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Comments by Mehdi Gholam (Top 200 by date)

Mehdi Gholam 2 days ago View
Why are you using SendKey() ?
Mehdi Gholam 2 days ago View
The memory used will automatically be disposed in a virtual machine runtime like .net
Mehdi Gholam 2 days ago View
What is your question?
Mehdi Gholam 2 days ago View
Try and see.
Mehdi Gholam 2 days ago View
Mehdi Gholam 4 days ago View
No need to unsubscribe the garbage collector will handle it.
Mehdi Gholam 4 days ago View
Contact your hosting service and make sure they have not disabled you.
Mehdi Gholam 20-Sep-16 2:15am View
The code is used for pinvoking to Windows, which might not make sense with java on non windows systems.
Mehdi Gholam 19-Sep-16 23:30pm View
GPU's are good for parallel processing, compression is not a parallel processing problem.
Mehdi Gholam 17-Sep-16 3:50am View
Cheers !
Mehdi Gholam 17-Sep-16 2:44am View
Make sure you have copied all the needed files, and your .net framework matches what you need.
Mehdi Gholam 17-Sep-16 2:42am View
Your question makes no sense since "login" depends on what you are doing and how you built your system.
Mehdi Gholam 16-Sep-16 8:44am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 12-Sep-16 3:35am View
My 5! :)
Mehdi Gholam 9-Sep-16 10:11am View
Why not create a new domain (i.e. to another folder with the changed site?
Mehdi Gholam 9-Sep-16 3:00am View
You will have to explain more since your statement makes little sense.
Mehdi Gholam 9-Sep-16 2:39am View
Mehdi Gholam 8-Sep-16 2:55am View
Don't show so much data.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Sep-16 1:50am View
Ask your mail admin for the address, port and the enabled protocol.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Sep-16 0:40am View
Homework is for your benefit not ours.
Mehdi Gholam 7-Sep-16 9:37am View
Mehdi Gholam 7-Sep-16 0:36am View
Read about master-detail relationships in databases.
Mehdi Gholam 6-Sep-16 10:04am View
My 5!
Mehdi Gholam 6-Sep-16 6:32am View
Make sure your process is 64bit not 32bit.
Mehdi Gholam 5-Sep-16 11:19am View
Mehdi Gholam 5-Sep-16 11:18am View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 5-Sep-16 4:11am View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 5-Sep-16 2:10am View
The error is self explanatory.
Mehdi Gholam 5-Sep-16 1:14am View
The code show how to recursively go down the folders, change it to do search.
Mehdi Gholam 4-Sep-16 6:24am View
What has this got to do with a data cube?

There are 4 data parts which you need to replace with * -> 16 combinations.
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 7:15am View
Find and replace with a ? at the end.
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 6:56am View
Since .net v2.0
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 6:00am View
Generally you should return the one thing, if not return object and have the caller figure it out.
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 2:22am View
... it must be the advanced version 2105 you have!
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 1:50am View
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 1:44am View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 2-Sep-16 1:26am View
If the xml does not change [much] try generating the html once and saving it for latter and using the saved version.
Mehdi Gholam 1-Sep-16 5:02am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 1-Sep-16 3:17am View
Create your own keyboard on your form.
Mehdi Gholam 1-Sep-16 2:53am View
Mehdi Gholam 1-Sep-16 2:34am View
Try yyyy-MM-dd format e.g. 1999-09-01
Mehdi Gholam 29-Aug-16 2:18am View
Start here :
Mehdi Gholam 29-Aug-16 1:09am View
Try adding an index on LineIDKey
Mehdi Gholam 29-Aug-16 0:40am View
Not a question for a programming forum. Try elsewhere.
Mehdi Gholam 28-Aug-16 4:23am View
Use Google to search for tutorials.
Mehdi Gholam 27-Aug-16 10:14am View
Define what you mean by "best"?
Mehdi Gholam 27-Aug-16 9:29am View
1) By WAN do you mean WiFi or the Ethernet port?
2) Is the internet on the tplink wireless router?
3) Do you have internet on the wifi connection?
4) Do you have internet on the lan port on the tplink router?
Mehdi Gholam 26-Aug-16 7:56am View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 26-Aug-16 4:16am View
From what I recall all you need to do is telnet to the box and ftp download.
Mehdi Gholam 26-Aug-16 2:52am View
vbs is old technology and may be blocked for security reasons on newer Windows Servers.

By "switch" we presume you mean "network switches" right?
Mehdi Gholam 26-Aug-16 1:08am View
Handle null in what?
Mehdi Gholam 25-Aug-16 6:38am View
I haven't heard of audio files inside other audio files!
Mehdi Gholam 24-Aug-16 8:58am View
What is your query?
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 6:41am View
Your random numbers only make sense if someone requests one, hence check on request.
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 6:13am View
:) thanks
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 3:15am View
What is K?
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 3:01am View
looping of what?
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 2:33am View
Try Google first.
Mehdi Gholam 22-Aug-16 2:32am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam 21-Aug-16 14:01pm View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 21-Aug-16 7:22am View
Try by seeing what the input is and what you get when you run the code and working from there.

(Perl is usually write-once code!)
Mehdi Gholam 21-Aug-16 7:14am View
I was about to say the same thing, beat me to it, 5'ed!
Mehdi Gholam 20-Aug-16 5:58am View
Not if you want Excel files.
Mehdi Gholam 20-Aug-16 5:38am View
...and what is the question?
Mehdi Gholam 20-Aug-16 5:10am View
First line of what?
Mehdi Gholam 19-Aug-16 8:15am View
Text to speech, reading musical notes, you have to be more specific?
Mehdi Gholam 19-Aug-16 7:44am View
Is it working in other browsers?
Mehdi Gholam 18-Aug-16 5:22am View
You use Thread.Sleep().
Mehdi Gholam 18-Aug-16 5:03am View
Reading excel, displaying and threads don't make sense.
Mehdi Gholam 17-Aug-16 12:11pm View
Looks like a json encoded string.
Mehdi Gholam 17-Aug-16 1:55am View
Make sure the dll exists on the system you are testing on.
Mehdi Gholam 16-Aug-16 13:22pm View
Do you have a problem with shortage of memory?
Mehdi Gholam 15-Aug-16 1:44am View
Then obviously Application.GetResourceStream(pathToFile) isn't working so check you path.
Mehdi Gholam 15-Aug-16 0:28am View
Use a debugger and see which object is null.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Aug-16 10:49am View
We are here to help people who have genuine problems, not to do homework for you.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Aug-16 10:47am View
Use Google for the terms.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Aug-16 8:41am View
Your question makes little sense, try explaining more.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Aug-16 0:48am View
Use Chrome's debugger (F12) and select the element and see what css changes work.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Aug-16 0:26am View
Mehdi Gholam 13-Aug-16 8:43am View
Try harder...
Mehdi Gholam 13-Aug-16 7:18am View
QR codes are images, decoding them is something else.
Mehdi Gholam 11-Aug-16 0:23am View
Mehdi Gholam 11-Aug-16 0:23am View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 6:06am View
Try asking Microsoft.
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 2:35am View
Cheers man!
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 2:05am View
Run a profiler and see where the bottleneck is.
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 2:03am View
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 1:55am View
IDM is a client application and you have no control of it from html/javascript in a browser.
Mehdi Gholam 10-Aug-16 1:53am View
...and don't post non-questions.
Mehdi Gholam 9-Aug-16 8:44am View
Try syncing your table schema also.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Aug-16 7:14am View
Make sure your source and destination paths are valid and you can manually copy from and to them first.
Mehdi Gholam 6-Aug-16 2:26am View
Use String.fromCharCode() and convert the letters to numbers first.
Mehdi Gholam 5-Aug-16 3:15am View
It will only work in Internet Explorer (not chrome, firefox etc.)
Mehdi Gholam 4-Aug-16 4:18am View
You can't expect any meaningful answer with the little information you have provided.

Try running in a debugger.
Mehdi Gholam 4-Aug-16 2:03am View
Where is the code from?
Mehdi Gholam 3-Aug-16 4:37am View
Mehdi Gholam 3-Aug-16 4:36am View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam 2-Aug-16 9:50am View
Backup everything, and try.
Mehdi Gholam 31-Jul-16 0:18am View
You will have to re-encode it.
Mehdi Gholam 26-Jul-16 6:44am View
Just add a table to your DataSet and populate it via the json data.
Mehdi Gholam 17-Jul-16 2:22am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 16-Jul-16 4:56am View
Oh the pain of IL emit!

Don't bother take a look at fastJSON reflection code :)
Mehdi Gholam 14-Jul-16 1:10am View
Use a flag column like Approved and set it to false for your data.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Jul-16 2:01am View
Try downloading a barcode font.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Jul-16 2:01am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam 5-Jul-16 0:27am View
Find a hosting service which supports nodejs.
Mehdi Gholam 2-Jul-16 12:58pm View
Show less data and use paging.
Mehdi Gholam 2-Jul-16 1:00am View
All the browsers can print, all you need to do is generate a page with your server side data for the client.
Mehdi Gholam 30-Jun-16 14:36pm View
How is it not working?
Mehdi Gholam 28-Jun-16 1:57am View
Try asking him/her to explain what he/she means.
Mehdi Gholam 26-Jun-16 1:46am View
Ask the person who wrote it.
Mehdi Gholam 22-Jun-16 1:26am View
msi files are installers and overwrite what is there.

Autoupdate only makes sense if the exe is initiator of the update (and you don't use msi in that context).
Mehdi Gholam 22-Jun-16 1:16am View
Why? usually you overwrite it.
Mehdi Gholam 22-Jun-16 1:05am View
Why are you insisting on this way?
Mehdi Gholam 21-Jun-16 12:34pm View
Cheers Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam 21-Jun-16 10:06am View
Read each line and store the file pointer offset in an array, save that array for later.
Mehdi Gholam 21-Jun-16 9:18am View
You could create a line pointer index, but that is the same as reading all the lines in the first place (although if you intend to read the same file multiple times then it would make sense).
Mehdi Gholam 21-Jun-16 0:31am View
Try debugging.
Mehdi Gholam 20-Jun-16 7:01am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam 20-Jun-16 2:26am View
What are you trying to do?
Mehdi Gholam 19-Jun-16 3:23am View
Thanks Bill!
Mehdi Gholam 19-Jun-16 2:16am View
On each tick of the timer -> if(lasttext != clipboard.gettext()) {doappend(); lasttext = clipboard.gettext();}
Mehdi Gholam 19-Jun-16 1:58am View
Ah! the rebellion of youth! :)
Mehdi Gholam 19-Jun-16 1:57am View
Cheers Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam 19-Jun-16 1:27am View
Then use the second part of my suggestion.
Mehdi Gholam 16-Jun-16 14:38pm View
... and what is the problem?
Mehdi Gholam 15-Jun-16 1:01am View
Try searching for your answer.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Jun-16 3:39am View
Start by searching for an answer.
Mehdi Gholam 14-Jun-16 3:10am View
Thanks Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam 13-Jun-16 12:25pm View
Make sure the version of IE is supported.
Mehdi Gholam 13-Jun-16 11:16am View
Create a directory and copy all your dll files to it make sure it works locally and then try that folder on your target machine.
Mehdi Gholam 13-Jun-16 7:34am View
Look up VNC.
Mehdi Gholam 13-Jun-16 5:08am View
Your question is out of the scope of a programming forum such as this.
Mehdi Gholam 13-Jun-16 3:16am View
Why do you want to do this?
Mehdi Gholam 12-Jun-16 7:43am View
That is the nature of the beast which is SQLServer.
Mehdi Gholam 12-Jun-16 7:41am View
I presumed your code worked, make sure "da" SQLDataAdapter is initialized first.
Mehdi Gholam 10-Jun-16 1:24am View
Try upgrading to the newer version of node.
Mehdi Gholam 9-Jun-16 13:33pm View
Read about how to build SQL queries and how to use Crystal reports.
Mehdi Gholam 9-Jun-16 12:43pm View
WHERE clause go before GROUP BY
Mehdi Gholam 9-Jun-16 12:34pm View
Crystal Report generates reports from data queries, just edit the query for your report.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Jun-16 5:23am View
The speed or lack there of will depend on what you are doing in the WCF call, we cannot help with the little information you have provided.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Jun-16 4:08am View
Try sending in blocks.
Mehdi Gholam 7-Jun-16 12:27pm View
Mehdi Gholam 7-Jun-16 12:27pm View
Thanks Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam 6-Jun-16 5:10am View
... and what is your problem?
Mehdi Gholam 3-Jun-16 5:37am View
Run your timer every 1 minute and check the clock for 5 minutes passed then run your method.
Mehdi Gholam 3-Jun-16 4:51am View
Lookup string.Split()
Mehdi Gholam 3-Jun-16 4:48am View
Split on spaces for words then count the characters.
Mehdi Gholam 3-Jun-16 4:46am View
Why are you loading so much data?
Mehdi Gholam 1-Jun-16 2:09am View
You can only get the client MAC if the client sends it to you (which will normally not happen).
Mehdi Gholam 31-May-16 4:43am View
try http://...
Mehdi Gholam 31-May-16 4:25am View
You will have to explain more about what you mean.
Mehdi Gholam 30-May-16 11:00am View
Not really a question for a problem solving forum like this one, try consulting text books.
Mehdi Gholam 28-May-16 1:44am View
Swearing yourself does not look good for you either.
Mehdi Gholam 27-May-16 0:08am View
MS Access does not run on Android.
Mehdi Gholam 26-May-16 6:08am View
Source Safe has been discontinued, and quite frankly it was a terrible thing, GIT is the best second and similar to how VSS worked is SVN.
Mehdi Gholam 26-May-16 1:53am View
Start by reading a book on the subject.
Mehdi Gholam 26-May-16 1:40am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam 24-May-16 8:50am View
Check the stack trace for the exception and see in which method you are getting the error then check the dlls.
Mehdi Gholam 24-May-16 5:43am View
Try putting your code in the Paint() handler.
Mehdi Gholam 24-May-16 5:15am View
Check your project files and make sure the loading paths are correct, better still remove all references and add them again (signed versions).
Mehdi Gholam 24-May-16 3:26am View
One of your dlls is referencing the unsigned version. Open each dll you are using in Reflector and see which one it is, then recompile that dll to reference the signed version.
Mehdi Gholam 24-May-16 2:45am View
Check your regional settings for decimal separator character i.e. "." instead of ","
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 10:11am View
Buy a big server.
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 3:55am View
No you can't.
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 2:20am View
The user account you are running it from does not have permission to CreateObject().
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 1:39am View
Do it in small batches. SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM ...
Mehdi Gholam 23-May-16 1:36am View
Don't reinvent the wheel unless you know what you are doing.
Mehdi Gholam 22-May-16 3:38am View
The general rule: measure everything, sort time taken in descending order and work on optimizing from there.
Mehdi Gholam 22-May-16 1:38am View
Homework is for your benefit, start by researching the subject.
Mehdi Gholam 21-May-16 4:26am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam 20-May-16 6:26am View
The error is pretty self explanatory, your username and password are not correct.
Mehdi Gholam 20-May-16 1:15am View
This is a programming forum, try asking somewhere else.
Mehdi Gholam 19-May-16 10:59am View
I seriously doubt saving to disk is faster than memory, and sending to a client over http in less than 200ms will depend on your connection which is unreliable.
Mehdi Gholam 19-May-16 7:03am View
You will have to be more specific than "it doesn't works for me".
Mehdi Gholam 19-May-16 6:46am View
Look at image recognition techniques.
Mehdi Gholam 19-May-16 3:23am View
Mehdi Gholam 17-May-16 3:14am View is a server side technology, the registry key will not be set on the client (if you want to change the office configuration for the user).
Mehdi Gholam 17-May-16 3:01am View
First, measure what your bottle neck is by timing every step.
Mehdi Gholam 16-May-16 2:08am View
The best solution depends on your requirements and usage patterns. Building a distributed semi-connected application is very hard.
Mehdi Gholam 15-May-16 4:27am View
Open the file in notepad and start to type.
Mehdi Gholam 14-May-16 11:16am View
If they make money they would keep it to themselves...
Mehdi Gholam 12-May-16 11:18am View
Being rude will get you no where!
Mehdi Gholam 12-May-16 11:10am View
...and what is your problem?
Mehdi Gholam 11-May-16 8:37am View
Yes [the CLR reserves a lot of memory which may be free and not in use which it doesn't give back to the OS] but the overall outcome is that memory is out of the OS's hands and "used" by the app.
Mehdi Gholam 8-May-16 6:10am View
Contact the author of Summernote for help.
Mehdi Gholam 8-May-16 6:08am View
If you can read something then you can download and save it.
Mehdi Gholam 7-May-16 1:22am View
Check your spelling for the folder name and run in a debugger.
Mehdi Gholam 1-May-16 1:11am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 1-May-16 1:10am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 18-Apr-16 8:30am View
Try caching your imageList and reusing it.
Mehdi Gholam 18-Apr-16 5:29am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 13-Apr-16 3:37am View
I don't know rick zeeland.
Mehdi Gholam 12-Apr-16 1:45am View
Try installing the .net framework you are using also.
Mehdi Gholam 8-Apr-16 1:26am View
Why? I doubt there are "bugs" after all this time.
Mehdi Gholam 4-Apr-16 1:30am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 4-Apr-16 1:17am View
... and what is your question?
Mehdi Gholam 2-Apr-16 23:58pm View
Thanks Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam 29-Mar-16 0:14am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam 28-Mar-16 1:02am View
... and what is the value from (an api, a web page element, ...)?

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