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Survey Results

What are your New Year resolutions?

Survey period: 31 Dec 2012 to 6 Jan 2013

What resolutions are in your project plan for next year?

Become a better coder30042.92300 votes, 42.92%
Become a better person25436.34254 votes, 36.34%
Work less - or at least become more balanced11616.60116 votes, 16.60%
Switch jobs, get a job, or start my own business17024.32170 votes, 24.32%
Improve my financial situation28941.34289 votes, 41.34%
Become fitter or healthier31144.49311 votes, 44.49%
Learn new technologies or practices33347.64333 votes, 47.64%
No resolutions for me! 8712.4587 votes, 12.45%
Other344.8634 votes, 4.86%
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

(No text answers)

GeneralSpeak French fluently... PinmemberAlexCode4-Jan-13 13:10 
GeneralRe: Speak French fluently... Pinmembervinger44-Jan-13 14:39 
GeneralRe: Speak French fluently... PinmemberAlexCode6-Jan-13 22:22 
GeneralNo changes expected until 4k gets affordable... PinmemberDan Neely3-Jan-13 6:43 
... until then my 2013 new years resolution will be the same as my 2012, 2011, and 2010 resolutions, 4960x1600[^]
Did you ever see history portrayed as an old man with a wise brow and pulseless heart, waging all things in the balance of reason?
Is not rather the genius of history like an eternal, imploring maiden, full of fire, with a burning heart and flaming soul, humanly warm and humanly beautiful?
--Zachris Topelius

Training a telescope on one’s own belly button will only reveal lint. You like that? You go right on staring at it. I prefer looking at galaxies.
-- Sarah Hoyt

GeneralWierd resolution ! ! ! Pinmemberrk_prabakar3-Jan-13 1:23 
GeneralRe: Wierd resolution ! ! ! PinmemberJohnny J.3-Jan-13 21:43 
GeneralOption missing PinmemberSanjay K. Gupta2-Jan-13 1:52 
GeneralRe: Option missing PinmemberMohamed Mitwalli2-Jan-13 3:53 
GeneralRe: Option missing Pinmemberlewax002-Jan-13 5:18 
GeneralRe: Option missing PinmemberAlbert Holguin2-Jan-13 9:06 
AnswerReady to take New Opportunity Pinmemberdeepakaitr123451-Jan-13 20:29 
GeneralNo Resolutions for me. PinmemberRon Anders1-Jan-13 16:26 
GeneralRe: No Resolutions for me. PinmemberP e e v e s3-Jan-13 15:34 
General4 resolutions + 1 No Resolution ;) PinmemberAniruddha Loya1-Jan-13 4:30 
GeneralBecome a better person? PinmemberCDP180231-Dec-12 15:06 
GeneralRe: Become a better person? PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU5-Jan-13 15:47 
GeneralJust what one expects from programmers PinmemberVivic31-Dec-12 14:51 
GeneralRe: Just what one expects from programmers PinmemberNelek1-Jan-13 8:14 
Generalaccording to avg salary Pinmemberdevvvy5-Jan-13 16:03 
GeneralResolutions are made to be broken. Pinmembersnorkie31-Dec-12 9:50 
GeneralRe: Resolutions are made to be broken. PinmemberAlbert Holguin2-Jan-13 9:06 
GeneralNew Year's Toast PinmemberBCantor31-Dec-12 8:53 
GeneralI'm already doing it! PinmemberNaerling31-Dec-12 7:24 
GeneralSurvive until next poll for new year resolutions PinmemberDavide Zaccanti30-Dec-12 23:34 
GeneralRe: Survive until next poll for new year resolutions PinmemberAmol_B31-Dec-12 1:48 
GeneralBetter world. PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU30-Dec-12 21:36 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberAarti Meswania1-Jan-13 2:47 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU1-Jan-13 4:42 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberThe Reincarnation2-Jan-13 4:21 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU3-Jan-13 5:19 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberThe Reincarnation3-Jan-13 5:21 
GeneralRe: Better world. PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU3-Jan-13 5:29 
GeneralI am still keeping the New Year Resolution I made 20-odd years ago. PinmvpOriginalGriff30-Dec-12 21:11 
GeneralRe: I am still keeping the New Year Resolution I made 20-odd years ago. PinmemberSlacker00731-Dec-12 2:36 
GeneralRe: I am still keeping the New Year Resolution I made 20-odd years ago. PinmvpOriginalGriff31-Dec-12 2:46 
GeneralRe: I am still keeping the New Year Resolution I made 20-odd years ago. PinmemberColin Mullikin31-Dec-12 5:15 

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