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Best C++ article of March 2012   [Edit]

Survey period: 5 Apr 2012 to 19 Apr 2012

This is the voting form for the Best C++ article of March 2012 competition. Below are a list of the top 10 articles submitted last month. Please choose the ones you consider your favourite. Remember - you can only vote once!

What are TCHAR, WCHAR, LPSTR, LPWSTR, LPCTSTR (etc.)? - Ajay Vijayvargiya4944.9549 votes, 44.95%
Ten Fallacies of Good C Code - Andrew Phillips4440.3744 votes, 40.37%
Visualizing the Mandelbrot set - Andy Bantly2018.3520 votes, 18.35%
A Performance Meter Used In Call Center Software - Voicent Support2018.3520 votes, 18.35%
Understanding and Implementing the Adapter Pattern in C# and C++ - Rahul Rajat Singh1917.4319 votes, 17.43%
Template C++ wrapper for Windows registry - Slav Amg1917.4319 votes, 17.43%
C++, Win32 and Scripting: Quick way to add Scripting support to your applications - Michael Chourdakis1513.7615 votes, 13.76%
Number crunching: Why you should never, ever, EVER use linked-list in your code again - KjellKod.cc1513.7615 votes, 13.76%
SurfaceImageSource Manager: Connecting C# and DirectX/Direct2D using the WinRT/Metro SurfaceImageSource class, through a small C++ component - Philippe Monteil1311.9313 votes, 11.93%
Simo Sort: A Sorting Algorithm for Elements with Low Variance - Mahmoud Hesham El-Magdoub65.506 votes, 5.50%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

Note: These results are un-audited numbers. All voting results will be tabulated and audited at the conclusion of voting. The results you see here may differ as a result of that auditing process. makes no guarantees to the live results which you see here.

GeneralPlease... Pin
Cristian Amarie9-Apr-12 10:46
memberCristian Amarie9-Apr-12 10:46 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram10-Apr-12 8:34
memberLakamraju Raghuram10-Apr-12 8:34 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Cristian Amarie10-Apr-12 20:11
memberCristian Amarie10-Apr-12 20:11 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram10-Apr-12 21:16
memberLakamraju Raghuram10-Apr-12 21:16 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Cristian Amarie11-Apr-12 18:45
memberCristian Amarie11-Apr-12 18:45 
AnswerRe: Please... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram11-Apr-12 21:07
memberLakamraju Raghuram11-Apr-12 21:07 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Cristian Amarie12-Apr-12 4:36
memberCristian Amarie12-Apr-12 4:36 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram12-Apr-12 5:26
memberLakamraju Raghuram12-Apr-12 5:26 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Cristian Amarie12-Apr-12 10:54
memberCristian Amarie12-Apr-12 10:54 
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Ajay Vijayvargiya12-Apr-12 11:23
memberAjay Vijayvargiya12-Apr-12 11:23 
This guy has just gone mad.
Yes, 10 fallacies is valuable, and i voted for that also.
But please do something productive!
GeneralRe: Please... Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram12-Apr-12 18:56
memberLakamraju Raghuram12-Apr-12 18:56 

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