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Survey Results

Will you be upgrading to Windows 8?

Survey period: 7 Jan 2013 to 14 Jan 2013

We ran this survey back in October and thought it would be interesting to see how opinions have changed.

I already use Windows 8 as my primary OS35720.07357 votes, 20.07%
I have Windows 8 on one of my machines25014.05250 votes, 14.05%
I plan on upgrading to Windows 8 as my primary OS1166.52116 votes, 6.52%
I plan on installing Windows 8 on a machine18210.23182 votes, 10.23%
I'm not sure19010.68190 votes, 10.68%
I don't think so20311.41203 votes, 11.41%
No - I have no plans to use Windows 848026.98480 votes, 26.98%

GeneralI like Windows8 because of its features Pinmembervivek51129-Jan-13 19:46 
GeneralCompared to October PinmemberErik Rude14-Jan-13 22:37 
GeneralNo plans to use W8 PinmemberDavid Burgess14-Jan-13 11:36 
GeneralRe: No plans to use W8 PinmemberZinusMero1-Apr-13 21:19 
GeneralTurned away from Win a while ago - never looked back PinmemberMember 384336414-Jan-13 9:44 
GeneralI will try to install windows 8 !! PinmemberAhmed Ibrahim Assaf13-Jan-13 2:41 
GeneralVirtual Machine PinmemberBrisingr Aerowing12-Jan-13 11:26 
GeneralWindows 8 Pinmemberrajanniit11-Jan-13 19:16 
GeneralI can't get myself to hate it Pinmemberpeterchen11-Jan-13 1:25 
I think the bad rap for Clippy the annoying Office assistant mainly came from a catstrophic implementation choice in the first versions: it was a pimped up modal dialog. So while Clippy looked like window dressing, you were forced to interact with it.
The worst thing about the Metro facade is repetition of that original Clippy mistake: forcing me to interact with it, instead of being an option.
There are also some implementation deficiencies: e.g. getting rid of a Metro app requires keyboard, or a long drag, and drops you back to the start screen, which requires a different method (so 2x Alt+F4 won't do the trick). I often miss a "back" button.
(The AppStore is terrible. Just terrible terrible terrible. It could be good, but it looks terrible, navigates terrible and works not much better. I'd also prefer more editorial content, because I am actually not stoked by the ability to pick from fove dozen tools to open .gizmo, all of which screaming their superiority at me while being mum about their shady business models.)
However, as a UX concept, I quite like The Style Formerly Known As Metro. A well designed Metro interface is smooth, inviting, clutter-free, and lets the actual content stand out.
Visually, it is certainly an improvement over the window glassgloss and colorful-blob-of-something icons growing more and more dysfunctional. (e.g. we had to replace button-style radio buttons with actual radio Buttons, because the pressed state is almost impossible to distinguish on most color schemes. Same goes for list selection without focus - on cheapo LCD's, hard to tell; had to add a rectangle around the item to stop the complaints.)

The Windows 8 desktop has some minor welcome improvements, otherwise it's a vanilla Windows 7 - i.e. good. The start screen works identical to the old start menu für keyboard jockeys, so I didn't mind at first. Right now I'm trying some replacements, e.g. Pokki[^] is a great example how good a metro-based interface can be if done right.

GeneralI have Windows 8 on one of my machines - with a twist Pinmemberbitterskittles10-Jan-13 23:16 
GeneralMicrosoft is in a fast track way to destroy it's OS and it's developer base PingroupGrasshopper.iics10-Jan-13 6:38 
GeneralWhat Pinmembersachin garala10-Jan-13 3:34 
GeneralFast boot - who cares? [modified] PinmemberForogar9-Jan-13 5:56 
GeneralRe: Fast boot - who cares? Pinmemberpeterchen9-Jan-13 22:59 
GeneralOS X here PinmemberSimon Hart9-Jan-13 3:39 
GeneralRe: OS X here Pinmemberthrakazog11-Jan-13 6:33 
GeneralNow Windows 8 my Primary OS I Really love it PinmemberUnque9-Jan-13 1:12 
GeneralGoodbye Windows PinmemberPower Puff Boy8-Jan-13 22:10 
GeneralRe: Goodbye Windows Pinmemberpeterchen9-Jan-13 23:00 
GeneralRe: Goodbye Windows PinmemberPower Puff Boy10-Jan-13 23:23 
GeneralNot until Win7 stops working for me PinmemberKashif_Imran8-Jan-13 21:15 
GeneralRe: Not until Win7 stops working for me PinmemberForogar9-Jan-13 5:29 
GeneralWindows 8 Pinmemberjuaduedi8-Jan-13 10:25 
GeneralWindows 8 sucks Pinmemberihoecken8-Jan-13 8:13 
GeneralNo issues with it. Pinmembercjb1107-Jan-13 22:57 
GeneralWindows 8 PinmemberHerbie Mountjoy7-Jan-13 14:00 
GeneralUpgrading to Windows 8 PinmemberRosenne7-Jan-13 10:25 
GeneralI may be forced to do it PinmemberAniruddha Loya7-Jan-13 9:08 
Generalplanning to change but waiting for more feedback PinmemberGiuseppe Tollini7-Jan-13 7:41 
GeneralBuying + (probably) upgrading PinmemberDan Neely7-Jan-13 4:53 
GeneralWindows 8 is great PinmemberKresten7-Jan-13 3:53 
GeneralRe: Windows 8 is great PinmemberBrian Schummer7-Jan-13 11:00 
GeneralRe: Windows 8 is great PinmemberKresten7-Jan-13 12:58 
GeneralRe: Windows 8 is great PinmemberS.M. Zamshed Farhan12-Jan-13 3:12 
GeneralWin 7 still good for me. PinmemberPhat (Phillip) H. VU7-Jan-13 3:52 
GeneralOne Eight is Enough Pinmemberdexterama7-Jan-13 3:17 
GeneralRe: One Eight is Enough PinmemberYves7-Jan-13 14:50 
GeneralSeven Is Annoying Enough PinmemberW Balboos7-Jan-13 2:34 
GeneralRe: Seven Is Annoying Enough PinmvpOriginalGriff7-Jan-13 9:34 
GeneralSeven Only PinmemberDalek Dave7-Jan-13 2:02 
GeneralWill think about upgrading once we get to SP1 Pinmembergogbatch7-Jan-13 1:35 
GeneralNot really my choice PinmemberRex Turnbull7-Jan-13 1:28 
GeneralUpgrade PinmemberHarry Neethling7-Jan-13 1:14 
Answerwin 8 is fast Pinmemberii_noname_ii7-Jan-13 0:58 
GeneralWhatever... PinmemberAlexCode6-Jan-13 22:28 
GeneralOS X PinmemberR. Erasmus6-Jan-13 21:30 
GeneralNo, because I like windows Pinmemberkornakar6-Jan-13 21:20 
GeneralRe: No, because I like windows PinmemberManiezzo7-Jan-13 1:12 
GeneralRe: No, because I like windows PinmemberJohn M. Drescher7-Jan-13 3:20 
GeneralRe: No, because I like windows PinmemberRob Grainger7-Jan-13 1:55 

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