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Dave Kreskowiak 11hrs 5mins ago View
Why the $*#@&$ are you resurecting a 4 year old question and not adding anything at all to the discussion?
Dave Kreskowiak 19 hrs ago View
What are you talking about? There's no enough detail about your algorithm or what you want to do to be able to make any suggestions at all.

Are you asking how to check an email address against the content of a few database columns? That's not an error. That's simply making comparisons and if the result is false, that's where you generate your message that says the email wasn't found. Do what you want with that message, like logging it to a database.

I STILL don't have clue what you're having a problem with.
Dave Kreskowiak 19 hrs ago View
You posted this as a SOLUTION to the problem.
Dave Kreskowiak 22 hrs ago View
The debugger is there to debug YOU, not really the code. It allows you to see what the code is doing and how it's handling the data it sees, improving YOUR understanding of it, not the machines. Chances are good your code is doing something with data that you didn't see coming.
Dave Kreskowiak 23 hrs ago View
So what's stopping you? You never said where you want to catch this "error". Something like this is normally done in your application and is just a simple checking of the result of a query. If there is no match craft whatever "error" data you want and save it to a table of your design. What's the problem here?
Dave Kreskowiak 23 hrs ago View
WHY are you putting this off the root of C:? I can tell you that admins HATE it when you put data in arbitrary locations instead of the standard ones, like under [CommonAppData]\{MyCompany}\{MyApplication}, which normally maps to C:\ProgramData.
Dave Kreskowiak 23 hrs ago View
Do NOT hijack a 5 year old question. You posted this as a SOLUTION to a question when it isn't.

No, nobody is going to send you the documentation for anything.

Google for it yourself.
Dave Kreskowiak 2 days ago View
"Separation of Concerns".

You could break this class up into smaller classes, but you'll also end up rewriting most of the application along with it because all of the code is written to look in this one class.

Your best bet is to scrap the app and rewrite from scratch.
Dave Kreskowiak 2 days ago View
I don't know who voted you a 1 on this because it's a totally reasonable answer. Countered.
Dave Kreskowiak 2 days ago View
What do you think the search term was for? I'd rather teach you how to find the answers yourself than just spoon feed them to you.

You get the answers a lot faster than from a forum and you will probably learn something else along the way.

Without this skill you're going to fail as a software developer.
Dave Kreskowiak 3 days ago View
You're going to have to go down a different route because you're not going to get a XML file that large loaded all at once.

What were you trying to do with the file once it was loaded?
Dave Kreskowiak 3 days ago View
Don't dig up and answer 3 year old questions. You didn't add anything to the answers that were already given.
Dave Kreskowiak 3 days ago View
Is there some conversion required? Probably. What needs to be reworked depends on what you used to write the original version of the app. There are plenty of classes and methods in the .NET Framework that work for a normal application but are not available in a Windows Store app. There are also functionality restrictions, such as registry and file system restirctions.

Start reading
Dave Kreskowiak 3 days ago View
I misread the original version of the question. I though he was asking how to write the app.
Dave Kreskowiak 4 days ago View
I take it your calling a class with 10,000 lines of code a "god-object"?
Dave Kreskowiak 4 days ago View
Nope. Perhaps if you included an example of what you're talking about?
Dave Kreskowiak 4 days ago View
You never asked a question or gave a description of the problem you're running into. All you did was post your homework assignment. No, we're not writing your code for you.

Now, did you have a problem with some part of this assignment?
Dave Kreskowiak 5 days ago View
Yes it is. If the browser cannot download the file, AS THE USER, it cannot show it.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Feb-16 11:02am View
And that has no bearing on the problem at hand at all.

In the box that says "What have you tried", that's where you put the stuff you have tried, including an example code snippet, and what the result was, such as the error message.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Feb-16 8:44am View
I disagree about the subject of the question. It's about being lazy. :)
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 20:25pm View
Why is it every noob seems to think that the error messages are not important when asking for help with a problem? Those messages are the key to solving the problem.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 20:19pm View
A Panel may be a Panel but they are not the same between UI platforms. Is this a Windows Forms app, a WPF app, ASP.NET, ... what? That's what Sergey is asking. Remember, we can't seer your screen or read your mind so you have to say exactly which Panel it is.

Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 20:16pm View
Guy, this is a 3 year old question. I don't think he's looking for the answer any more and the answer you posted doesn't really add anything to the discussion.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 10:51am View
Without a far deeper description of what the problem is or any error messages there's just no way anyone is going to be able to answer this question. "It doesn't work" is not a problem description.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 0:10am View
Why are you digging up year and half and up old questions?
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Feb-16 0:09am View
This question is a year and a half old. I doubt whoever it is is looking for the answer now.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Feb-16 17:44pm View
This is not a solution to the problem. Don't post it as such.

Use the "Have a Question or Comment?" button instead.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Feb-16 15:24pm View
The software and development kit would come with the hardware to read/write the tag. If it didn't, the tag you have is not writable. You would need to change the tags you're using and the hardware to read/write the tags.

Writable tags are not cheap! They are also not commonly found outside of the vendor that supplies them.

Start Googling for "writable rfid transponder" and do your own research.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Feb-16 15:22pm View
I didn't provide a likn to anything. This is where YOU do yoour own research into the hardware that YOU need for you requirements.

If you've got some cheap off-the-shelf tag and smaller reader device, it is NOT writable. You'll need specialized tags from a hardware vendor and the hardware to read and write that tag. This stuff is never cheap and you can't get it from just anywhere.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Feb-16 13:02pm View
The path that's sent to SaveAs must start with a drive letter (C:\) or UNC (\\server\share\) identifier. The path you're getting back apparently does do that. You'll have to examine the content of fullPath, either in the debugger or by output it to a log file somewhere to see what you're getting.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 20:02pm View
That's the not the error message. Everybody is going to want the EXACT error message from the event log. Otherwise we're just guessing at what the problem is.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 19:54pm View
And the error would be?? You'll find that in the Application event log on the server.
Chances are good that you're using the default account to run your app on the server and it doesn't have write permissions to any folder on the server.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 9:58am View
Use a different database engine. There's a ton of different ones out there. Which one you use is up to your requirements.

You're also probably going to want to build and put a WebApi interface in front of that database server too.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 9:56am View
Either use a different database engine or read through the ENTIRE article I linked to and learn how to get around the limitations of using an Access database.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 9:55am View
That depends on exactly what you're doing. Your original description doesn't give enough detail to make a recommendation.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 9:54am View
What's so "absured" about it? It's technically accurate. They're both extension controls, albeit based on a Panel, that modify the behavior of other controls.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Feb-16 9:51am View
I know that. But the common definition of "hang" is code that just sits there and does nothing forever. I don't think that's the case with this code.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Feb-16 10:06am View
Just a thought. I think the code is not really hanging but is taking forever to execute. Are you sure the changes you're making are NOT being applied to all the child objects in the target folder?
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Feb-16 8:21am View
Excuse me but you might want to go back and re-read what I posted.

Nobody is here to follow your orders and give you exactly what you demand when you demand it.
Dave Kreskowiak 3-Feb-16 16:51pm View
What happened when you tried it?? You DID try it it didn't you?
Dave Kreskowiak 3-Feb-16 15:19pm View
It doesn't have to be at the top. It just has to be before you use the variable. You can put the declaration immediately before the call to scanf for all the compiler cares.
Dave Kreskowiak 3-Feb-16 11:14am View
You can get the Startup and Shutdown IDs yourself. All you have to do is look at your own Application and System event logs on your own machine.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 23:19pm View
Why would need a library? You just send an SMS message to the mobile number with a random number you generate and then ask the user to enter that number.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 13:30pm View
After being around here for 14 years and seeing the quality of questions plummet from the vast majority of OP's over that time, I assure you, the only thing I'm assuming is that the OP doesn't have a clue what they're doing unless they prove otherwise in their question. I am far more often correct in that assumption than wrong.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 12:03pm View
The bad part about not knowing about requirements is that most OP's usually don't know their own app requirements either. Having to know if Office is open already does sound a bit fishy for most applications.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 9:58am View
Remove the good code and replace it with HORRIBLE code? Are you insane?

NEVER NEVER NEVER use string concatenation to build an SQL query like this, especially one that updates data in the database!
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 7:51am View
You can't. ASP.NET code runs ENTIRELY on the server, not in the clients browser. The server will not ever have any access to the client hardware, such as a printer.

In order to do this in C#, the printer has to be accessible to the web server, which your spec says is not the case.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 7:40am View
Why are you asking us and not the people you got the domain from?
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Feb-16 7:38am View
What's the command you used to do the restore? According to the error message there's a syntax error in what you typed.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-16 18:47pm View
First delete the solution you posted to your own question, which isn't a solution at all.

Next, what's the question? You never said what you're having a problem with.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-16 15:16pm View
Figures. I thought I detected the faint smell of a "meat" product.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-16 13:05pm View
The problem isn't in the stored procedure. It's in how you're calling it from your application code. Show that instead.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-16 13:05pm View
Define what you mean by "open". Are you opening the thing in Excel or are you reading the data from the workbook and displaying it in your own application?

If it's just opening it in Excel, all you have to do is launch the selected file using the Process class.
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Feb-16 9:31am View
In memory and for display, you cannot reduce the size of the image. Everything is in a 4 byte per pixel representation.

In a database and on disk, you get the benefits of compression, and a shorter time to load that data into memory from a database or file.

I prefer PNG over JPG because of less compression artifacts. Other than that, you get about the same benefit in size reduction.
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-16 16:30pm View
Whoever hit you with a 1 vote is someone who's been around for quite a while. They hit you as hard as I can.
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-16 9:34am View
Thanks! The person doing the one-voting probably has just enough IQ to breathe spontaneously.
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-16 9:33am View
Well then, you're going to have a hard time with your requirement. If all you get back is a name, that's the only thing you can track. Hopefully, you don't have more than one face with the same name.

You're going to have to keep a list of names returned and a time at which the face was recognized. That time will server as a timeout so the name can drop off the list after a period so you don't have the name in the list forever while the face is no longer seen. If the person comes back into frame after a short period they won't get added to the list again.
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-16 0:32am View don't need the second if statement. The string is either IsNullOrEmpty or it's not.

So you have a library that is doing all the work and all it's returning is a name for the face recognized?
Dave Kreskowiak 31-Jan-16 0:17am View
You don't do that by checking to see if a string has been read. You do it by assigning a flag to a face object or some other tracking object. I don't know enough about your code so I can't comment further on it.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:42pm View
This sniffs of a homework assignment so I'm not goign to write it for you.

You have the equation and you already have all the pieces to build the statement.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:35pm View
You mean you can't do very simple math?

Total = field1 + (field2 * 2) + (field3 * 3)
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:32pm View
I think your logic is very wrong. This still doesn't make any sense since you're checking the value of the string in the first if statement. The result of "check if string has already been read' would always be true!

What do you hope to achieve with this? Why are you trying to check for this?
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:29pm View
OK, after reading the updated question, this is just very simple math.

You're not multiplying the values from the fields by their respective number of credit hours for that field.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:27pm View

playerprint(index ,max);
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:25pm View
Like is said, there is no such thing as "string has been read". Where is this string coming from that you need to track it being "read"? Also, you're still going to have to define what that means.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:23pm View
Yeah, that's exactly what you told the code to do. You still haven't said what the problem is and what the expectations of the code are. What is the logic involved supposed to be and what the fields are supposed to represent.

We can't read your mind or see your screen. You have to tell us these things as if we are completely blind because we are.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:17pm View
On which line does the error occur?
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 23:06pm View
I'm not going to fix it for you. You learn nothing then.

I've told you exactly which two lines are involved and exactly where the problem is. If you know anything at all about how to declare functions in C/C++, you can finx this yourself.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 22:52pm View
And the problem would be ......??
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 22:47pm View
You're already doing it!

But, since the code won't compile, you can't run it. Not until you fix the error I told you about.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 20:29pm View
No, because you haven't said anything about what the problem is. We're not going to just guess at what your code is supposed to do and "it doesn't work" is not a proper problem description.

What is the code supposed to do? What is it doing? Any errors? What's the message and on which line?
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 16:16pm View
Without more information, the short answer is "update one at a time".
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 11:20am View
Uhhhh.... WHAT?

Your "question" doesn't make any sense at all.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 11:18am View
You posted this as a solution to your own question. DO NOT DO THAT!

Also, this question is better asked in the forum at the bottom of the article you linked to.

Oh, and "It doesn't work" is not a proper problem description. What DOES happen? What do you think is supposed to happen?
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Jan-16 0:01am View
Asking them wasn't your first response? Wow. You've got a LOT to learn. Asking questions is a skill and one you better learn fast. Hiding your shortcomings from those around you is a sure way to get yourself in trouble.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Jan-16 20:12pm View
What do you mean by "this is my first project"? The first application you've ever written? Are you completely new to writing code or what?
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Jan-16 15:37pm View
Without knowing a single thing about the code you've written and the libraries you're using, it's IMPOSSIBLE to answer this question.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Jan-16 15:01pm View
What does this have to do with writing code?
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jan-16 16:22pm View
Which was the entire point of the question asked by the OP.
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jan-16 13:30pm View
A GUID doesn't exactly fit within the specification of their invoice number system. You have to take a subset of the GUID, which now has a much larger chance of being a collision, given that there's only 999,999 possible invoice numbers as dictated by a very near-sighted VP.

Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jan-16 13:28pm View
sh*t... f***ing spammers resurrected another old question.
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Jan-16 13:25pm View You're making the positive claim that every single invoice number will be unique from the technique of using a GUID. The burden of proof is on YOU, not SAK.
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-16 20:02pm View This is NOT the best way at all. You're making it extremely convoluted (not to mention very slow) to change the Text of a Label control.

Your code is not testable, you've completely destroyed any chance of using interfaces, and you've blown separation of concerns clear out of the water.

You're actually making it harder on yourself, not easier. It may be organized to you, but it's a nightmare for the person coming in behind you to support and modify the code.
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-16 17:56pm View
It's a bad idea because your generic library to manage every form becomes larger and larger with more and more methods supplying functionality to a smaller and smaller numbers of forms.

This also smacks "separation of concerns" in the face. That's not how SoC is done.
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-16 16:59pm View
You're either going to do this:

DGV.Rows(0).Cells("Column2").Value = "Boy"
DGV.Rows(1).Cells("Column2").Value = "Girl"
DGV.Rows(2).Cells("Column2").Value = "Girl"
DGV.Rows(3).Cells("Column2").Value = "Boy"



For Each row As DatagridviewRow In DGV.Rows
' Code to determine which value you're sticking
' in the row pointed to by 'row' goes here

row.Cells("Column2").Value = value

What you put in place of the "Code to determine..." comment is entirely up to you. I have no idea what you're trying to do so it's impossible for me to supply any code for that part.
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-16 15:03pm View
in the debugger, look at the InnerException property of the exception you're getting. There will be more information in there.
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Jan-16 8:33am View
OK, you have to keep that reference in a collection. You don't create another variable.

The problem is how are you going to differentiate between forms in that collection? What is unique about each form that you can use to identify it?

This sounds like you're trying to build overly generic methods to do everything for every form. That's a bad idea if you are.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 21:40pm View
OK. You've got the reference to the created form in NewWindow. You call the methods and set properties using that reference. That's it.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 18:59pm View
This is why any code that interacts with a form belong in the forms code, not in a module.

I don't have enough information to tell you what's going on and how to do something. All I can see is the tiny code snippet in your original post.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 16:49pm View
Without seeing the code it's pretty much impossible to tell you what you're missing.

But, the error says it all really. Your code is trying to create an instance of a COM object and can't because it's not registered on the machine.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 12:14pm View
That depends on what capabilities your hosting service allows. You'll have to content them about that.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 8:14am View
Why all the one votes? because you could have EASILY found this yourself just by Googling for "ASP.NET page life cycle" and start reading.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 8:04am View
Email address was removed.

First, the only people who care about and will use your email address in a public forum are spam bots.

Second, all conversation on this topic stays in this forum.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 8:00am View
There's no such thing as 'opening a folder" on an FTP server. You're going to have to describe what that means in a lot more detail.
Dave Kreskowiak 25-Jan-16 7:58am View
Your code seems to assume that Root and Main_Window are "global" variables defined elsewhere.

Code like this usually sits on the form that has these forms or controls defined in it, not in a separate module.
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Jan-16 19:05pm View
What type of application is your server? If it's a Windows Forms app you can't publish it to a hosting service unless you run it on a virtual machine on the service.
Dave Kreskowiak 24-Jan-16 10:45am View
Why are you calling .Refresh()?? That's a bad thing because inside the Paint event, you're telling the control to invalidate its client area and repaint itself AGAIN, before the control is done repainting itself. You're forcing the control to repaint itself CONTINUOUSLY!

On top of that, you do NOT use SetStyle inside the Paint event. SetStyle should be used one time only, when you create an instance of the control, preferably from inside the constructor of the control.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 16:11pm View
Well then, good luck to you.

You cannot do this with a simple loop and if statement as your question is posted. It takes a LOT more work than that and we're not in the habit of doing your school work for you.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 13:55pm View
I have no idea. I've never heard of such a problem in Visual Studio before.

The only other thing I can think of is to close Visual Studio, open your project folder in Explorer, turn on hidden files and delete the .SUO file for your solution. Reopen the solution and see what happens.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 12:49pm View
Your question doesn't make sense. Are you trying to write an app that converts C# to VB.NET code?
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 12:47pm View
I've never heard of the problem.

But, if you can open the file, select the contents and copy it. Delete the file then right-click the project line in Solution Explorer and pick Add New Item. Add a new App.Config file, open that, delete everything and paste the content you copied from the old file.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 11:14am View
I have to warn you that ActiveX in a browser is officially a dead end. IE11 is the LAST BROWSER that will ever support ActiveX controls. Edge no longer has it and, frankly, IE was the only browser to ever really support it.

If this is a production application with a long lifespan you're using a technology that has a very limited lifespan. Proceed at your own peril.
Dave Kreskowiak 23-Jan-16 10:57am View
Are you trying to modify the file inside a Visual Studio editor or are you trying to do this in your running code?
Dave Kreskowiak 22-Jan-16 19:19pm View
Do NOT post updates to your question as a Solution!
Dave Kreskowiak 22-Jan-16 8:26am View
By asking people to just hand you finished code you're actually telling them that you're unwilling to do your own research and learn how to do it yourself.
Dave Kreskowiak 21-Jan-16 11:02am View
It appears as though your code is just waiting for a response from the media servers. There is nothing you can do to speed that up.
Dave Kreskowiak 21-Jan-16 10:52am View
What do you mean "it didn't do anything"? Without having the debugger (WinDbg) installed (as you've said you haven't install it yet) you can't do what the Instructable says to do!
Dave Kreskowiak 21-Jan-16 10:49am View
Open your own question and describe your problem completely. It's very unlikely you're ever going to get a reply to this, seeing as you replied to me instead of the OP.
Dave Kreskowiak 19-Jan-16 7:56am View
This is just a code dump. There is no question here at all. What do mean by "Doesn't work smoothly"? Until you answer that, there's really no way you're going to get an answer to this.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-16 18:50pm View
You're going to have to supply a lot more detail than that. We have no idea what you're talking about, what you're trying to do, what code you've written, nor what you're having a problem with.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-16 16:20pm View
True, but given the code he has written so far, the method to do this is WAY over his head. That's why I left it out.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-16 15:43pm View
Keep in mind that not all sql injection attacks are initiated from outside the company and that not all attacks happen with intent to destroy. Some happen by accident and are initiated by employees.
Dave Kreskowiak 18-Jan-16 9:18am View
Contact the drone manufacturer?! Why is this not obvious?
Dave Kreskowiak 17-Jan-16 17:39pm View
No, it doesn't have anything to do with the Fill method, but it may have everything to do with the SQL statement the DataAdapter was setup with. Too bad you didn't show that and what the new schema of the tables looks like.

Click on Improve question and fill in the missing detail.
Dave Kreskowiak 17-Jan-16 9:46am View
This is not an answer and you're replying to a 4 year old question. All you did was copy someones answer and post it as your own. This is call 'plagiarism' and will get you kicked off the site. Don't do it again.
Dave Kreskowiak 17-Jan-16 9:44am View
This is NOT a solution to the problem. Don't hijack someones question with your own. Start your own thread.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Jan-16 23:02pm View
Just because a client said it does not make it a requirement. Customers rarely have a clue about what they want or why.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Jan-16 16:58pm View
If you can understand that pile of word salad, more power to you.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Jan-16 12:02pm View
Your statement made no sense at all. I have no idea what you're really trying to do.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Jan-16 12:01pm View
Dave Kreskowiak 15-Jan-16 16:30pm View
Delete a file where? On the server? On the client machine from inside a browser?
Dave Kreskowiak 15-Jan-16 10:13am View
Nope. That would be doing your homework for you and that's just not going to happen.
Dave Kreskowiak 15-Jan-16 10:11am View
There is no "process" to specially convert your mishmash application into a properly tiered app. Using proper software design philosophy from the very start of the project is what generates a properly tiered application from the very start without really putting any work into it.

The only solution to this is to scrap your project and redo the entire thing from the ground up.

Google for "separation of concerns" and start reading. You're not going to get a "process" out of this because there isn't one.
Dave Kreskowiak 14-Jan-16 10:28am View
The question of whether Xamarin is open source or not has no bearing on your project what-so-ever.

Just like .NET Framework, most of it is open source, not all of it. Visual Studio is not open source. NuGet (the package manager used inside Visual Studio IS open source). It goes on and on from there. It really does depend on which piece of the entire system you're talking about.

But again, whether or not the dev environment is open source or not has absolutely nothing to do with your project.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jan-16 22:56pm View
Again, if you're having problems writing your own code you can ask specific questions about those problems. You will NOT get anyone here to write your code for you.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jan-16 21:18pm View
Did you try implementing it? Experimentation is the best teacher.

You might find that returning a List<Object> is really not a good idea.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jan-16 14:46pm View
It depends on exactly which piece of the entire system you're talking about.

And, really, does it matter at all?
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Jan-16 9:20am View
It's a matter of personal preference. I have to use InstallShield at work all the time. I wouldn't recommend it for newcomers to the game.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 23:51pm View
No, your intent was not clear at all. You're misusing terms causing confusion as to what you're wanting to do.

You already have most of the code to do an SQL INSERT statement. You just need the statement and create the parameter objects. Google for "C# SQL Parameterized queries" to get all kinds of examples on how to do it.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 17:34pm View
Open Source? Yes and No.

Can you use your old project? I have no idea if you can directly open a VS project in Xamarin. But, depending on how you wrote your code, you can create a new project, create new code files in the project and copy'n'paste your code. You'll probably have to rewrite sections of it but you can get away with what you already have some way.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 17:31pm View
OK, so I have no idea what you mean by "dynamic control". That's a meaningless term.

If you mean you want the app to launch when you login, launch it from the Run key[^].
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 13:35pm View
I gave you the links to the documentation on these functions for a reason. It was NOT for ME to do your research into these functions and the structures they use for you.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 13:32pm View
What could you do? Start this project when it was assigned to you, not the day before it's due.

You don't get it. You're already doomed. There is no saving you.

Get your own links. Google for "compiler parser" and start reading.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 11:37am View
NO, NO, NO. That is NOT how this works. We will NOT give you a project just so you can turn it in as your own work and get a grade you don't deserve.

Oh, and your teacher knows about this site and knows about Google. The code you turn in better be written by you otherwise your teacher will know you didn't write it. He/She will lookup the code you turned in and find it online. Nothing gets you a failing grade faster than plagiarism.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 11:32am View
Without the exception message, at the very least, it's impossible to tell you anything useful. The stack trace doesn't tell us anything at all.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 10:09am View
There's a Bugs and Suggestions - CodeProject[^] forum just for stuff like that.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 9:55am View
You can't unlock it until you figure out what's is locking it. I gave you the possibilities. It's now up to you to do the work of finding out what's causing it. Only then can you solve the problem.
Dave Kreskowiak 12-Jan-16 9:53am View
That's still not a question. We have no idea what you're talking about or what you want to do.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Jan-16 23:32pm View
There is no question here.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Jan-16 22:57pm View
Don't put this as an answer to a 3 year old question. It really didn't add anything to the discussion at all as compiling an app is Debug config doesn't really solve the problem for a Release mode compile.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Jan-16 18:50pm View
I disagree as the "question" isn't. It's a request to do his research work for him.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Jan-16 8:56am View
I can't tell you anything beyond what I already have. If you want a custom solution that no library can provide you have to write one yourself. This is what I've already told you.
Dave Kreskowiak 11-Jan-16 8:55am View
In all cases you still need the database server, what you've just described, and this is what the OP wants to avoid, which he can't.
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Jan-16 11:45am View
OK, in that case these are processes that are launched by and running as the user. Use OpenProcessToken function (Windows)[^] to the the security token the process was launched under, the use GetTokenInformation function (Windows)[^] with the TokenOwner flag set to the SID of the owner (the user). You can then call LookupAccountSid function (Windows)[^] to get the account of the SID. If the account matches that of the currently logged in user, the user launched that process, what you're calling an application.
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Jan-16 0:37am View
Dave Kreskowiak 10-Jan-16 0:25am View
Put a Breakpoint on the first line of code in this method and step through the code line-by-line. Examin the variable contents along the way.

Really, you DAMN WELL BETTER LEARN to use the debugger. It'll WILL help you find the problem here and give you a better understanding of your own code in the process.

What's better? Constantly asking people to debug your code for you or learning to use the debugger and fixing the code yourself far more quickly?
Dave Kreskowiak 9-Jan-16 18:37pm View
What? You're already getting the cell contents and displaying it. You're already writing strings to the file. So what's the problem? No, I'm not writing your code for you.
Dave Kreskowiak 9-Jan-16 15:04pm View
You're ALREADY writing strings to the file! What's part of this process are you having a problem with, specifically?
Dave Kreskowiak 9-Jan-16 12:15pm View
Considering we can't see your code nor your screen or read your mind, it's pretty much impossible to tell give you any solution. There are many, many ways of doing various things and we can't see what's you've done so we can't tell you how to fix it.
Dave Kreskowiak 9-Jan-16 12:12pm View
Your question is not very clear at all. I have no idea what you're really trying to do. You say it's an HTML file, but it's not. You're just writing text to a file with an .htm extension. You're not following HTML formatting rules at all.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 17:28pm View
If you're talking about an article they are written by members of CodeProject, not CodeProject staff. Look under the bottom of the article and you'll find a forum dedicated to that article. The people who write articles are responsible for supporting them.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 13:43pm View
It doesn't get simpler than that article. And I already told you why you can NOT do this from Linux.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 12:09pm View
More like trying to talk to the inmates in an asylum. :)
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 12:07pm View
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 10:47am View
You should be asking this is a forum dedicate to OpenTok. There is a Forum link at the top of the page Richard linked to.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 9:45am View
I say that because the data cannot be read from the original drive. That means the data on the resulting copy will have holes in it! That means .EXE's and .DLL's that won't run anymore and corrupted data files that cannot be used by their respective applications.
Dave Kreskowiak 8-Jan-16 8:21am View
You can but it's not what a normal piece of Property code would look like and really isn't going to do you any good at all.

Reference Source[^]

Learn what Properties are and how they are used before you go spelunking through the .NET Reference Source.

Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-16 22:29pm View
Then use SQL Server Express or LocalDB.

You do NOT have the option of not using an SQL Server. Period.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-16 15:46pm View
That doesn't make sense. It's a property because it's, well, a property of a string instance, how long the string is.

Property of Length? Of what? and why would you want to do this?
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-16 14:55pm View
No, he's not. This is a constructor.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-16 11:21am View
According to the OP, he's been writing code for all of 5 months. He has grand aspirations but nowhere near enough experience to write something like this.
Dave Kreskowiak 7-Jan-16 9:56am View
OK, so this looks like a scanner that is a "keyboard wedge", meaning that anything the scanner can interpret gets "typed" into the keyboard. You just have to make sure that the input cursor is on some textbox in your form before the user scans the barcode so the code ends up in the correct textbox.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 16:31pm View
OK, so you have a handheld scanner (I'm assuming since you STILL haven't said anything about it!) and that's attached to this system how? How does the data get from the barcode scanner to your web application?
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 15:14pm View
Now that you mention it, that's a definite possibility. In either case, the OP has to elaborate.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 15:12pm View
I'm reading the comments below and have found that the question you posted above has nothing to do with the actual problem you're getting into.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 12:46pm View
What are you trying to do exactly? The method you showed is neither "secure" as you call it nor does it even work, let alone do anything useful.

If you're trying to block people from visiting certain websites, then you need a proxy server, not a little piece of code that is never going to do that.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 12:40pm View
That doesn't change my answer at all.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 9:52am View
And? What you REALLY need is to learn the basics of Entity Framework. You get that information from a book on Entity Framework, not from a couple of forum posts. There's just way too much information to convey in a forum environment.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 9:43am View
There is no way anyone can possibly answer this question with the information you've provided.

I can tell you is that if your running performance tests on client-side code that is running in a virtual machine, you're doing it wrong. VM's run poorly to begin with and, depending on the host hardware and its workload, especially with other VM's running on the same host. Each guest machine runs as a single thread on the host machine. Combine that with all the other threads running on the host and your performance for that single thread plummets.

Use a dedicated, physical machine if you're going to do performance testing.

If you're doing load testing of server-side code, then you can use as many virtual machines as necessary to produce the load on a server.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 9:37am View
So you need code to get the username entered into a textbox? Are you kidding me?
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 0:23am View
And was there a question in there or were you looking for someone to hand you a pencil?
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 0:21am View
So what? You don't delete records from a view.
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 0:21am View
Come on. You could have found that quite easily just by Googling for "entity framework delete record". It's been documented hundreds of thousands of times.

Google results[^]
Dave Kreskowiak 6-Jan-16 0:07am View
You can only Update or Delete records in a single table at a time. There's really no difference between 1 table and 13 tables.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-16 16:07pm View
You're going to have to define "doesn't work". That tells us nothing. What is the code supposed to do exactly and what is it actually doing?

A scan line is just the array of bytes that make up a single row of pixels in a bitmap image.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-16 12:23pm View
This is very easy to do. All you do is save the filepath in some structure and save that structure to a file.

So what's the problem?
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-16 10:58am View
This should be done in a database, not by tons of individual .EXE files!

Virus scanners do NOT modify their own .EXE's with virus definitions. Their definitions are stored in data files or some database somewhere.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-16 10:30am View
Are you saying that you want to take the output from the audio card and broadcast it over some network?
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-16 8:56am View
I told you what to do. By your latest statement, it now appears you want someone to write it for you?
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Jan-16 23:41pm View
OK, fine, I won't.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Jan-16 22:04pm View
Your entire "script" only runs commands using ADB, whatever that is. If it doesn't work, the problem is not your script, not with the functionality of ADB. That's something we can't help you with. You'll have to go back to the people you got this ADB tool from and ask them about it.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Jan-16 10:24am View
What do you mean by "calculate the characters"? That doesn't make any sense at all.
Dave Kreskowiak 4-Jan-16 10:18am View
What do you mean exactly by "dynamically"?
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Jan-16 23:48pm View
Actually, that's wrong. The mode of the open operation has nothing to do with the file being locked. What DOES has affect it is if the file is opened with Shared Access. By default, a file is opened with exclusive access. No other process can access the file so long as it's open exclusive. A file must be opened with Shared.Read access for another application to be able to open it in a ReadOnly mode and ONLY if the 2nd application requests a ReadOnly mode.

With Excel being used as a database file being read by OleDb, the file must be opened with Read AND Write access. This will cause the operation to fail in the file is locked or does not specify Shared.All.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Jan-16 16:59pm View
And what do you think a "duplicate case" means? You added the case Case item more than once inside the switch statement.

No, nobdy is going to spelunk through that MASSIVE code snippet and fix your homework assignment for you. Homework assignments are for demonstrating that YOU have learned the course material, not us.
Dave Kreskowiak 2-Jan-16 15:33pm View
No, there is no code you can write to protect against stupid. If the users are going to be careless with their machines the only real solution is education of the users, not code.

Dave Kreskowiak 1-Jan-16 21:58pm View
No, not until you define in very precise terms exactly what you mean by "generate different short videos" and "random information".
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Jan-16 10:41am View
Considering a cookie is a small text file, how are you going to store a "map object" in it? You don't store an object. You store either the information required to recreate it or a serialized version of it.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Dec-15 13:57pm View
You might want to tell us what the problem is. It's hard to solve a problem if you can't define it.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Dec-15 11:12am View
Without know the application type, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, MVC, WPF, ... and seeing the code that handles logins, it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell you anything useful.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Dec-15 9:56am View
This question is 2 years old. I don't think they are looking for an answer any more.
Dave Kreskowiak 30-Dec-15 9:43am View
You would have to write a proxy server. This is far from being a trivial task. If you don't know what a proxy server is you'll have to do a ton of research because there's a lot of work that goes into them and various standards that have to be adhered to in order for your applications to be able to use the proxy.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 22:11pm View
What version of MySQL are you using? What version of the MySQL connector?

Warning, I don't use MySQL at all, for a reason.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 13:20pm View
Declared twice? No it isn't. It's declared once.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 11:50am View
You say that like everyone is supposed to know what "the Domino source code" is.

You might want to update your post to include that little piece of information.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 10:42am View
Don't post a solution to a 4 year old question.
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 10:40am View
Why the hell are you using CONVERT on every single field in the query? Did someone make the massive mistake of storing numbers as strings?
Dave Kreskowiak 29-Dec-15 10:35am View
What did you use to do the import from the Excel file? If you used Office Interop, you made a big mistake.
Dave Kreskowiak 28-Dec-15 11:31am View
OK, I have no idea what's causing that because there is no way for us to see your code. This is coming from the client side code. Your client-side code is doing the upload.

What part of your client-side code uploads an Excel sheet? This code is being called by something. This is where your debugging skills are going to come in handy.
Dave Kreskowiak 27-Dec-15 10:55am View
I really don't care about the points. :)

It's not the first time he's asked this question and telling him his question doesn't make sense AGAIN is as close to a solution as he's going to get until he reworks it. Chances are really good he's not going to modify this one and this gets it out of the "unanswered questions" list.

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