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Survey Results

Do you ever add jokes in code comments?   [Edit]

Survey period: 26 Jul 2010 to 2 Aug 2010

Maybe you're a frustrated comedian, maybe you know your co-worker will get a kick and maybe you're just bored. Do you do it?

Yes, regularly545.7054 votes, 5.70%
Yes, occasionally19820.89198 votes, 20.89%
Yes, rarely27228.69272 votes, 28.69%
No42444.73424 votes, 44.73%

GeneralFrom a Uni project Pin
Ninja-the-Nerd2-Aug-10 14:44
memberNinja-the-Nerd2-Aug-10 14:44 
GeneralI always have to think about this great blog post... Pin
GameCrash2-Aug-10 10:53
memberGameCrash2-Aug-10 10:53 
GeneralI do it occaisionally.... Pin
Keith Barrow1-Aug-10 7:30
memberKeith Barrow1-Aug-10 7:30 
GeneralIs that the commented jokes help the other developers. Pin
Md. Marufuzzaman1-Aug-10 3:22
mvpMd. Marufuzzaman1-Aug-10 3:22 
Generalsure! Pin
Federico Sasso30-Jul-10 3:52
memberFederico Sasso30-Jul-10 3:52 
GeneralWhy bother? Pin
digital man29-Jul-10 21:27
memberdigital man29-Jul-10 21:27 
Generalplease help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
ahmedatas29-Jul-10 20:49
memberahmedatas29-Jul-10 20:49 
GeneralRe: please help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
Smart K829-Jul-10 21:15
memberSmart K829-Jul-10 21:15 
Come on.. Isn't the one inch bold font saying: DO NOT POST PROGRAMMING QUESTIONS HERE enough ? Smile | :)
The wisdom is to see things truthfully.

GeneralRe: please help me about oracle with c#.. Pin
ahmedatas18-Oct-11 4:53
memberahmedatas18-Oct-11 4:53 
GeneralUnfortunatelly pretty often Pin
Smart K829-Jul-10 19:57
memberSmart K829-Jul-10 19:57 
GeneralDid it once or twice (but not for submitted HW or exam) Pin
Surgeoneer29-Jul-10 12:01
memberSurgeoneer29-Jul-10 12:01 
GeneralOne liners Pin
Ben Daq28-Jul-10 22:57
memberBen Daq28-Jul-10 22:57 
GeneralRe: One liners Pin
PIEBALDconsult29-Jul-10 3:43
mvpPIEBALDconsult29-Jul-10 3:43 
GeneralRe: One liners Pin
andre1234529-Jul-10 6:59
memberandre1234529-Jul-10 6:59 
GeneralNo Pin
Shi,Yudi28-Jul-10 19:58
memberShi,Yudi28-Jul-10 19:58 
GeneralRe: No Pin
luisnike1930-Jul-10 15:51
memberluisnike1930-Jul-10 15:51 
GeneralRe: No Pin
Shi,Yudi30-Jul-10 19:50
memberShi,Yudi30-Jul-10 19:50 
GeneralOnly in error messages... Pin
robertw01928-Jul-10 14:11
memberrobertw01928-Jul-10 14:11 
Generalonly during code reviews... Pin
M i s t e r L i s t e r28-Jul-10 10:04
memberM i s t e r L i s t e r28-Jul-10 10:04 
GeneralAn actual joke from my code... sort of Pin
Camilo Sánchez Herrera28-Jul-10 4:21
memberCamilo Sánchez Herrera28-Jul-10 4:21 
GeneralNo jokes Pin
Zack_from_georgia27-Jul-10 23:39
memberZack_from_georgia27-Jul-10 23:39 
JokeNaming Folders Pin
Jobless Creature27-Jul-10 23:34
memberJobless Creature27-Jul-10 23:34 
GeneralNo, but sometimes people joke about my code Pin
Member 333454627-Jul-10 20:20
memberMember 333454627-Jul-10 20:20 
GeneralHelps break the monotony Pin
Mike Hankey27-Jul-10 7:38
memberMike Hankey27-Jul-10 7:38 
Generalin an attempt to hide the embarrassment of using a 'GOTO' statement Pin
Patrick.Hartnett27-Jul-10 6:46
memberPatrick.Hartnett27-Jul-10 6:46 
GeneralNo jokes, but interesting comments Pin
SQL.NET27-Jul-10 6:38
memberSQL.NET27-Jul-10 6:38 
Generalnever jokes... but a good idea! Pin
Delaram Sh27-Jul-10 5:30
memberDelaram Sh27-Jul-10 5:30 
GeneralStorying frustrations on the code [modified] Pin
saanj27-Jul-10 3:31
membersaanj27-Jul-10 3:31 
Generaljokes in comment? Pin
Blubbo27-Jul-10 1:57
memberBlubbo27-Jul-10 1:57 
GeneralJokes Pin
Pinto126-Jul-10 22:05
memberPinto126-Jul-10 22:05 
GeneralRe: Jokes Pin
dmjm-h28-Jul-10 8:11
memberdmjm-h28-Jul-10 8:11 
GeneralRe: Jokes Pin
Pinto128-Jul-10 20:59
memberPinto128-Jul-10 20:59 
JokeThis lacks the "No, but I add jokes to the code" option PinPopular
Pater26-Jul-10 20:35
memberPater26-Jul-10 20:35 
GeneralSometimes Pin
RedSonja26-Jul-10 20:08
memberRedSonja26-Jul-10 20:08 
GeneralCertainly, all the time, but Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa26-Jul-10 19:18
memberMustafa Ismail Mustafa26-Jul-10 19:18 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mike Hankey27-Jul-10 7:43
memberMike Hankey27-Jul-10 7:43 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jul-10 21:20
memberMustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jul-10 21:20 
GeneralRe: Certainly, all the time, but Pin
Mike Hankey28-Jul-10 2:16
memberMike Hankey28-Jul-10 2:16 
GeneralI never used to but... Pin
Ankur\m/26-Jul-10 18:23
memberAnkur\m/26-Jul-10 18:23 
GeneralIt partly matters who will read your code.... Pin
El Corazon26-Jul-10 15:04
memberEl Corazon26-Jul-10 15:04 
GeneralHow about swearing PinPopular
Paul Coldrey26-Jul-10 14:07
groupPaul Coldrey26-Jul-10 14:07 
GeneralI used to, but... Pin
Geoff Field26-Jul-10 13:19
memberGeoff Field26-Jul-10 13:19 
GeneralIf the situation calls... Pin
studleylee26-Jul-10 11:12
memberstudleylee26-Jul-10 11:12 
JokeOld Office Mate Pin
thatraja26-Jul-10 7:24
memberthatraja26-Jul-10 7:24 
GeneralOnly Subtle Ones Pin
Dalek Dave25-Jul-10 22:01
memberDalek Dave25-Jul-10 22:01 
GeneralRe: Only Subtle Ones Pin
pwasser26-Jul-10 0:13
memberpwasser26-Jul-10 0:13 
JokeRe: Only Subtle Ones Pin
Yusuf26-Jul-10 7:14
memberYusuf26-Jul-10 7:14 
GeneralNot deliberately Pin
ıʇoʞɐlɐʞ ɥsɐʞɐɹd25-Jul-10 20:44
memberıʇoʞɐlɐʞ ɥsɐʞɐɹd25-Jul-10 20:44 
GeneralHidden jokes [modified] Pin
pwasser25-Jul-10 20:34
memberpwasser25-Jul-10 20:34 
GeneralRe: Hidden jokes PinPopular
Niklas Lindquist25-Jul-10 21:57
memberNiklas Lindquist25-Jul-10 21:57 

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