting better or worse?

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