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Survey Results

Have you ever written code for a non-PC gadget or toy?

Survey period: 3 Mar 2013 to 11 Mar 2013

Maybe you've written a GPS plugin, or hacked your camera with the CHDK, or written your first app for your Pebble. Share your story!

Yes00.000 votes, 0.00%
I want to00.000 votes, 0.00%
No00.000 votes, 0.00%

GeneralWindows CE Pin
dusty_dex24-Mar-13 2:52
memberdusty_dex24-Mar-13 2:52 
GeneralLed board Pin
Ron Anders9-Mar-13 16:43
memberRon Anders9-Mar-13 16:43 
GeneralLots of embedded microprocessor stuff Pin
Marc Clifton8-Mar-13 5:41
protectorMarc Clifton8-Mar-13 5:41 
* Video switcher for the security system on the MX Missile Train
* Mechanical shuttered camera control system for high speed photography (back in the day)
* Multispectral camera control system (used to detect hydrogen fires around the shuttle engines)
* Laser range gating control systems (used in conjunction with low light level cameras to see through dust storms, etc.)

Primarily all done with Motorola and Zilog processors.


GeneralDone Coding for Non PC platforms Pin
Gangadhar Chiplunkar8-Mar-13 4:12
memberGangadhar Chiplunkar8-Mar-13 4:12 
GeneralArduino Pin
viaducting8-Mar-13 4:07
memberviaducting8-Mar-13 4:07 
GeneralCode for taking the picture from webcam and email them to my workstation Pin
sreejith7-Mar-13 23:46
membersreejith7-Mar-13 23:46 
GeneralI voted 'No' but in actuality.... Pin
Vivic7-Mar-13 16:08
memberVivic7-Mar-13 16:08 
GeneralNetduino, and FezSpider Pin
Nicolas Dorier7-Mar-13 5:26
memberNicolas Dorier7-Mar-13 5:26 
GeneralNever Pin
ravithejag7-Mar-13 0:09
memberravithejag7-Mar-13 0:09 
GeneralLinux Pin
Brisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 13:39
memberBrisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 13:39 
GeneralCommodore64 Pin
Mycroft Holmes5-Mar-13 20:21
memberMycroft Holmes5-Mar-13 20:21 
GeneralRe: Commodore64 Pin
s_mon5-Mar-13 23:48
members_mon5-Mar-13 23:48 
GeneralRe: Commodore64 Pin
OriginalGriff6-Mar-13 3:12
mvpOriginalGriff6-Mar-13 3:12 
GeneralRe: Commodore64 Pin
s_mon6-Mar-13 3:32
members_mon6-Mar-13 3:32 
GeneralRe: Commodore64 Pin
Gregory.Gadow7-Mar-13 11:43
memberGregory.Gadow7-Mar-13 11:43 
GeneralI have done quite a few Arduino stuff.. Here are some Pin
Grasshopper.iics5-Mar-13 17:16
groupGrasshopper.iics5-Mar-13 17:16 
AnswerNo Pin
AshishChaudha5-Mar-13 16:44
memberAshishChaudha5-Mar-13 16:44 
GeneralGarmin Pin
Mike Hankey5-Mar-13 10:16
memberMike Hankey5-Mar-13 10:16 
GeneralRe: Garmin Pin
Sanjay K. Gupta6-Mar-13 19:19
memberSanjay K. Gupta6-Mar-13 19:19 
GeneralRe: Garmin Pin
Chris Maunder7-Mar-13 11:05
adminChris Maunder7-Mar-13 11:05 
GeneralRe: Garmin Pin
Mike Hankey7-Mar-13 11:35
memberMike Hankey7-Mar-13 11:35 
GeneralIf non-PC only the aswer would be yes Pin
djj555-Mar-13 9:02
memberdjj555-Mar-13 9:02 
GeneralRe: If non-PC only the aswer would be yes Pin
PIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 13:40
memberPIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 13:40 
GeneralRe: If non-PC only the aswer would be yes Pin
Rob Grainger7-Mar-13 3:03
memberRob Grainger7-Mar-13 3:03 
GeneralRe: If non-PC only the aswer would be yes Pin
PIEBALDconsult7-Mar-13 3:40
memberPIEBALDconsult7-Mar-13 3:40 
GeneralGawd yes. Pin
OriginalGriff5-Mar-13 5:03
mvpOriginalGriff5-Mar-13 5:03 
GeneralWhat has Poltical Correctness got to do with IT? Pin
Keith Barrow5-Mar-13 4:47
mentorKeith Barrow5-Mar-13 4:47 
GeneralCray 2 Pin
Peter N Roth5-Mar-13 3:40
memberPeter N Roth5-Mar-13 3:40 
GeneralRe: Cray 2 Pin
Chris Maunder7-Mar-13 11:06
adminChris Maunder7-Mar-13 11:06 
GeneralNetduino Pin
gninneh5-Mar-13 3:37
membergninneh5-Mar-13 3:37 
GeneralRaspberry Pi Pin
Julian Wainwright5-Mar-13 0:00
memberJulian Wainwright5-Mar-13 0:00 
GeneralCame from an embedded background Pin
Danielvrhyn4-Mar-13 22:34
memberDanielvrhyn4-Mar-13 22:34 
GeneralPIC microcontroller project Pin
Gary R. Wheeler4-Mar-13 11:04
memberGary R. Wheeler4-Mar-13 11:04 
GeneralTI-83 Calculator Pin
Brent Spotswood4-Mar-13 10:12
memberBrent Spotswood4-Mar-13 10:12 
GeneralRe: TI-83 Calculator Pin
gninneh5-Mar-13 2:58
membergninneh5-Mar-13 2:58 
GeneralDa Wife Pin
DigitalRacer4-Mar-13 10:00
memberDigitalRacer4-Mar-13 10:00 
GeneralRe: Da Wife Pin
Tbone19834-Mar-13 20:17
memberTbone19834-Mar-13 20:17 
GeneralRe: Da Wife Pin
PIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 13:41
memberPIEBALDconsult5-Mar-13 13:41 
GeneralPre PC Era Computers (6510, 8085, do they count?) and SunSPOTs Pin
embix4-Mar-13 5:48
memberembix4-Mar-13 5:48 
GeneralFPGA chip Pin
Pawel Gielmuda4-Mar-13 2:45
memberPawel Gielmuda4-Mar-13 2:45 
GeneralYes, some of them Pin
Jiří Miklík4-Mar-13 1:54
memberJiří Miklík4-Mar-13 1:54 
GeneralWashing machine controller Pin
John Stewien4-Mar-13 1:51
memberJohn Stewien4-Mar-13 1:51 
GeneralArduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 1:42
memberDaveX864-Mar-13 1:42 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
Addy Tas4-Mar-13 9:41
memberAddy Tas4-Mar-13 9:41 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 10:01
memberDaveX864-Mar-13 10:01 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
lewax004-Mar-13 11:39
memberlewax004-Mar-13 11:39 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 12:06
memberDaveX864-Mar-13 12:06 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
lewax004-Mar-13 12:16
memberlewax004-Mar-13 12:16 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
DaveX864-Mar-13 12:30
memberDaveX864-Mar-13 12:30 
GeneralRe: Arduino! Pin
Brisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 13:43
memberBrisingr Aerowing6-Mar-13 13:43 

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