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Mehdi Gholam at 14 hrs ago View
Just requery in your application on a timer.
Mehdi Gholam at 15 hrs ago View
Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
Web/Windows? Which database engine?

Try to supply relevant information while asking for help.
Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
For variables inside a method, yes, not for properties/fields etc.
Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
Yes, presumably the OP is in one where . is a decimal place holder since he is asking :)
Mehdi Gholam at yesterday View
float.Parse("110.9") works perfectly fine.
Mehdi Gholam at 2 days ago View
Then check your separate queries work in isolation first.
Mehdi Gholam at 2 days ago View
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Aug-15 1:36am View
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Aug-15 1:36am View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 19-Aug-15 0:20am View
Looks like laziness, what have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Aug-15 2:40am View
Don't create temp tables, create a table and insert rows once and query from that.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Aug-15 6:24am View
I want the PropertyGrid to show static fields, as is if possible.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Aug-15 5:44am View
Not what I asked.
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Aug-15 3:49am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Aug-15 3:48am View
... and what do you expect as an answer?
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Aug-15 2:15am View
Please explain what you mean (02/aug is not in you data)?
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Aug-15 1:04am View
Are your dump files in text?
Mehdi Gholam at 28-Jul-15 9:40am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-Jul-15 0:16am View
Logs should be written to disk not a db (less to fail and you *get* the error information), check your connection strings.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-Jul-15 0:14am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Jul-15 6:19am View
... ask a silly question. :)
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Jul-15 4:57am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Jul-15 1:43am View
...and your question is?
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Jul-15 8:42am View

It seems you can have
int dosomething(int,int)
decimal dosomething(decimal,decimal)
Which goes part of the way and you are left to mangle the types inside the donsomething().

After thinking about it since generics are handled at the CLR level there is little chance the VM can "filter" the types before trying to get the method (unless it specifically checks) and you might get an exception method not found...
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Jul-15 1:09am View
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Jul-15 9:47am View
SQL server does not have "plugins".
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jul-15 0:50am View
Find and replace will do it, how depends on your programming language and platform.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jul-15 0:43am View
The example is for java not c#.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jul-15 8:06am View
Add the following line :

string str = fastJSON.JSON.ToJSON(yourobjecthere);
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Jul-15 13:26pm View
...and what is the problem?
Mehdi Gholam at 10-Jul-15 2:15am View
MySql is quirky see my answer,

Mehdi Gholam at 7-Jul-15 1:55am View
The very least you need a library since .net/windows does not support all file formats.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jul-15 8:38am View
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jul-15 2:20am View
Why VB6 in 2015?
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Jul-15 8:22am View
It depends on what you want to do.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jul-15 1:37am View
You have to follow the structure of the json.
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jul-15 1:20am View
Probably not, but Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Jul-15 5:45am View
Not enough information for an answer, but probably to do with the excel file.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Jul-15 5:42am View
Exactly! you only need on primary key, other keys are a different matter and depend on your usage.
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Jul-15 5:28am View
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Jul-15 4:43am View
... and what is your question?
Mehdi Gholam at 2-Jul-15 1:00am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Jul-15 1:26am View
A word document has structure, so you need to read the inside of with a library that understands that structure.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Jul-15 1:01am View
Looks like a zip file header, you are getting a binary file and trying to show it as text.
Mehdi Gholam at 1-Jul-15 0:59am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 30-Jun-15 5:56am View
Cheers Joezer!
Mehdi Gholam at 29-Jun-15 10:58am View
What version of .net are you using?
Mehdi Gholam at 29-Jun-15 0:41am View
Try : Fellow_name = '%" + txtSearch1.Text + "%'"

NOTE : your query is subject to sql injection attacks use parameter based queries.
Mehdi Gholam at 29-Jun-15 0:14am View
The above should work, check your credentials.
Mehdi Gholam at 27-Jun-15 5:12am View
Are your clients connecting with TCP or named pipe?
Mehdi Gholam at 27-Jun-15 2:56am View
Which ports are forwarded?
Mehdi Gholam at 26-Jun-15 15:10pm View
Your question is very vague, try reading a book on compilers.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-Jun-15 1:56am View
Chrome and firefox now have pdf viewers built in.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Jun-15 1:50am View
Between '' and bcp
Mehdi Gholam at 23-Jun-15 1:32am View
Try supplying the full path to bcp.exe
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Jun-15 1:46am View
Have you tried rebuilding.
Mehdi Gholam at 21-Jun-15 1:43am View
Please try to ask meaningful questions, edit your post and supply more information.
Mehdi Gholam at 20-Jun-15 6:25am View
Google is you friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 19-Jun-15 1:43am View
Your question is unclear.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-Jun-15 0:42am View
...and what have you done already?
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 14:38pm View
Thanks Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 7:29am View
Use "Com17"
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 7:28am View
The OP requires mysql not sql server.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 0:35am View
Ask your question from the original author at the bottom of the articles page.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 0:24am View
Yes, 5'ed
Mehdi Gholam at 16-Jun-15 0:22am View
Why 2 different servers?

You are abusing transaction.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Jun-15 6:05am View
Dumping code and not saying where the error is, will not yield any answers.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Jun-15 5:35am View
Make more space.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Jun-15 2:33am View
Anything is possible, research the topic before starting.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-Jun-15 2:08am View
If you can do it then Google will probably buy it from you.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Jun-15 5:27am View
Your comment makes little sense.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Jun-15 2:42am View
On termination of the app (via a wanted shutdown) the system will wait for tasks to finish (up to a timeout ~2seconds) otherwise it will act like an unwanted termination and kill all tasks regardless of finishing.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-Jun-15 2:29am View
How do you run a marathon? one step at a time.

You can't expect a meaningful answer from such a broad question.
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jun-15 13:03pm View
Why using EF?
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jun-15 12:32pm View
Javascript in the browser or nodejs?
Mehdi Gholam at 13-Jun-15 12:31pm View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Jun-15 9:33am View

If the DLL's has breaking changes then the version number should be incremented and your application recompiled with it, if not then you can update in place.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Jun-15 5:59am View
Get the "samsung" price and compare prices to that value.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-Jun-15 3:06am View
Iteration requires a loop.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Jun-15 1:54am View
Mehdi Gholam at 9-Jun-15 1:07am View
Start by reading the documentation.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-Jun-15 3:34am View
Reduce the number and the size of the images.
Mehdi Gholam at 7-Jun-15 7:16am View
Nobody can help you with the statement "I have a problem", specify your problem clearly.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 9:25am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 8:15am View
Increase the timeout on your SqlCommand or SqlConnection also.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 4:32am View
There are torrent clients for iphone, just Google and you will see.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 4:02am View
Make sure the mysql port 3306 is open on the ubuntu machine.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 2:37am View
Make sure the class B is packaaged with class A in the jar file.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 2:22am View
and what have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 2:08am View
Fix these errors.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-Jun-15 1:11am View
Failure can be caused by many things that is not clear from your question, start by making sure B is in the jar file.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jun-15 8:12am View
... and what have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jun-15 8:11am View
Don't repost the same question.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jun-15 4:08am View
Start by defining the formula for the conversion.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jun-15 3:10am View
How do you expect to play something when the screen is locked or off?
Mehdi Gholam at 5-Jun-15 1:44am View
First learn how to use a search engine or at the very least the search box on CodeProject.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-Jun-15 6:27am View
Where are you stuck?
Mehdi Gholam at 3-Jun-15 5:59am View
Mehdi Gholam at 30-May-15 1:57am View
Start be reading about it.
Mehdi Gholam at 29-May-15 5:13am View
Since WAN's are limited in bandwidth and latency then it stands to reason that you should reduce the amount of bytes you transfer.
Mehdi Gholam at 29-May-15 4:10am View
Reduce the data transfer of your web app.
Mehdi Gholam at 29-May-15 3:31am View
Your question makes little sense, edit it and add more information on what you are trying to do.
Mehdi Gholam at 27-May-15 2:14am View
Do what faster, you are just doing the same thing 10000 times.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 9:27am View
Where is intellisense when you need it :)
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 5:50am View
Why transfer that much data?
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 5:48am View
Then the filename in your list and the actual filename don't match.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 5:09am View
Cheers Maciej!
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 5:08am View
Check you have the right path -> if(File.Exists(path + filename))
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 4:38am View
console is ASCII and does not understand unicode, hence the '?' characters, you should be able to work with the file names in your program fine.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 4:35am View
... and where are you seeing this output (debugger?, console?)
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 4:27am View
... and what do you get from "reader" ?
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 4:13am View
What are you trying to read, and how do you know it is Japanese?
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 2:38am View
What are you using? Show your code.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 2:32am View
processedPolicyFileCounter is one and whatever happens in InsertData().

In any case it is a very hard question to answer with the little information provided.
Mehdi Gholam at 26-May-15 2:05am View
The answer is the same only ordered differently.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-May-15 9:46am View
Do you have "view.dll"?
Mehdi Gholam at 25-May-15 9:27am View
How about turning the volume down.
Mehdi Gholam at 25-May-15 8:22am View
Mehdi Gholam at 25-May-15 8:16am View
Mehdi Gholam at 24-May-15 13:19pm View
Sessions can be persisted, databases can be in memory.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-May-15 8:00am View
Which line and what is the error message?
Mehdi Gholam at 24-May-15 4:12am View
You did not specify the technology, all the above links are for Windows Forms not

In any case like I said the rich text box does not understand "pages" so you can't.
Mehdi Gholam at 24-May-15 2:49am View
Mehdi Gholam at 23-May-15 6:32am View
Optimize what? You just dumped some code here.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-May-15 4:45am View
Contact the author(s) of that project.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-May-15 2:50am View
To be fast you need to do low level graphic output.
Mehdi Gholam at 23-May-15 2:46am View
Any web application can be run as a "desktop application".
Mehdi Gholam at 22-May-15 8:09am View
Your question make very little sense, try showing your code.
Mehdi Gholam at 22-May-15 8:03am View
Google : plsql json
Mehdi Gholam at 22-May-15 3:07am View
... and what is your question, where are you stuck?
Mehdi Gholam at 21-May-15 7:52am View
Ask your tutor/adviser for guidance on where to start.
Mehdi Gholam at 21-May-15 7:50am View
EPPlus does not support the old .xls files.
Mehdi Gholam at 21-May-15 7:39am View
Mehdi Gholam at 21-May-15 2:57am View
Document exists where?
Mehdi Gholam at 21-May-15 2:03am View
"getting error" is not very helpful information, post the error message.
Mehdi Gholam at 19-May-15 5:34am View
That is hard to believe.
Mehdi Gholam at 19-May-15 2:19am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 19-May-15 2:08am View
This should be the default if anybody asks on CP. 5'ed
Mehdi Gholam at 19-May-15 2:05am View
Ask the original developers/authors.
Mehdi Gholam at 18-May-15 3:39am View
If the browser is closing then there is no guarantee that your code will run.
Mehdi Gholam at 18-May-15 1:45am View
Try :
Mehdi Gholam at 17-May-15 8:52am View
What kind of answer do you expect from a question posted with very little information?
Mehdi Gholam at 17-May-15 3:19am View
Short answer : no.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-May-15 2:16am View
Obviously your server does not have the same .net version as your local machine.
Mehdi Gholam at 17-May-15 2:05am View
Always backup your data. If you don't have a backup to restore from there is very little you or anyone else can do.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-May-15 3:46am View
Mehdi Gholam at 16-May-15 2:31am View
Looks like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 16-May-15 0:55am View
Add logging to your application to see what is happening and any exceptions.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-May-15 9:39am View
Use the keyboard and mouse on computer A and rdp/vnc to computer B and C.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-May-15 2:05am View
Obviously nowhere in your code do you have the related lines to print.
Mehdi Gholam at 15-May-15 2:03am View
Examine the ex for the exception and see what the error is.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-May-15 8:15am View
Are your records isolated or dependent on each other?
Mehdi Gholam at 14-May-15 8:05am View
Your bottle neck is probably the record reading, and in any case find out where first, before going implementing technology.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-May-15 1:31am View
How do you learn anything? From a book/video/teacher with a lot of time and effort.
Mehdi Gholam at 14-May-15 0:58am View
If a column is null then you will get null, what is your specific problem?
Mehdi Gholam at 12-May-15 0:19am View
I believe Peter to be busy studying :)
Mehdi Gholam at 12-May-15 0:17am View
You don't INSERT into an existing row you use UPDATE.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 9:53am View
"Better" means different things to different people, you really have to define what you want.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 9:42am View
You need to write a network driver which is usually done in C/C++.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 9:38am View
Search for " mocking" and take you pick of the results.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 9:25am View
What technology/platform?
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 2:50am View
Yes exactly! and if you need to update the UI then use ReportProgress() that's what it is there for.

Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 2:41am View
See my article here :
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 2:34am View
Why the Invoke() and new Action() ?
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 2:21am View
anything is possible, it depends on how much time and effort you are willing to invest.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 2:04am View
It is better to setup a TCP server in the service and poll from your application for the tray notification.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 1:26am View
How do you go to the moon...? one step at a time!
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 0:48am View
Hmmm... it depends on how you interpret the question, sometimes you just have to guess what it means.
Mehdi Gholam at 11-May-15 0:47am View
5'ed as a counter.
Mehdi Gholam at 10-May-15 12:33pm View
Thanks Sergey!
Mehdi Gholam at 10-May-15 4:05am View
...and what have you done so far?
Mehdi Gholam at 10-May-15 1:27am View
Why classic asp?
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 9:52am View
var val1 = DateTime.Parse(textbox1.Text);

See solution 2.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 9:36am View
when using between you have to pass 2 values
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 6:12am View
Define "slow", how many are you drawing at the moment?
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 3:53am View
Bad idea to put passwords in code.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 3:13am View
Try debugging your js under chrome to see what (not)is happening.
Mehdi Gholam at 9-May-15 3:03am View
See the updated solution.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 12:55pm View
Yes, read the file, randomize and write them back.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 12:50pm View
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 8:41am View
See the updated solution.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 8:30am View
Try running VS as an administrator with "run as administrator".
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 8:22am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 5:33am View
Run under a debugger and see what "this" you are getting.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 5:11am View
Show your code.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 5:10am View
State your question clearly, we have to filter a lot of spam questions in this forum, and commenting is a way to do this.
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 4:43am View
Indexes should not have any effect on the data migration, your problem is somewhere else, check the log from migration process for errors
Mehdi Gholam at 8-May-15 0:52am View
Google : c# crud tutorial
Mehdi Gholam at 7-May-15 0:46am View
Sounds like homework.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-May-15 11:17am View
If every client is standalone, otherwise multiple client connect to a server and you only install SQL on that server.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-May-15 9:09am View
SQL Server needs to be installed on the target machine also.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-May-15 1:44am View
Yes, presumably the user has not installed SQL server and deployed the db on the other machines and is trying to connect to the dev system.
Mehdi Gholam at 6-May-15 1:40am View
Yes, . means localhost but if you are trying to connect to another machine then you have to supply that address instead.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-May-15 8:45am View
Even if you do you will still get null in your columns.
Mehdi Gholam at 5-May-15 5:24am View
...and what is wrong?
Mehdi Gholam at 4-May-15 5:31am View
Google is your friend.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-May-15 4:48am View
That is an advanced topic which would require detailed knowledge of file systems which cannot be answered here.
Mehdi Gholam at 4-May-15 1:16am View
If you are editing and switch to another program and back then you will still be in the editor...

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