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Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
Other than try...catch...finally ?
Mehdi Gholam at 2 days ago View
Try and see.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jan-15 11:12am View
Well the above link is from a guy named SA which should be good ;)
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jan-15 4:19am View
Take that up with Microsoft.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jan-15 4:01am View
We cannot help you with the information you have provided.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jan-15 3:59am View
Win XP has been discontinued and is not supported by Microsoft.
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Jan-15 2:15am View
Read this :
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Jan-15 2:03am View
Add what ever column you want to the select and use group by :
select count(WorkOrderNumber), col1, col2 from (query here) as t group by col1, col2
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Jan-15 1:38am View
Just check out whatever you want and read the file normally.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Jan-15 14:41pm View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Jan-15 9:39am View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Jan-15 1:24am View
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jan-15 2:23am View
Yes you do, but Visual Studio helps a lot with the files, although translation and form tweaking is up to you.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jan-15 1:00am View
In what context?
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jan-15 7:13am View
First of all filter and remove the duplicates from your excel file (you can't have 400,000 products unless you are a supermarket chain retailer etc.).
Second try "bulk insert" :
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jan-15 6:54am View
If that is the case then create a temp table put your values in that table and then do the first example I used.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Jan-15 13:31pm View
The simplest is a label which you change the ForeColor of.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jan-15 7:44am View
HTML does not "execute" it is a presentation format, hence you cannot compare it.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jan-15 6:53am View
HTML is not code, it is markup and presentation.
Javascript is code and is slower than JAVA and c++.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jan-15 5:13am View
How can you forget your password? This forum is for programming related questions, you should ask elsewhere.
Mehdi Gholam at 30-Dec-14 1:25am View
Try right clicking on the chm on the users machine and in the properties "unblocking" the content.
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Dec-14 12:24pm View
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Dec-14 11:06am View
Homework is for your benefit not ours.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Dec-14 1:27am View
Try and see.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Dec-14 1:26am View
Be respectful, otherwise you will be barred from CodeProject.
Comments are for clarification and your and others benefit so that solutions can be provided.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Dec-14 5:41am View
When you use identity on your primary key the this will automatically happen and you don't need do to anything even insert a number.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Dec-14 3:09am View
We live and learn :) Cheers!
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Dec-14 1:02am View
In security the more bits for a key the better, you don't need to test that or to prove it.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Dec-14 9:29am View
Define "effectiveness" ?
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Dec-14 3:51am View
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Dec-14 6:25am View
What is "clips"?
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Dec-14 6:04am View
To do what in sharepoint?
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Dec-14 2:56am View
What is the question?
Mehdi Gholam at 19-Dec-14 3:21am View
Make sure you have office installed on the server.
Mehdi Gholam at 18-Dec-14 10:51am View
What kind of error? system? query? hardware?
Mehdi Gholam at 18-Dec-14 10:49am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 18-Dec-14 5:17am View
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Dec-14 1:20am View
Read this :
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Dec-14 1:00am View
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Dec-14 0:22am View
You have to ask a meaningful question to get an answer, edit your post and supply more information.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 11:31am View
My apologies, see the edited solution.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 11:14am View
You have to be more specific in your question.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 11:02am View
... and what is the error?
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 10:18am View
Use the query designer to join your tables and views and select the data you want.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 10:07am View
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Dec-14 2:45am View
You listen to what the teacher has told you.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Dec-14 6:18am View
Rebuild everything and retry.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Dec-14 2:57am View
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Dec-14 3:25am View
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Dec-14 2:02am View
... and your problem is?
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Dec-14 8:59am View
Your teacher can teach you, we can only help if you have a specific programming problem.
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Dec-14 6:29am View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Dec-14 6:25am View
Your question makes little sense, try explaining more.
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Dec-14 6:10am View
It's called spyware and not promoted here.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Dec-14 3:16am View
Cheers Bill!
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Dec-14 3:10am View
I doubt that. Check again.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Dec-14 2:59am View
There is a simpler way, see my answer, 5'ed!
Mehdi Gholam at 8-Dec-14 1:20am View
Check your network and your firewall settings, other than that there is nothing we can help you with the information you have provided.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-Dec-14 1:03am View
Check how much memory you have and how big the file is first.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Dec-14 4:42am View
This is a programming forum, try asking somewhere more relevant.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Dec-14 1:28am View
Like I said they only work when designing not running, you need to use LicenseUsageMode.Runtime when running.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Dec-14 10:50am View
DesignMode only works when you open the form designer, for debug/release running you need to implement licensing.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Dec-14 5:16am View
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Dec-14 5:12am View
Use a faster machine with a SSD.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Dec-14 1:59am View
Download the source code and compile, or see how they do it.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Dec-14 2:02am View
This forum is for question not requests.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Dec-14 1:42am View
Touche! :)
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Dec-14 1:33am View
Removed a ( between WHERE and CONVERT
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 6:38am View
Try using a non com log parser written in .net instead.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 5:35am View
If you are running from "c:\program files" then normal users do not have write access so you can't read/write to the database file there.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 5:34am View
Read :
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 5:22am View
Try adding logging to your application to see what the errors/exceptions are.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 5:11am View
You can store any number of images in a database, there is no practical limitation, however it is not recommended since a filesystem is better suited.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Dec-14 0:53am View
Managing users is part of the DBA's job.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Dec-14 6:51am View
If the data is missing then how can you find it!
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Dec-14 2:30am View
The newer versions work just as well and can even compile to older .net versions.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Dec-14 2:23am View
Not sure what the poster means by "split", but a good place to start 5'ed :)
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Dec-14 1:57am View
You really have to explain more about what you mean.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Dec-14 1:29am View
Any other way you will have to handle the complexity of having both old and new at the same time and channeling new requests to the new while waiting for old requests to finish.
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Nov-14 8:58am View
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Nov-14 2:42am View
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Nov-14 2:21am View
What do you mean by "attach" ?
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Nov-14 2:19am View
Your numbers are not numbers but strings, try converting the data before viewing.
Mehdi Gholam at 27-Nov-14 9:38am View
This is not a topic for this forum.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Nov-14 7:57am View
Skype has a central server where everyone connects to to advertise their availability.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Nov-14 7:29am View
We can talk because we are talking through a 3rd party messaging service, for TCP/UDP you need a direct connection.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Nov-14 5:48am View
See the updated solution.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Nov-14 5:28am View
I believe the OP means runtime access control when referring to "admin", "power user" etc., obviously at compile time you either have access to a method or you don't and there is no notion of a user.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Nov-14 5:25am View
You put the security attribute on the methods you want to control access to ( begins and ends with the brackets [] ), and in your login you set the roles the user has.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Nov-14 1:44am View
There is a way Sergey, check my answer.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Nov-14 5:26am View
Binary restructuring in what context?
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Nov-14 4:49am View
Learn how to code first, leave optimizations to when you **really** need it.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Nov-14 0:40am View
Everything you ever want to know is at
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Nov-14 0:27am View
Ask your supervisor.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Nov-14 0:18am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Nov-14 4:10am View
Try using a converter that supports GPU utilization.
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Nov-14 0:33am View
Try contacting the PLC vendor for a SDK.
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Nov-14 8:17am View
What have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Nov-14 2:40am View
Copy your files to your own system then compare.
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Nov-14 1:23am View
If you are unwilling to work yourself, then nobody here will help you either.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Nov-14 8:13am View
Try contacting Retrospect's support site.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Nov-14 7:52am View
You have to explain more.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Nov-14 7:52am View
What is the error?
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Nov-14 1:08am View
What do you mean, to download? to connect?
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Nov-14 0:47am View
... and your question is?
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Nov-14 1:37am View
Well since Win2008 will be on the chopping block too, then go with Win2012 :)
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Nov-14 1:22am View
No I can't without knowing what the resources/requirements/limitations are.
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Nov-14 1:13am View
It depends, personally I prefer Windows Server 2008 because it uses less resources.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Nov-14 8:49am View
The launchpad source seems to be hosted by bazzar.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Nov-14 8:08am View
Try this link :
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Nov-14 8:08am View
Try this link :
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Nov-14 8:05am View
You are aware that launchpad is a linux application not a windows one?
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Nov-14 7:53am View
You have to explain more about what you mean?
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 11:01am View
:) 5'ed
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 11:01am View
Technically you can't have an abstract method outside of an abstract class, and even then the abstract method cannot have a body, so you are not creating an abstract method just defining a placeholder of sorts.
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 9:12am View
Re-Install your SQL Server or try this :
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 6:33am View
A large block of code without explanation is not helpful if you want a solution to your problem, try describing what is not working and where.
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 5:39am View
Check the windows events to see what went wrong. Also a computer restart might help.
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Nov-14 5:38am View
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 10:14am View
Communications are all about messages so mutexes are out of the question.
Now to send messages you need to agree about the format and endpoints before hand (the contract) so ports are a given.
Personally I prefer TCP to unwieldy things like WCF (and named pipes require computer authentication before connecting), take a look at my article here for simple plugin communication :
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 4:46am View
Use the comments section at the end of the article to ask questions of authors.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 2:32am View
Make sure the column exists and you have typed the command correctly.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 1:36am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 1:08am View
It depends on what you are communicating, how often and fast you want to do it, etc.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Nov-14 1:06am View
Cheers Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam at 8-Nov-14 3:12am View
We are not here to do the work for you.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-Nov-14 2:34am View
What have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Nov-14 2:13am View
What do you mean by a "tagged pdf"?
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Nov-14 2:09am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Nov-14 9:35am View
json is a text format, you can create it with any text editor.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Nov-14 5:57am View
Cheers Bill!
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Nov-14 1:12am View
What have you done so far ?
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Nov-14 10:03am View
That is the first thing to do, but the real work starts when you try to remove the dependency on int pid's in your tables, so you can replicate data between your servers.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Nov-14 9:52am View
Yes definitely a starting point, but the real work starts from there :)
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Nov-14 2:27am View
Not working properly is not helpful and you won't get any meaningful answers, try explaining more and showing what you have done.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Nov-14 10:37am View
One is hardware the other is software, what is your question?
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Nov-14 1:25am View
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Nov-14 15:01pm View
WPF requires some serious graphics to be good, and if you are targeting Windows XP then that would not be the case.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Nov-14 14:58pm View
Cheers Manas!
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Nov-14 10:31am View
... and what is the exception?
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Nov-14 10:09am View
Try restoring your backup no a new database and see if all your data is there.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Nov-14 7:23am View
You can't unless you overwrite the destination data.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 9:23am View
You have to read about compiler theory and abstract syntax trees which is not a topic that can be covered here.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 9:20am View
We are not here to do your homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 9:18am View
The above code will be faster that Replace() given your limitations.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 8:12am View
See the update.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 7:45am View
This is not something we can help with here.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 7:19am View
Use a punctuation character like | ~ ! etc.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 6:26am View
Read the documentation on their site :
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 5:45am View
The connection string depends on your setup, so I can't.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 5:43am View
Mongodb does not have a sql query interface it uses it's own style.
Mehdi Gholam at 31-Oct-14 5:19am View
Read the updated solution.
Mehdi Gholam at 29-Oct-14 2:28am View
Mehdi Gholam at 29-Oct-14 1:23am View
Well I did say "if it works" :)
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 13:09pm View
:) 5'ed
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 13:08pm View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 10:04am View
Your code will not run when the computer is in sleep mode!
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 8:32am View
Why does it matter?
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 2:51am View
Find the main() and put try...catch in it and save the exception to a file.
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 2:43am View
Add logging and exception handling to your code and see the stack trace for that machine.
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 2:36am View
If you have the source code run your program on that machine and see where your error is.
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Oct-14 2:34am View
Run your code in the debugger and see what you are getting and work with that.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Oct-14 10:28am View
Technically when the left of a + will auto convert to the right of the + so the ToString() is not needed and the CLR will auto convert to string.
This has the added value of if the right is null then you don't get an exception -> string s = "" + null; // = ""
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Oct-14 5:13am View
Check your firewall settings.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Oct-14 5:01am View
Look like spam!
Mehdi Gholam at 25-Oct-14 3:07am View
Then your commit and rollback should also have one.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-Oct-14 2:51am View
Remove the IF clause.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-Oct-14 2:16am View
Round robin algorithms are for handling requests from a queue with multiple concurrent handlers.
The process time is the time a request goes to a handler and comes back with the results.
The wait time is the above time subtracted from the time your program started.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Oct-14 3:31am View
If it works keep using it.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Oct-14 3:29am View
Hard work, and a lot of advanced research.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-Oct-14 3:02am View
To get a good answer you have to ask a good question (with enough information about your problem), we cannot help with the little information you have provided.
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Oct-14 5:54am View
Good luck!
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Oct-14 3:06am View
Excel does not have this ability.
Mehdi Gholam at 19-Oct-14 2:24am View
Try removing the "dbo." prefix.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 8:26am View
It's all relative, subjective and context sensitive.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 7:47am View
Xml and elegant in the same sentence!? :)
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 4:15am View
I believe the problem is not the query but how he is displaying the data (in text boxes in a repeater)
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 4:13am View
Apprenticeship and hard work.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 3:51am View
Obviously you need to rethink how you are doing things.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Oct-14 3:22am View
People should really learn how to search before programming :)
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Oct-14 10:32am View
RaptorDB, MongoDB, CouchDB etc. are all storing data as json or binary json, currently fastJSON can serialize any poco object even with circular references to json.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Oct-14 10:10am View
Anything you can transmit you can store :)
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Oct-14 9:14am View
This is simple enough, where are you stuck?
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Oct-14 8:54am View
1 million records to text file should at most take a minute and that is stretching it!
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Oct-14 4:24am View
Then you need replication :
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Oct-14 4:20am View
If you are passing it to the web browser there is very little you can do, other than avoid circular references in your data structure.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Oct-14 4:11am View
So you are looking for anagrams?
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Oct-14 4:04am View
How about using str.Contains("string") ?
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Oct-14 12:48pm View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Oct-14 7:00am View
Mehdi Gholam at 12-Oct-14 7:00am View
I'm always weary of file access based database engines, with their risk of total mess up and deletion.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 15:06pm View
Run the program and check the results, then you can see if it is correct.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 6:24am View
Why? sounds you want to do bad things.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 3:21am View
Then add logging to your application and log the stack trace for the exception which will give you a good place to start debugging from.
You can use log4net or my article below :
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 3:03am View
All the functions are useful for something, you really have to be more specific.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 2:24am View
Yes you do.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 2:23am View
Sorry Sergey, but sqlite is not multiuser like access.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 2:22am View
The truth is out there...
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Oct-14 2:14am View
Obviously your logic is not right if you are not getting the expected answer.
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Oct-14 19:46pm View

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