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Raul Iloc at yesterday View
Yes you are right, the code could be optimized, but I did not wanted to change the internal logic used by the originator of the question.
Raul Iloc at 15-Oct-14 1:59am View
1.Like I told you in my solution above, you can encrypt any values of your app.config, then use that value, but before to use the encrypted values you have to decrypt them and manage the usage of them.
2.Regarding the WCF settings, if you really want to encrypt them, you could do it like I described in my solution, but then you must use these settings grammatically in your code. See details about this here:
Raul Iloc at 14-Oct-14 7:05am View
I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 7:00am View
1.First jqGrid is expecting the data in JSON format;
2.Your problem is that you are not returning the data that jqGrid is expecting;
3.To solve this look in my article at "Step 4 (Controller)";
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 6:25am View
1.If you do not specify any layout in the page, the default layout (specified in _ViewStart.cshtml) will be used.
2.If you want to specify no layout you should set: Layout= null; in your page.
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 6:23am View
You said that you want to keep the counters per each user, so you should use a for/foreach and inside of it to init each counter to 0 like in the next example:
foreach(User user in userList)
string key = string.Format("Page1CounterForUser{0}",user.ID);
Application[key] = 0;
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 4:27am View
You should use Application["Page1CounterForUser1"] = 0;Application["Page1CounterForUser2"] = 0;... etc
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 4:07am View
Maybe you can get some ideas from my next project, that is also implemented in MVC4 and is using jqGrid:
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 2:48am View
1.The problem is that you are not using any _Layout in your page, so your page must have the HTML main sections (HTMLs, HEAD, BODY) in order to can be rendered.
2.You could do your page in steps, first try to use in your page the default _Layout page (generated by the VS) and to test your JS, then to use it without Layout but insert the main HTML tags manually in your page.
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 2:23am View
1.You should also clear your browser cache, then try again.
2.Check also in your browser (view source code) if the scripts section contain the referenced .JS files in the proper order.
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 1:46am View
See my update (2nd point) in my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 13-Oct-14 0:59am View
In Global.asx.cs, in "Application_Start" you have to init all the used counters with value 0, like I explained in my solution above.
Raul Iloc at 1-Oct-14 1:25am View
Sure that you can, I did that in some of my work products!
Normally the WCF service, for netTcpBinding should be installed on the server as windows service, and the client could be any type of application that are running over the internet or in the same local area network; so the WCF clients could be web applications, windows forms application, WPF applications, other windows services,etc.
Raul Iloc at 30-Sep-14 13:11pm View
Very well pointed! You have my 5+!
Raul Iloc at 30-Sep-14 7:18am View
Maybe is a misunderstanding regarding the original question. The question is about the data from a data table, and this means in my understanding the data from a database table, and your understood "DataTable" object with data inside it.
Raul Iloc at 30-Sep-14 0:51am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 29-Sep-14 6:26am View
The showing of the new votes in the CodeProject page is done after some delay.
Now is showing the result, and you could check also the points gain in your Reputation details.
Raul Iloc at 29-Sep-14 6:25am View
Is not the same. The LINQ will generate SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ... WHERE that is different then: SELECT * FROM ... WHERE, get the data in DataTable, and only after that to count the results, because even the execution of the SELECT * take longer then SELECT COUNT(*), and to fill all results could take a lot of time, depend on the amount of data from the table.
Raul Iloc at 29-Sep-14 2:50am View
You have my 5 vote!
Raul Iloc at 29-Sep-14 2:47am View
Is not OK to execute SELECT, because your code will consume more resource and time then a simple "Count()". See details in my solution!
Raul Iloc at 28-Sep-14 13:14pm View
Thank for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 28-Sep-14 10:45am View
The installer checks UpgradeCode and ProductCode properties to determine whether the earlier version should be removed. The UpgradeCode must be the same for both versions; the ProductCode must be different.
Raul Iloc at 28-Sep-14 10:44am View
To change "ProductCode" you have to use the same Properties window and click on this property value (a "..." button), then in the new window click on the button "New Code".
Raul Iloc at 26-Sep-14 0:43am View
So did you solve your problem by using the indications from my solution?
Raul Iloc at 25-Sep-14 3:55am View
If is working for 3rd item from the list should work also for ony other (including the 2nd one). So maybe you need to clear your browser cache, close and reopen your browser then try again.
Raul Iloc at 25-Sep-14 3:48am View
Then you should add a property of type IMyForm also in SampleList.cs and use it in similar way like I explained in my solution above. The idea is to create a communication channel between the main form object and the Form2 object.
Raul Iloc at 25-Sep-14 2:18am View
1.You code regarding DDL selection seems to be OK, except that you have some "new DataSet()" that should not be there.
2. Try to debug and put breakpoints at lest in "SelectedIndexChanged" events of both DDL to see if ddl_Partner_SelectedIndexChanged is generated even when you select an item from the second DDL!
Raul Iloc at 25-Sep-14 1:43am View
1.Then in you drop down list index changed you have to take care to do the init of your second drop down list in the IF block like I suggested in my solution.
2.Could you show me also your C# code for events handling?
Raul Iloc at 24-Sep-14 1:09am View
You have my 5+ vote, because you solution is managing also for multilanguage context where problems may occur for numbers and date time user input conversion.
Raul Iloc at 23-Sep-14 7:46am View
See my update (3rd point) in my solution above.
Raul Iloc at 23-Sep-14 7:26am View
You should cache in your Application cache a key create based on the userID as key for the counter, like "string.Format("Page1CounterForUser{0}", userID);" and use these type of keys similar with "Page1Counter" in my solution above.
Raul Iloc at 23-Sep-14 7:20am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 23-Sep-14 3:28am View
I am glad that I could help you, so it will be nice from you to accept my solution!
PS: For any solution the idea for solving the problem is the most important, because I do not have your code to can test it.
Raul Iloc at 23-Sep-14 1:32am View
So, did you manage to solve your problem by using my solution?
Raul Iloc at 22-Sep-14 8:09am View
Did you try like I suggested?
Raul Iloc at 22-Sep-14 1:10am View
1.I created first query based on your old one, and should return the same results. If something is missing you could change its filter as you want. Not that this first query is executed only in the second one so you cannot see results of it in the debug
2.Did you test like I suggested?
Raul Iloc at 18-Sep-14 9:05am View
You have to just select your project in Solution Explorer, right click on it ==> context menu, then select "Properties" menu item (should be the last one) ==> the project property window. Then select "Settings" (from the vertical tab control) and click on the middle ==> create your settings, like is also explained in the link. Then automatically the app.config will be created and updated.
Raul Iloc at 18-Sep-14 2:42am View
You have to select the project project in Solution Explorer, then to select the "Properties" from context menu, and after that select the "Settings" from the left part of the new (project property) page. You have also these details in the MSDN link that I gave you in my 3rd point of my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 18-Sep-14 2:17am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 18-Sep-14 1:14am View
Did you try like I suggested?
Raul Iloc at 15-Sep-14 6:29am View
See my links from my 3rd point in the solution above.
Raul Iloc at 15-Sep-14 2:19am View
Yes you write.
You can find more details:
Raul Iloc at 12-Sep-14 7:56am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 12-Sep-14 6:47am View
1.First in your "AssessmentSectionClass" class you should have List<SectionQuestion> and not generic "List". Also the name of the classes should be without "Class" at the end.
2.Then after getting data with LINQ, for each result you should create new objects then add them into the list. And similarly for the list of SectionQuestion objects.
Raul Iloc at 12-Sep-14 6:28am View
1.Regarding the error you should debug your error and inspect the variables from the line where the error is generated.
2.Regarding your code for getting data, after get the data by using LINQ you should populate the list of "model entities", and your "model entities classes" should be like I suggested in my solution.
Raul Iloc at 12-Sep-14 2:53am View
1.I didn't give you all code, just the idea.
2.To fix it is simply just declare a variable of type "List of Student" and return it, see my update in the code above!
Raul Iloc at 12-Sep-14 2:42am View
You have my 5+!
Raul Iloc at 11-Sep-14 3:47am View
Thank you for your feedback!
Yes, your approach is very good.
Raul Iloc at 11-Sep-14 2:00am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 10-Sep-14 8:50am View
1.You should get the data from the database and create the model objects from them and at the end to pass the Model as a "List" of "StudentclassInfo".
2.See my update above!
Raul Iloc at 10-Sep-14 4:09am View
See discussions in the next links:
Raul Iloc at 10-Sep-14 1:54am View
This is related with the fact that you delete the IF condition for closing by using X.
See details in the next link:
Raul Iloc at 10-Sep-14 1:52am View
That condition is to manage the case when the user close the browser by using X button from the upper corner of the browser window!
Raul Iloc at 9-Sep-14 8:39am View
I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 9-Sep-14 2:44am View
Did you check my solution?
Raul Iloc at 8-Sep-14 7:32am View
PS: My solution was based on the info that you published in your question.
Raul Iloc at 8-Sep-14 3:37am View
See my update in the solution above (the 3rd and 4th points)!
Raul Iloc at 8-Sep-14 2:14am View
1."GridView" objects are used in ASP.NET application and in Windows Forms "DataGridView" objects.
2.See my solution update (2nd point)!
Raul Iloc at 8-Sep-14 1:40am View
Did you try one of the options suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 12:04pm View
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 5:18am View
No problem! Now is better.
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 3:10am View
There are 3 errors, regarding String class, in the solution above, see details in my comment bellow!
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 3:09am View
There are 3 errors, regarding String class, in the solution above, see details in my comment bellow!
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 2:42am View
You agreed a solution that is only partially correct! See my comments in the 1st solution!
For details about string class and string literals you can search on MSDN or you can read the next article:
Raul Iloc at 7-Sep-14 2:39am View
Your solution is only partially correct.
You have 3 errors in your solution:
1.The String class does not have any constructor like this: String(string);
2.There is no "implicit operator" in String class.
3.Also there is no assignment operator "=" in String class, see details in MSDN!
So the expression: string s = "Hello World"; create a string literal (constant that will be store in the application) and then assign the reference to this constant to the variable "s" and are not any constructor or operators involved.
Raul Iloc at 5-Sep-14 8:23am View
I have checked your site and the page from browser cache is used, but if your try any action in the page from cache you will be redirected to login page. To fix also this problem see my update (4th point)!
Raul Iloc at 5-Sep-14 3:35am View
1.The source code from my solution should work, maybe you missed something, like clearing the browser cache before to testing the changes.
2.Your site is not accessible from the internet, so I cannot have a look on it.
Raul Iloc at 5-Sep-14 0:56am View
See my update with details code!
Raul Iloc at 4-Sep-14 12:45pm View
Did you check my solution?
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 8:51am View
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 8:46am View
This means that you did not copy (or missed something from) the WCF settings into the app.config of the test project!
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 2:22am View
My indicated article is not about MVC, it is classical ASP.NET web application, and I provide there also stored procedure code for filtering and pagination that could be customized/extended.
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 2:13am View
So, did you check it out?
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 1:30am View
I agree with your solution. You have 5 from me!
Raul Iloc at 3-Sep-14 1:07am View
1.Thank you SA!
2.As I said above, my first version of the solution was based on the info that I had at that point in time.
3.You have my vote.
Raul Iloc at 2-Sep-14 14:02pm View
I got a negative vote to my solution, but my first version was based on the info that I have in the original question, so there was no info about hexa format, so if you vote me negative it will be nice to undo!
Raul Iloc at 1-Sep-14 1:05am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 29-Aug-14 2:01am View
Other solution, and the recommended solution for web communication, is to use JSON format, but this format is a little different that your format. See details on the next links:
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 4:38am View
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 4:22am View
You should set:
smtp.Port = 587; smtp.EnableSsl = true; smtp.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 3:55am View
I just checked by using my gmail account, so you have to do the next settings:
1.Enable IMAP access;
2.Use "" to "allow the application less secured".
3.Use 587 as SMTP port number with SSL enabled and smtp.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:47am View
Then, if you have the code from yesterday before your new changes, the sending email part should work also today, because accessing the database is not related with the sending email, but check if the data read from there is valid, maybe is a wrong value for email address read from the database or something. So you should inspect your code by using Debug during execution.
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:44am View
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:43am View
You should check your gamil Settings (there is an icon button in the upper right corner).
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:33am View
1.You should check in your email client, like Outlook, in the account settings -> Server Settings.
2.But you could try to send emails without SSL enabled.
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:29am View
1.Please check if the email is not in the SPAN list, or maybe the email will come after a delay.
2.You should try first to test your code by sending email to another existing gmail account.
Raul Iloc at 28-Aug-14 1:10am View
I just add a new solution there. Try it!
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 6:55am View
SMTP host is the url to the SMTP service/server that will sent the email.
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 6:46am View
See my update (the 3rd point) in my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 4:22am View
If you use the SMTP service from your web server, you could use 25 for port number (the default value), if you use "Google Email" you should use 587.
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 3:01am View
The SMTP settings should use the settings (domain and credentials) of an existing SMTP service from your web server. You could also use a public domain like is "Google Email" but you should use in this case your existing credentials (similar with the example from the first link).
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 2:24am View
The articles from the links should be used by you as starting point for solving your problem, but you should adapt and customize the provided source code for your context. For example in the 2nd article there are details about the SMTP settings that you must set up in your web.config in order to can send emails.
Raul Iloc at 27-Aug-14 2:03am View
1.Did you check it like I suggested, because if its "int" your above LINQ should work without problem!?
2.After the LINQ expression try to execute it into a "List" by using: "list.ToList()", then inspect each element in Debug, before to execute the for!
Raul Iloc at 26-Aug-14 2:04am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 8:48am View
So did you comment that line of code?
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 7:45am View
You should comment that line, because was I am using in my code my own class for logging, and I want only to underline you that there is a place where you can save the exceptions details into the event log!
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 7:30am View
The code that I gave you is not form an MVC projext, is from an ASPX project and in my application is working. Note that you should change for your context and read also my 1st point from my comment above!
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 7:24am View
1.Note that Application_Error will be generated when the user will try to access your application after the session was expired.
2.What did you try and is not working?
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 6:21am View
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 2:38am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 25-Aug-14 1:47am View
I agree with you. You have my vote (5)!
Raul Iloc at 24-Aug-14 12:42pm View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 24-Aug-14 5:19am View
1.Maybe I was not so clear, the invocation of the HTML Helper has as parameter the lambda expression that dynamically use the X parameter and the given expression to build the returned URL; the parameter of type lambda expression, named "pageUrl", define that the expression must have an int as input parameter and a string as output, so the given "Url.Action(...)" will be used to build the returned URL as string.
2.The construction of the "anchor" tag ("TagBuilder" object from your custom HTML code) associates for each page the integer that will be sent as parameter when the user will click on it. So the anchor tag is build as HTML and when the user will click on it the browser itself will invoke the associated action that already has the INT parameter value inside it.
You could see details about the generated HTML of your View by using "View Page Source" in your browser.
Raul Iloc at 23-Aug-14 7:37am View
You need it, like also the error message said! Just try it.
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 7:37am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 6:24am View
See my update in the solution above!
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 6:15am View
1.The problem is the way that you are using in BindGrid() method by caching the data in your session! ==> The data for your grid will be in two places: in the user Session and also in the ViewState of the page.
2.So you should refine your BindGrid() method then reused also in the case of Delete.
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 4:10am View
You have to add "GridView1.DataBind()" in your "GridView1_RowDeleting" method after you deleting form DB part.
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 4:04am View
I do not have your code, but from quick review of the code provided by you, it seems that there is an error. So I thought that maybe the record was not deleted from the database. But if you are saying that is no problem at deleting, you could ignore this part from by solution!
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 3:46am View
The 100ms time interval is minimum about of time used to show the wait form. Is the time used by the timer to invoke its method for checking if the process was finished or not. So is no problem to use 100 ms for your timer!
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 1:54am View
I totally agree with you! You have my 5+.
Raul Iloc at 22-Aug-14 1:02am View
1.In that case you should do the steps from my solution above!
2.Regarding the database file you have to use "File View" of your Setup project and create a location for it (like a new folder) then change your configuration string to be relative to the installation folder (current folder of the application).
Raul Iloc at 21-Aug-14 9:08am View
1.You said SQL Server, and this is a shortcut for "Microsoft SQL Server".
2.Regarding "My SQL" installation, you could install it by setting up in your setup project a "Launch Condition" for it.
Raul Iloc at 21-Aug-14 3:39am View
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 8:10am View
Good answer, you have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 7:45am View
Did you fix the problem as I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 7:44am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution (the 3rd solution)?
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 7:26am View
Did you fix the problem as I suggested?
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 3:16am View
Your regex expression is not quit right, because it matches also the words that contain the "$$" inside or at the end of the string like the next examples: "aaa$$bbb", "aaa$$"!
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 1:45am View
Raul Iloc at 20-Aug-14 1:42am View
In this case you have the next options:
1)Use .NET Remoting:
2)Use .NET Named pipes:
Raul Iloc at 19-Aug-14 2:48am View
I am glad that I could help you! If my solution works for you, it will be nice from you to accept it.
Raul Iloc at 19-Aug-14 1:04am View
Yes, you are right, my solution works only if both buttons are in the same Form class.
Raul Iloc at 19-Aug-14 1:01am View
Yes, this solution is better then mine. You have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 18-Aug-14 7:59am View
You have my vote, the article from the link indicated by you explains very well!
Raul Iloc at 12-Aug-14 7:01am View
No, you cannot execute any commands including bat.
Raul Iloc at 12-Aug-14 6:20am View
You have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 12-Aug-14 4:23am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 11-Aug-14 3:01am View
Your data from second table should depends some how on data from first one, so you should use this "logical dependency" between them.
Raul Iloc at 11-Aug-14 2:44am View
You said there is a dependency between your two tables, so you should use that dependency similar like in my example above, maybe is by using other field or a set of fields from both tables, or maybe is based on the rows positions in your tables.
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 6:34am View
Regarding the cache, I only gave you a solution to store the value of the counter, now is up to you how to do it; for example if you already are using a database you could simple use an existing table (or create a new one) to save your counter.
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 4:25am View
1.The idea for caching is for preserving the value of your counter in case when your server will be restarted (maybe a power failure) when your application/services will also be restarted.
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 3:22am View
You have to provide more details (exception details, source code used for sending email,etc.) in order to can help you!
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 3:20am View
The method "SendEmailNotifications" function from my solution above, should in fact reset the counter to 0 then save its value into the database (or into an XML file). Then before to send notifications you should read the counter value from its cache (database or XML file) and compare it with 24. If is lower then 24 you could increment it, send the email then save it again into the cache (database or XML file).
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 2:49am View
Yes, this code is OK and is reading directly the data from the database.
So the only place that could generate the problem is the code that save the changes into your database. Maybe there the new added data are cached!?
Raul Iloc at 8-Aug-14 1:48am View
Did you try to do it like I suggested?
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 8:00am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 7:59am View
1.You could comment the code with SqlDataAdapter.
2.It seems that you have a problem with the DateTime parameters values that must be of type DateTime and not string.
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 7:42am View
You have my vote (5).
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 7:40am View
This could be generated by two facts:
1.Your SP do not generate any results for the current parameters, so you should test your SP in the SQL by using the same paramteres;
2.You made an error in your code.
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 7:01am View
1.Yes, the changes must be in the .cs file.
2.You should replace the Thread property with your CultureInfo object like the next one:
new CultureInfo("gu-IN")
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 6:19am View
Like I said in my solution above, the problem is in your "data object", and not in the other part. Check the method "dalObj.GetUserDetails()" and make shore that it will load the data from the database, not from the cache, because could be the situation that you are sharing the same "data object" in all UI part, and you must force it to load the data from DB.
Raul Iloc at 7-Aug-14 1:59am View
I agree with you. You have my vote (5).
Raul Iloc at 6-Aug-14 3:57am View
Thank you Animesh for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 3-Aug-14 2:05am View
I agree with you. You have my 5+.
Raul Iloc at 31-Jul-14 6:30am View
Raul Iloc at 31-Jul-14 2:34am View
When both operands are integer the results will be computed as integer (so without any decimals), then the final result will be converted to double.
Raul Iloc at 31-Jul-14 2:32am View
1.All databases must have the same structure in order to can be used like I suggested.
2.You should give me the exceptions details in order to can help you.
Raul Iloc at 28-Jul-14 6:59am View
You should describe more exactly the context (what you are trying to do, details regarding your existing code, etc) of your problem and to provide also some source code, in order to can help you
Raul Iloc at 11-Jul-14 2:12am View
I just gave you an example about how to search in the array by using LINQ, and you could modify it as you want, for example to get a list of results not only the first one, bu using "ToList()".
Raul Iloc at 10-Jul-14 1:28am View
Did you try as I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 12:51pm View
In "Visual Studio" user interface there is "Target" option, used for building the application, with 2 possible values: Win32 or Win64.
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 8:42am View
You have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 3:25am View
Welcome, and if my solution helped you, you could accept it!
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 1:20am View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 13:38pm View
See my update, but you could also do also steps similar with these SQL commands by using SQL Management Studio tool.
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 8:50am View
Your question is unclear. You should give more details about what to you want to do, and/or about what did you tried so far, and where did you encounter problems!
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 6:47am View
See my update in 3rd point of my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 13:27pm View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:33am View
The steps (presented above), the JavaScript, the database table, and the logic are the same for ASP.NET. Some differences are only the UI part but the main idea are in the steps and the JavaScript above!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:24am View
From my point of view, the best way for creating a scheduler is by using threads and by hosting it into a Windows Service application (that will be installed on your server).
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:21am View
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 14:13pm View
I agree with you!
You have a 5 from me!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 4:17am View
Your question was about using threads in ASP.NET application and I explained in my solution why the using of threads in the case of ASP.NET web applications make no sense!
So what are your trying to use the threads in your web application? What are you trying to do with them?
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 3:02am View
Sorry then, I saw that the downgrade vote comes almost at the same moment with your answer.
It is strange that now I have 2 votes with value 1 for a good answer.
PS: I just vote you with 5.
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 2:49am View
Why did you vote me with 1, I was the first that put a correct answer to this question?
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 1:31am View
You must give the complete error details in order to can help you!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 1:25am View
You should show some source code in order to can help you! The problem seems to be generated by the code behind.
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 7:14am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 7:09am View
I saw some code in your comment to "Solution3", so if this is your code you have to make "public" also your "MapPanelOuter" class!
Sp both classes must be public like this: "public class MapPanelOuter {...}"
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:35am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:18am View
See my update in my solution below!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:17am View
See my updates in my solution bellow!
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 13:13pm View
You should accept a solution if it helps you to solve your problem.
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 13:06pm View
You have to use the Timer in your form class. You can see example about it in the link from my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 3:32am View
Why did you UnDo the acceptance of my solution?
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 1:03am View
Raul Iloc at 1-Jul-14 3:04am View
I don't have time to do that, but you can find examples in MSDN.
Raul Iloc at 30-Jun-14 7:44am View
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 10:57am View
The connection string should be in the config files (web.config for UI and app.config for other cases) and you could add two configurations entries (one for home and the other for work) then to comment one of them and uncomment the second one.
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 8:45am View
Could you show us also the code of your method "RemoveLogicalChild()", because maybe the problem is generated from this method!
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 8:38am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 6:44am View
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 4:49am View
1.I am also using LINQ in my web application above, but this is not so important!
2.I already answered to you. The main user interface part in in the JavaScript above and you should use it similarly in your web application. The method from the controller is invoked via AJAX call and inside of them the EF is used to set the flag in the database.
Raul Iloc at 22-Jun-14 15:20pm View
Yes is fine also, because your "Program" class implements the interface.
Raul Iloc at 22-Jun-14 14:53pm View
See my update above!
Raul Iloc at 21-Jun-14 10:04am View
This is the best answer. You have my vote 5!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 13:44pm View
You right, I missed a zero!
But the idea is to use Sleep method.
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 3:11am View
You should change your code:
<pre lang="cs">
p = Data; // now "p" is pointing to the first item of the array!
for ( int i=0;i<20;i++)
// your other code!
p++; // point to the next item from the array!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 1:37am View
You forgot to post the error!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 1:26am View
What do you mean by nested comments? Could you give some examples about what do you want to have in your view (how these comments should look like)?
Raul Iloc at 19-Jun-14 8:29am View
1)You should do like I suggested in my 2nd point above.
2)The sessionState setting only let the IIS to save the users session into memory or in SQL Server tables, but all the data are serialized before to be cached into the database, so its internal staff of the IIS.
3)If you will have a huge number of users that are accessing your web application at the same time, and you are storing for each user a lot of data in the Session, then the "SQLServer" mode is the best solution, because in this way you could have more free memory on your web server; otherwise the StateServer mode should be used.
Raul Iloc at 18-Jun-14 7:00am View
Very good answer! You have my 5+!
Raul Iloc at 16-Jun-14 4:06am View
You should use compatible version of JavaScript libraries. Regarding the "opera", you didn't provide details about PersonScript.js and PersonIndexScript.js, so maybe the error is there!?
Raul Iloc at 16-Jun-14 4:02am View
Raul Iloc at 13-Jun-14 12:45pm View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 13-Jun-14 8:22am View
You should give details about what your project. It is a web application, WCF, Windows Forms, or what? Where will be used in the intranet, internet? Do you will have more module that should communicate and exchange data?
Raul Iloc at 11-Jun-14 13:31pm View
In my opinion they is is not depreciated, was just replaced with install shield (that is the same) but not free for complex tasks. Some complex installation tasks, like installing SSL certificates and windows services cannot be done without setup projects or install shields setup projects!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jun-14 1:07am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 2-Jun-14 8:34am View
Which type of application do you use? ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Windows Froms?

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