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Comments by Md. Marufuzzaman (Top 51 by date)

Md. Marufuzzaman at 24-Apr-12 5:53am View
Reason for my vote of 2
Md. Marufuzzaman at 15-Mar-12 13:15pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Keep it up....
Md. Marufuzzaman at 3-Oct-11 0:45am View
Hi Deeksha Shenoy: Thanks a lot.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 5-Sep-11 9:06am View
Well said, I'm also confused.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 5-Sep-11 9:03am View
I agreed with phil :)
Md. Marufuzzaman at 5-Sep-11 9:02am View
What it dose ""? look at the bottom of your code snippets.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 5-Sep-11 8:22am View
Well, At first I want to say that I could not find where you transfer the data in your current code snippets & It will be very nice if you also post the error detail, so the experts can give you the actual solution.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 15-Aug-11 17:28pm View
Hi Mika Wendelius:
This is a great idea,thanks, let me try with this one. I hope it should work.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 28-Jun-11 1:03am View
Hi John Kasra:
Thanks a lot for your valuable clarification & I am 100% agreed... :). Although the system does not have voting options on comments, i can't vote, But I have Gr8 respect for you.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 28-Jun-11 1:02am View
Hi John Kasra:
Thanks a lot for your valuable clarification & I am 100% agreed... :). Although the system does not have voting options on comments, i can't vote, But I have Gr8 respect for you.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 17-Jun-11 7:02am View
Tips/Tricks section is not for just dumping some code snippets, you should add minimum clarification so that, we can say "Well it's clearly written and nicely presented"
Md. Marufuzzaman at 14-Jun-11 4:13am View
Is this transect-sql give me the correct result after restoring the database into the another DB server..
Md. Marufuzzaman at 14-Jun-11 2:34am View
Md. Marufuzzaman at 12-Jun-11 12:00pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Md. Marufuzzaman at 12-Jun-11 11:59am View
It’s simply awesome!!! Thanks
Md. Marufuzzaman at 12-Jun-11 11:50am View
Hi Deeksha Shenoy: Thanks a lot.....
Md. Marufuzzaman at 27-May-11 9:51am View
I am confused !!!
Md. Marufuzzaman at 27-May-11 9:46am View
Why don't you try yourself, all the available resources already in your hand.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 26-May-11 10:05am View
Could you add some more Info, for example what showing in FF or any other browser.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 26-May-11 9:59am View
You just asking question without sharing anything from your end, Well I would say try google first / buy a book.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 26-May-11 9:50am View
If you want, you can any file format into database and this is very original. No maters what are the content of you data set. The question is what type of database you are using.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 15-May-11 6:11am View
I 100% agreed with John.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 27-Apr-11 11:44am View
It will be very nice if you share your code snippets, otherwise it is difficult to identify on whats going wrong.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 25-Apr-11 3:43am View
I 100% agreed, actually I do not prefer to implement any data manipulation logic from the GUI end.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 22-Apr-11 2:34am View
Nothing new, all this are very original....
Md. Marufuzzaman at 19-Apr-11 8:17am View
This is a very good suggestion, cause if the coordinate has NULL value, it's thro an exception.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 19-Apr-11 8:09am View
I think you should google it first...
Md. Marufuzzaman at 18-Apr-11 10:28am View
Excellent explanation with code snippets example.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 15-Mar-11 15:16pm View
Yes you are absolutely right...the url is valid and contain search key multiple times. Gr8 identification :)
Md. Marufuzzaman at 8-Mar-11 23:51pm View
Md. Marufuzzaman at 5-Mar-11 3:25am View
There is nothing to identify, what is going actually. I agreed with OriginalGriff.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 19-Oct-10 5:00am View
I don't understand what you actually want to do?
Md. Marufuzzaman at 19-Oct-10 4:52am View
Well..I think you need to post the transact-sql for generating the report. Issues not in the data.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 16-Sep-10 15:46pm View
Let us know which version of SQL server you are using. I guess you may use Microsoft Office Access 2003 so that you are using link table via ODBC data source.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 16-Sep-10 15:35pm View
I think it will be very nice if you add what error you are facing when try to install on WinXp sp2.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Aug-10 13:16pm View
Perfect as per requirements.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Aug-10 11:17am View
It will be very nice if you explain with some more detail...
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Aug-10 11:16am View
Excellent code snippets for that specified requirement.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 22-Aug-10 4:49am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Md. Marufuzzaman at 25-Jul-10 0:40am View
Thanks for your clarification, If all the client run the script in that case it should not be a good solution to "create your user in the remote machine with admin rights"
Md. Marufuzzaman at 12-Jul-10 7:57am View
I think you need to add the detail, what you actually want to say, your post is little bite tiny.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 3-Jul-10 1:52am View
It will be very nice to add some short clarification on what you actually doing, how your code works.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Jun-10 13:47pm View
Quick & short explanation will expose the beauty of this tip/trick.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Jun-10 10:40am View
You will fire an event based on the user input…..So at first you must make sure that the input is valid and then you take action…. I don’t’ understand why / how you can make sure on what action you need to execute.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Jun-10 2:26am View
It will be very nice if you explain how you manage the sequence, and post your code snippets as well.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Jun-10 2:10am View
Why don't you figure out all the new features in visual studio 2010.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 30-Jun-10 1:55am View
This is not the actual think you asking for. For example you have an email address like, so how can you split the full name for getting the first and last name?
Md. Marufuzzaman at 29-Jun-10 12:08pm View
It will give some ideas to resolve this issues.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 29-Jun-10 10:42am View
This is not any programming tips/trick that will help others.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 29-Jun-10 9:59am View
Could you give some more detail regarding your problems.
Md. Marufuzzaman at 29-Jun-10 8:48am View
Not well formatted..It's difficult to read the code snippets.

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