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KarstenK at 4 days ago View
Your code is only a striking bad example for "spaghetti code" from the old Windows times.
(now I got appetite for spaghettis)
KarstenK at 9-Oct-14 13:14pm View
write it as answer to close the question.
KarstenK at 7-Oct-14 2:29am View
Upps. It is the third :-O
KarstenK at 7-Oct-14 1:58am View
You overlooked my second sentance :-O
KarstenK at 1-Oct-14 5:19am View
The "lost in translation" problem once again ;-)
KarstenK at 1-Oct-14 3:39am View
OpenGL is an programming interface which needs to be supported from the driver of your graphics.
If you are tired about the work - maybe you dont REALLY NEED OpenGL :-O
KarstenK at 30-Sep-14 8:38am View
Maybe you should scale down the frames in colors to some gray values.
But if you search for something - you must look at the frames :-O
KarstenK at 29-Sep-14 2:41am View
This looks like what you wanted:
KarstenK at 22-Sep-14 10:27am View
I hope your teacher is readinf that you want to cheat on your homework.
Learn coding!!!
KarstenK at 20-Sep-14 13:30pm View
The problem is native - so it stays the same. Without code and prosuct name it is always guessing what is meant.
Try it this way:
KarstenK at 18-Sep-14 3:50am View
the Question is so unspecified that it isnt possible to give a better answer. :-(
KarstenK at 15-Sep-14 5:12am View
This isnt C++ but some "meta code" on manager level...
KarstenK at 15-Sep-14 4:00am View
??? it is absolute unclear what you mean!!!
KarstenK at 13-Sep-14 2:56am View
Check for the complete using of the needed namespace.
KarstenK at 7-Sep-14 15:44pm View
I would use a second map:
map< Material*,string> m_mapNames;
KarstenK at 5-Sep-14 13:39pm View
I really recommand you to learn about OpenGL because it is portable on different platforms.
You must understand, that your output is the display and it is 2D. So you must project yout 3D model to a 2D rectangle.
KarstenK at 4-Sep-14 14:50pm View
it is open source: you can review the code and debug it :-O
KarstenK at 4-Sep-14 9:44am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Some more explanation would be fine
KarstenK at 4-Sep-14 2:04am View
It isnt a proper solution on Windows. See me my solution and the link.
KarstenK at 4-Sep-14 2:02am View
you must only change the CString to a char array and you're done...
KarstenK at 3-Sep-14 4:00am View
you dont pass ownership by reference. :-O
Instead of a "heavy copy" only the original object reference is assigned. It diminishes copying stuff around.
If I you some "&" syntax I hardly code "const &" to NEVER EVER manipulate it.
KarstenK at 2-Sep-14 13:05pm View
How should I guess this bug? Did you check of a valid pointer. And startup with set to zero!!! => //use good style
KarstenK at 2-Sep-14 11:12am View
call me "rusty" - I am today shipping with VS 2008. After that release I upgrade my code to VS 2010. ;-)
KarstenK at 2-Sep-14 2:17am View
See my "Quick fix" in the solution.
your hero is a object pointer and if it isnt pointing to a valid object you CRASH.
Lesson 1: In professional code is an ASSERT( hero != 0); and/or if( hero == 0) return; to avoid such WORST CASE SZENARIOS.
KarstenK at 1-Sep-14 14:06pm View
Really? :-O
I would have bet a sixpack beer that it would happen AT THIS LINE ;-)
KarstenK at 30-Aug-14 13:51pm View
Yeah!!! ;-)
KarstenK at 28-Aug-14 13:21pm View
The question wizard should explicitly ask for "I have searched on google" before allowing saking a question. ;-)
KarstenK at 28-Aug-14 4:14am View
Try with a "Global\" Prefix.
KarstenK at 23-Aug-14 13:42pm View
you should search in the SDK of facebook. The question is "too special".
KarstenK at 23-Aug-14 13:32pm View
That's way I explicitly wrote: "I may guess what you mean" ;-)
KarstenK at 21-Aug-14 4:11am View
I really wont write code, so dc is an object and dc() is an operator on the object.
dc() looks like a function call.
KarstenK at 15-Aug-14 4:14am View
To start you need to create a new project.
Here is a good sample
please watch some tutorial and google...
KarstenK at 15-Aug-14 1:04am View
I need to guess what you mean: Computer => PC => Windows (XP,7)
Download of the developer tools:
looks like really good tutorial:
You need a whole time time learn: some weeks if not months...
KarstenK at 14-Aug-14 9:32am View
Before I can give you a tip, you must say for which platform you want to develop. I add the android link into my answer.
KarstenK at 6-Aug-14 12:13pm View
View at the network traffic with a tool like wireshark. There you will see what is really running over the network.
KarstenK at 6-Aug-14 3:35am View
what is the return code of the MessageBox() ???
KarstenK at 5-Aug-14 3:01am View
"translate" the code to c++. You need to find the c++ code for every single c# code. Show the code!!!
KarstenK at 3-Aug-14 13:09pm View
At Philippe Mori:
1. Express Editios are "lite" Editions. There is no MFC in it. Some elder guys may miss it.
2. in C you MUST declare variables at the beginning, in C++ you havent. That is one of the extensions of "C++"
KarstenK at 31-Jul-14 13:44pm View
Is the message proper enqueued in your message queue. Check which window (handle) get the message.
KarstenK at 26-Jul-14 4:04am View
It looks like some string mismatch. Work detailed through the different string types.
Always create a instance of the right type. Avoid Type casts UNLESS YOU ARE REALLY sure!!!
And I repeat again: if you provide code write a comment where the error is happening. In my professional code I write an output on every problematic function.
KarstenK at 24-Jul-14 3:20am View
plz show us the full error list in the future. If you can read LINK 2001 "unresolved symobol" - it really could be a unresolved symbol: you forgot something. Sad but true :-O
KarstenK at 21-Jul-14 9:13am View
check the return values and make some debug output in your code.
is mixing v10 and v11 a good idea?
#pragma comment(lib, "d3d11.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "d3dx11.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "d3dx10.lib")

PS: consider switching to OpenGL. It is a industry standard on most platforms and really fast. ;-)
KarstenK at 17-Jul-14 7:47am View
yes or maybe - if i could look on your code in which it happend.
My tip is some type mismatch: assigning a string value to a enum or vice versa.
KarstenK at 16-Jul-14 14:30pm View
A "tuff guy" but if doesnt work the way is proofed to be wrong :-O
KarstenK at 16-Jul-14 14:29pm View
rename the path of the 32-bit versions.
Can it be some version mismatch or that the libs were build with dynamic linking and your build uses static libs?
You wrote about "a bunch". Update your question with the first ten (guess) errors. The FIRST error leeds to the solution ;-)
KarstenK at 16-Jul-14 11:12am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n good style is to use overloaded init function for all entry points so all ends in the one with the most params.
KarstenK at 15-Jul-14 6:41am View
you wont get an answer. You must figure out what your code does - and what not.
I would call it "debugging" and it is my every day work :-O
KarstenK at 9-Jul-14 6:52am View
check whether the drive firmware supports this feature.
KarstenK at 4-Jul-14 5:07am View
Some tips:
make some output in your code so you can figure it out. The return statements are a good place.
you are calling play() recursivly. It is bad style. use while( !won ) {}
int* x=new int[2]; //memory leak
KarstenK at 3-Jul-14 8:19am View
show the code you have alreada written and where is the missing point.
KarstenK at 30-Jun-14 3:06am View
Typo: isnt it a "tlb" ?
KarstenK at 27-Jun-14 8:29am View
"Please make my homework" questions wont teach you programming...
KarstenK at 24-Jun-14 4:22am View
1. it is an error behaviour.
sorry, I really dont know. (that why a comment and no solution)
KarstenK at 24-Jun-14 3:47am View
1. the smiley isnt a valid unicode char for output on console.
2. + 3. you a have a memory bug. use:
wchar_t *cht = new wchar_t[6];//alloc with size of 6
KarstenK at 24-Jun-14 2:06am View
the question is a special ffmpeg issue. Try there
KarstenK at 18-Jun-14 6:28am View
No, I really dont know. In Visual Studio is it an option to the compile operation of the file.
Search in the doc of your IDE...
KarstenK at 18-Jun-14 2:46am View
you need to run the midl compiler to generate an idl-file.
KarstenK at 13-Jun-14 6:59am View
But how is your List designed?
The node needs ONLY to be added to your list.
KarstenK at 11-Jun-14 11:44am View
have you updated yor code? and where is the error now?
KarstenK at 11-Jun-14 11:41am View
please read the Apple doc of the classes. If you want to code than you need to learn it ;-)
KarstenK at 4-Jun-14 1:30am View
Not at all. But I know your error case is "most" that the device isnt working :-O
KarstenK at 28-May-14 14:06pm View
sounds like Windows is NOT getting new values => the device isnt working!!!
KarstenK at 24-May-14 13:33pm View
In my understanding is a row a value of ONE dataset.
I hope you have 30000 different stones, with these parameters.
KarstenK at 22-May-14 2:01am View
What is the purpose of that? How many datasets you will have? If it are more likely 100 than millions I wouldnt create a db but parsing the data into an array.
Start here:
For a beginner you have a big task. :-O
KarstenK at 19-May-14 13:52pm View
at first look I would judge some racing condition while polling is another thread. So this object could be destroyed before all is done:
Projectile bullet(15, "fireball.png");
Make objects more global and try logging statements
KarstenK at 16-May-14 8:33am View
some combination wont work on some windows versions. It is a bit tricky.
Show the code plz ;-)
KarstenK at 15-May-14 13:18pm View
nobody will answer your question. Write better code by checking that your objects are valid and you not are oeverwriting memory or double delete an object.
write some debugging message to locate the error
KarstenK at 15-May-14 4:19am View
char* str1= "SE";
2 valid chars and a separator are 3. It crashes the next round.
KarstenK at 15-May-14 4:18am View
what are the error codes? Maybe something earlier goes wrong.
KarstenK at 14-May-14 9:07am View
the whole website is worth reading.
KarstenK at 12-May-14 10:53am View
if done some RS 232 but with C++ but VB not really, but in codeproject are a lot of samples of RS 232 communication.
it is hard work to get code working - so you have a lot of work to do ;-)
KarstenK at 12-May-14 6:56am View
more details: which OS and which compiler?
How did you produce the error? Input?
KarstenK at 8-May-14 9:10am View
check the search path for the libs
KarstenK at 8-May-14 9:08am View
What is the problem with C++?
You need a proper cleanup in VFW to restart it. Check that you close all handles.
You better look for C# if you want other API. Microsoft is moving AWAY from C...
KarstenK at 7-May-14 8:55am View
it is more complicated, because it can be used for attack. The service has to be an "interactive service"
This may help you:
But as I understand all, the proper solution is IPC of an app with the service
KarstenK at 7-May-14 8:32am View
you need to provide a full path and a valid user and password on the PC.
KarstenK at 7-May-14 3:31am View
I didnt get the problem. Ensure that the target isnt only a pointer but real hard allocated memory.
KarstenK at 30-Apr-14 2:07am View
I really disappointed about your style. You better get polite or you will "Fail in life".
KarstenK at 29-Apr-14 5:04am View
iOS works on all device the same way, even ios 6 and ios 7 mostly are the same. Only the GUI differs a lot.
Your question makes REALLY NO SENSE. Explain more if you want help.
KarstenK at 9-Apr-14 12:58pm View
you better write
memset( past, 0, sizeof(past) );
instead of this LAME LOOP!!!
KarstenK at 3-Apr-14 2:10am View
After your code:
char cBuffer[500]={0};
//data can be splitted in C# !!!
//lenByteBuffer is call param from C#
//byteBuffer is allocated in step 2. in my step 3.
memcpy( byteBuffer, byteBuffer, lenbByteBuffer);
KarstenK at 2-Apr-14 4:47am View
the most common cause of that problem is thread mismatch. It starts by creating the timer.
You better seperate GUI and data thread and syncronize the data in a GUI thread.
Show the code in which you create the data thread if you cant figure it out.
KarstenK at 31-Mar-14 3:01am View
Checkbox-Style is for ALL items. So he needs to draw transparent pics for the not wanted.
KarstenK at 28-Mar-14 8:19am View
Why are you enabling checkboxes if you dont want them?
KarstenK at 28-Mar-14 3:44am View
Consider coding with classes and templates.
Read some basic stuff like "C++ for Dummies"
KarstenK at 27-Mar-14 3:34am View
I mean if you zoom around a point. Like clicking in the middle. Than you need to calculate new start coords on the origin.
I strongly recommand that the x and y zoom is the same so the pic isnt distourched.
You must better understand that you take the pixels from the source with start coords and dimension and "stretch" them to the dest coords and it dimensions.
Use a simply pic and play it out. Sometimes it helps to draw some coords on paper.
KarstenK at 15-Mar-14 4:25am View
it isnt a video codec .-O
KarstenK at 1-Mar-14 4:21am View
1: check all parameters are the valid in range and access, StechBlt works, so it should
KarstenK at 20-Feb-14 3:46am View
Try to draw the background image in the background handler.
KarstenK at 20-Feb-14 2:16am View
I wrote this because:
"I am an entry level student to this, so please help me out."
so I wanted him to learn the basics complete.
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 13:24pm View
it should work "as designed" but void bugs :-O

*q = *p;
p++,p++;//really ???

KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 9:13am View
Yes and it is also the best choice to use TCHAR for character. Its size depends on SBCS, MBCS or Unicode settings.
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 8:31am View
You are right - I will delete my comment.
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 8:08am View
I would prefer the _PTR syntax, to ensure 64-bit portability.
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 8:05am View
As I understand it is better to write:
wchar_t lpszCmdLine[] = TEXT("/c E:\\TestFolder\\процессов.bat");
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 8:04am View
corrected :-)
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 7:31am View
Fine. Take care on pointer arithmetics ;-)
KarstenK at 18-Feb-14 4:13am View
is it really the full name of the db: C:\Astute Database\db_retailpro.accdb;
Check out for a typo :-O
KarstenK at 17-Feb-14 5:16am View
check the return codes and "follow the first error" ;-)
KarstenK at 17-Feb-14 5:14am View
Not really, so we have added all needed files to the solution. You better write clean ANSI-C with native types so you have little problems, and seperate "platform specific" stuff. Avoid nested macros - it is hell. If not now, than later. Some fizzeling with mak-files is possible...
But I guess these tips are too late for you.
KarstenK at 12-Feb-14 2:18am View
Didnt you write: "I have found out how parameterized querying is done.I am reworking it now.Will sell the source code to you only for $30000.He he!"
My conclusions were:
1. you found the solution
2. your nearly "ready to release"
3. it is worth a big pot of money (30.000$)
So I wanted to see it. What is wrong with that?
KarstenK at 12-Feb-14 2:14am View
"looping forever" doesnt sound so nice.
Isnt ccTouchesBegan the event handler for a touch. So the event handling should end if done?
What is the difference between zombie1 and zombie2? I would write a function like
UpdateZombie( Zombie1 )
KarstenK at 11-Feb-14 10:30am View
"I just wrote an excellent class " really ???
it doesnt match to "Un fortunately my class does not use parameterized querying"
it doesnt sound "so excellent" :-O

what about building a query string?
KarstenK at 11-Feb-14 5:51am View
what about "copy & paste" the compiler errors/message. So hard?
KarstenK at 11-Feb-14 4:45am View
what is the error?
KarstenK at 6-Feb-14 13:33pm View
Do you consider learning it from the scratch? Haavent I posted you a link to Ray Wenderlich?
KarstenK at 6-Feb-14 8:41am View
you need to store the infos in an class to get better access.
so you can
GetCostFromCity( string cityName )
//Loop tru array and find
//return the special cost

KarstenK at 5-Feb-14 12:50pm View
the maske is the part which is NOT in the foreground picture, so the control is showing. It is like snipping out the colored part of an pic.
Before you ask again - check out the linked project!!!
KarstenK at 5-Feb-14 10:28am View
Her it all begins:
Image List Functions
with ImageList_Create and then ImageList_Add or ImageList_AddMasked
if you use ImageList_AddMasked use a color like RGB( 128,128,128) for the mask
learn from it: Using TreeControl-TreeView under Win32 API
KarstenK at 3-Feb-14 6:06am View
Client and server architecture is a very strong argument for using TCP.
KarstenK at 3-Feb-14 3:32am View
camera driver installed, so that other software works?
Use proper inizialisation code with codec-name, format and resolution.
i got no clue => RFTM
KarstenK at 2-Feb-14 5:19am View
"Need a free lunch?" => Google for it.
And respect the copyrights of the artwork.
KarstenK at 29-Jan-14 5:46am View
consider using normal priority and check in the thread if you really NEED to draw.
KarstenK at 27-Jan-14 9:55am View
I wont code operations in a constructor.
KarstenK at 24-Jan-14 5:49am View
it is the way the MFC works. This Create call requires such bitmap (in 16 bit) and a toolbar resource.
Or create it like you did it in the ActiveX-Control
KarstenK at 22-Jan-14 12:52pm View
Building an GUI in C# is easy and if it is an old project new features like these arent approbiate.
KarstenK at 22-Jan-14 3:08am View
If you c# you will stay away from a lot of trouble. The MFC is old stuff and cumbersome, so you will have a lot of pain.
If you have some important C-Code you can use it a via dll in C#.
KarstenK at 20-Jan-14 10:05am View
FUS can have some side effects on that theme. So watch out .-O
KarstenK at 20-Jan-14 7:11am View
And the name was "Global\XYZ" and REALLY the same???
Try it on another PC.
KarstenK at 17-Jan-14 5:04am View
in which language are you working? Some code is needed...
KarstenK at 17-Jan-14 5:00am View
Your totally right, but macros are very powerful tool, but I know that power is dangerous. So I use them only sometimes. Most for platform issues as WIN64.
KarstenK at 16-Jan-14 10:02am View
it looks like a homework :-O
KarstenK at 16-Jan-14 2:15am View
you should tweak InvalidateRect( ((LPNMHDR)lParam)->hwndFrom, rcList1, FALSE );
KarstenK at 15-Jan-14 13:40pm View
why not only on msg LVN_ENDSCROLL?
KarstenK at 11-Jan-14 13:08pm View
Why OpenCV? For what is it?
KarstenK at 11-Jan-14 13:07pm View
Why arent you using the "standard" animations which are provided by iOS 7.
Soltuon: Hire a coder ...
KarstenK at 9-Jan-14 2:07am View
But than is resizing allowed and you need to handle it properly.
KarstenK at 9-Jan-14 2:06am View
I believe in clean code, so I would change the project from bottom up. It shouldnt be so hard: copy all code and some parts of the rc-files and I done. I have done it some times...
KarstenK at 7-Jan-14 3:02am View
re-write the missing parts of these headers, or build a lib or dll with VS2008 and use it in VC 6.
Remember: VC6 is outdated and obsolete. Your job is to cleanup the work from 2008.
KarstenK at 6-Jan-14 2:24am View
CPallini has a fine solution. I didnt get that you wanted to sum up the input :-O
KarstenK at 30-Dec-13 11:59am View
invalidate only the areas you want to draw and not the screen like in:
InvalidateRect( hWnd, NULL, FALSE );
KarstenK at 18-Dec-13 2:49am View
you really need to dig into "regions" and create a region of the window you want to draw. Regions are the key for your solution. ;-)
tips: + Try to make global instancess like the pens.
+ MoveToEx/LineTo are "slow" (consider using a bitmap)
KarstenK at 17-Dec-13 12:40pm View
try: std::ifstream infile(idxfile.c_str()); :-O
KarstenK at 17-Dec-13 6:22am View
named pipes or (local) network connection is possible. I also remember observing registry keys (???)
KarstenK at 17-Dec-13 5:05am View
a whole bunch more information is needed. If it is an ActiveX control the interface isnt properly in the js.
KarstenK at 16-Dec-13 2:24am View
Please read it on the website of Microsoft. It are updates which are fixing an issue with the killbit.
KarstenK at 11-Dec-13 6:11am View
Problem on the edge is the typical use case for regions. Create a region only for the area you want to draw. Like here:
@The_Inventor: sorry!
KarstenK at 6-Dec-13 8:04am View
Make a copy of that folder and work with.
PS: i am 45 but i also work on new stuff. so dont talk such way ...
KarstenK at 4-Dec-13 4:48am View
change the id AND the number to test it - i think this id comes from some MS header :-O
KarstenK at 29-Nov-13 5:43am View
"Windows mobile is dead, Windows Phone 8 is king" :-O
WP 7 is scrap...
KarstenK at 28-Nov-13 4:47am View
The normal way is the "Solution "", but if you have performance problems you can use that way.
At first you need to draw your OpenCV picture on screen or a memory dc. Than you the GetDiBits API to get the pixel in binary format.
Here is a more complexexample which does that:
KarstenK at 21-Nov-13 4:44am View
Consider to redesign the database. Use some redunancy to clean up the fat tables. If you have different tables, the statement will get lighter.
This bad design will result in low performance of all operation.
KarstenK at 14-Nov-13 7:04am View
what are you doing in C++ what you cant do in C#?
KarstenK at 12-Nov-13 9:09am View
it can be an "update" issue: "some commit" or "flush" actions needs to be taken. Search the Shell-API for details
KarstenK at 31-Oct-13 4:31am View
ActiveX is lame.
And I would bet that this interface isnt well working.
Get off to be a Microsoft-Junkie ;-)
KarstenK at 29-Oct-13 10:16am View
I know only that OAuth somehow works. So try your look by doing every step as shown in the docs... ,-)
KarstenK at 29-Oct-13 10:14am View
The memory of such USB-Printer is visible as usb drive. So you see 2 devices: a printer and a drive.
You got to deal with it.
KarstenK at 17-Oct-13 10:45am View
What are your "profesionell experiences" with Wine?
I wont "ride dead horses" like MFC :-(
KarstenK at 17-Oct-13 10:43am View
A great argument for using MFC...
KarstenK at 2-Oct-13 13:22pm View
These Shell functions aew cumbersome nad very sensitive in the parameters. Even if zhe are of the same type be very careful that they are VALID and NOT casted from a similar looking type.
Check that thes PC have also the newest updates on windows and nez-frameworks.
KarstenK at 1-Oct-13 8:11am View
I strongly recommand to use "Global/hevenim" to ensure that only one event per machine could be created.
I remember somehow that an error "already exists" can happen...
KarstenK at 16-Sep-13 4:20am View
consider cleaning up your mess ;-)
KarstenK at 16-Sep-13 4:18am View
it it no good idea to make an addin for such an old product. AFAIK is it not working "so stable".
You better try with a newer version which has the net-interfaces.
KarstenK at 12-Sep-13 5:14am View
some reosurces are missing. I guess some texts frm Tesrrunner. You need to include them in your project.
KarstenK at 6-Sep-13 3:56am View
If you working with COM you NEED pay attention ot EVERY ERRORCODE. => your class isnt properly registered. So you cant create an instance.
KarstenK at 3-Sep-13 9:54am View
You can write in an extrnal file which the exe later can read.
KarstenK at 3-Sep-13 9:48am View
you should carefully check the project settings. Somehow your settings will build a Windows 8 App.
And that doesnt work. Or you remove the functions calls which are the problems: always the first call of the linker errors.
KarstenK at 3-Sep-13 8:26am View
Check the platfrom tool set in the project settings.
Are you building an Windows 8 App?
KarstenK at 30-Aug-13 12:51pm View
What or when does an error happen?
KarstenK at 29-Aug-13 2:07am View
I wont really on that. I guess M$ is dividing size / bitrate also if it is VBR. And so on...
Check a better way. May look with winamp.
KarstenK at 28-Aug-13 9:11am View
from what are you getting that info? Windows is guessing sometimes about mp3...
KarstenK at 27-Aug-13 6:24am View
you can at first check the count of transmitted bytes.
KarstenK at 26-Aug-13 4:03am View
That was your question => So the round is complete.
KarstenK at 26-Aug-13 3:32am View
use JNI and native types (int and char Buffers).
So where is the problem? ;-)
KarstenK at 26-Aug-13 2:14am View
a software project is every time a mixture of using existing cod/libraries and write new code. So it is important to choose the right language and libraries to empower your projects. So I use MFC for the GUI and direct Windows-API for the "rest".
KarstenK at 23-Aug-13 2:50am View
is the parent valid
check the input params and debug in the create function...
KarstenK at 23-Aug-13 2:42am View
I use 3 types of classes and every class has its own file:
1. MFC-GUI only
2. MFC-Worker with data and no GUI
3. non-MFC with native API
That helps me because, I often have to change the GUI and all code in GUI-classes is often changed, so I separate data and GUI. And to separater MFC and API the got also in different classes.
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 9:43am View
May knowledge is limited in this area but avoid using WinRT!!!
I also STRICTLY divide code in MFC and MFC-clean code.
Looks like C++ in available on Windows Phone:
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 7:02am View
my "stomack feeling" says me, that you are on the wrong treck: "I analyzed the content before." => No solution.
Dont be a fool to waiste so much time...
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 6:59am View
I am really interested how it will be sorted out.
Be sure to have a "working demo" before you write the "rest of the solution". ;-)
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 6:55am View
insert two nodes and set the style to expanded =>
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 3:43am View
it looks like a design flaw. If you need the same values in different apps and at the same milisecond, you should write ONE app. Else you should forward the values!!!
To end the discussion: you also can use global memory, but i assure you you will fail because you want to kill your design flaw with "the big stick":
My advice: rethink your design with an senior programmer before writing some crappy workarounds. Else you will loose time in chasing a solution which wont work.
KarstenK at 22-Aug-13 2:22am View
I had broken my objects into int and strings. So instead of
SetObject( CInfo* object );
SetObject( int state, char *info, char *detail );
Only transfer native type, because memory layout is different.
PS: the same memory layout is a big advantage of the net-languages from M$
KarstenK at 21-Aug-13 9:44am View
Look in the sample jni app.
I mean that you have some "Set" function which will call other functions.
KarstenK at 15-Aug-13 4:46am View
it looks like you need some professional help for your "work". :-O
KarstenK at 15-Aug-13 2:25am View
Are you too lazy to read the documentation?
At the end stands your solutuin: "The range 49152–65535 above the registered ports – contains dynamic or private ports that cannot be registered with IANA. This range is used for custom or temporary purposes and for automatic allocation of ephemeral ports."
use ports in that range :duh:
KarstenK at 12-Aug-13 10:37am View
Localization depends on the targe, framework and complier your working with. What CPallini wrote is correct for Windows. But on Linux or MacOS is it NOT useable.
KarstenK at 6-Aug-13 6:41am View
such code:
int r = x++ + y++ + x++ + y++;
is bad code because it is hardly to understand and maintain. A common source of nasty bugs.... ;-)
KarstenK at 2-Aug-13 1:35am View

First thing I see is that you use a data source. Is it installed on the target.
And you call some functions as myConn->Open() without checking the error??? :mad:
at first do checking the rc-codes.
So whats the problem?
You better had modified your question and pasted the code marked as code. ;-)
KarstenK at 1-Aug-13 8:45am View
write a log to find the exact operation which fails...
KarstenK at 1-Aug-13 4:38am View
i didnt understand your message. So I added some sample code.
KarstenK at 1-Aug-13 3:01am View
I know only that the treeview gets draw in stages. Trace the tv-messages Look in the sample codes.
KarstenK at 31-Jul-13 10:54am View
Try HTML 5 video:
KarstenK at 29-Jul-13 2:08am View
you need to call the default painting.
KarstenK at 26-Jul-13 4:04am View
google: "get mouse coordinates c++"
if you where me collegue friend: that makes a icecream or a beer ;-)
KarstenK at 26-Jul-13 1:53am View
Yes!!!! :-)
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 8:23am View
The horror of every programmer:
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 8:04am View
saving BLOB in a database is Harakiri ;-)
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 7:50am View
It is confusing what you write. Make at first step a professionell plan what you want to do.
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 6:18am View
Maybe you can print to a virtual printer which output is pdf.
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 4:53am View
that is one way, but imho not the best, because you have many objects and operations.
You better have one big global background picture (or try backgrund memory dc with the picture) which is available for each drawiing operation. And from it to copy the needed parts.
tip from own experience: work with pointers and not make copies of objects WHEREEVER possible
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 2:24am View
You wont get the treeview transparent, you need to draw the suitable background for the control.
like here
KarstenK at 25-Jul-13 2:14am View
One way show transparence is to draw parts of the background image in the control. For that you need to bitblt some bits from the bg image in the control in the background drawi.
Finally set the controls to transparent.
PS: as i said, it isnt a newbies jobs ;-)
KarstenK at 24-Jul-13 10:00am View
you cant (char*) an bstr.
you better learn to google. I found this one:
KarstenK at 24-Jul-13 9:27am View
This wont work!!!
You should also change the input param of 4str(const long fPtr)
you can use a big byte buffer as input param, which get filled. The return code should be a long result with error/success
KarstenK at 24-Jul-13 4:52am View
Python is great for scripting, but Java is a language which is best for complete solution of all tasks.
But as written: "Consider consulting the LEON" SPARC manual or experts." ;-)
KarstenK at 23-Jul-13 6:12am View
So work carefully through the stuff for which i posted the stuff. It is really the KNOWLEDGE you neesd. Read also the online docs in for the API. There is a complete overview about all details.
Why have you "no other choice"?
KarstenK at 23-Jul-13 4:14am View
show some code or at first google after the classes, their instances and try some samples.
You got to "dig deeper" yourself in that stuff!!!
KarstenK at 22-Jul-13 5:12am View
an MFC example can manually divided in Win32-API by doing every step manually.
This task should help you to learn and understand that stuff. (it would help you to train your skills as programmer) ,-)
KarstenK at 19-Jul-13 4:02am View
The amoun of messages should be limited. That should do the sender.
If not possible you should buffer always the last status messages and update the GUI with it in a timer around about 100 ms.
Exsessive messaging is bad design!!!

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