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24 Aug 2015 -
  31 Aug 2015
Do you use full variable names in trivial lambda expressions?
eg "Items.Select(x => x.Id)" vs "Items.Select(product => product.ID)". Are you brief or expressive?
17 Aug 2015 -
  24 Aug 2015
How physically active are you?
The pizza eating coke quaffing stereotype of software developers is fading, but how wrong is it?
10 Aug 2015 -
  17 Aug 2015
Which is your favorite technology company?
A totally subjective and unscientific popularity quiz, but that's half the fun. (suggested by Newton Saber)
3 Aug 2015 -
  10 Aug 2015
Do you do Unit Testing?
Whether it's using a formal unit testing system or hand-made tests of the fundamental parts of your system: do you do it?
27 Jul 2015 -
  3 Aug 2015
Windows 10 goes live this week. As a developer, is this good news or bad news?
Your app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox, but you'll have to learn new APIs, but you get new features, but now you have Yet Another Platform to test on... How does it balance out for you?
20 Jul 2015 -
  27 Jul 2015
Do you enjoy Software Development?
We tend to think of ourselves as passionate about our art. Is this actually the case?
12 Jul 2015 -
  26 Jul 2015
What would you recommend someone learn as their first programming language?
Let's assume you like the person and wish them no harm.
6 Jul 2015 -
  13 Jul 2015
Which is your preferred way to pay for software?
Assuming you pay for it, that is.
29 Jun 2015 -
  6 Jul 2015
When new features appear in your chosen language, where do you use these new features?
22 Jun 2015 -
  29 Jun 2015
When a website doesn't work as you want, do you
I'm not saying us developers are picky or anything...
15 Jun 2015 -
  22 Jun 2015
Will you give Swift 2.0 a try this year?
Swift 2 was announced at WWDC last week. Are the changes and improvements (and Open Source-ness) enough to tempt you to dip your toes?
8 Jun 2015 -
  15 Jun 2015
Will you write an app for a smartwatch this year?
Obviously you'd need your boss to buy you one for testing and debugging...
1 Jun 2015 -
  8 Jun 2015
How many hours a week do you code?
We're not talking "work" with it's meetings, lunchtimes, office chit-chat and other hindrances. We're talking coding: typing, testing, designing, debugging and yelling at code.
25 May 2015 -
  1 Jun 2015
How long have you been at your current development job?
Do we lot move around or do we plant roots and tend our beloved code at one place? (suggested by Ravi Bhavnani)
18 May 2015 -
  25 May 2015
How old is the oldest code your organisation has in Production?
It doesn't have to be used a lot: it just has to still be running. Swift developers will not win this one.
10 May 2015 -
  18 May 2015
Do you feel your favourite development platform is changing too quickly?
Think of the platform you most enjoy developing against. Can you barely keep up with the changes or is it stuck in the Mesozoic Era?
4 May 2015 -
  11 May 2015
What platforms are interesting to you as a .NET Developer?
Between the .NET 2015 wave of releases and Mono there's plenty of choice for .NET developers.
27 Apr 2015 -
  4 May 2015
Will you move to Visual Studio 2015?
The Visual Studio RC page is live, suggesting a launch of The Real Thing is on its way. Will you level-up?

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