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Raul Iloc at 11-Jul-14 2:12am View
I just gave you an example about how to search in the array by using LINQ, and you could modify it as you want, for example to get a list of results not only the first one, bu using "ToList()".
Raul Iloc at 10-Jul-14 1:28am View
Did you try as I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 12:51pm View
In "Visual Studio" user interface there is "Target" option, used for building the application, with 2 possible values: Win32 or Win64.
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 8:42am View
You have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 3:25am View
Welcome, and if my solution helped you, you could accept it!
Raul Iloc at 9-Jul-14 1:20am View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 13:38pm View
See my update, but you could also do also steps similar with these SQL commands by using SQL Management Studio tool.
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 8:50am View
Your question is unclear. You should give more details about what to you want to do, and/or about what did you tried so far, and where did you encounter problems!
Raul Iloc at 7-Jul-14 6:47am View
See my update in 3rd point of my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 13:27pm View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:33am View
The steps (presented above), the JavaScript, the database table, and the logic are the same for ASP.NET. Some differences are only the UI part but the main idea are in the steps and the JavaScript above!
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:24am View
From my point of view, the best way for creating a scheduler is by using threads and by hosting it into a Windows Service application (that will be installed on your server).
Raul Iloc at 6-Jul-14 2:21am View
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 14:13pm View
I agree with you!
You have a 5 from me!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 4:17am View
Your question was about using threads in ASP.NET application and I explained in my solution why the using of threads in the case of ASP.NET web applications make no sense!
So what are your trying to use the threads in your web application? What are you trying to do with them?
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 3:02am View
Sorry then, I saw that the downgrade vote comes almost at the same moment with your answer.
It is strange that now I have 2 votes with value 1 for a good answer.
PS: I just vote you with 5.
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 2:49am View
Why did you vote me with 1, I was the first that put a correct answer to this question?
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 1:31am View
You must give the complete error details in order to can help you!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jul-14 1:25am View
You should show some source code in order to can help you! The problem seems to be generated by the code behind.
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 7:14am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 7:09am View
I saw some code in your comment to "Solution3", so if this is your code you have to make "public" also your "MapPanelOuter" class!
Sp both classes must be public like this: "public class MapPanelOuter {...}"
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:35am View
Welcome, I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:18am View
See my update in my solution below!
Raul Iloc at 3-Jul-14 1:17am View
See my updates in my solution bellow!
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 13:13pm View
You should accept a solution if it helps you to solve your problem.
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 13:06pm View
You have to use the Timer in your form class. You can see example about it in the link from my solution above!
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 3:32am View
Why did you UnDo the acceptance of my solution?
Raul Iloc at 2-Jul-14 1:03am View
Raul Iloc at 1-Jul-14 3:04am View
I don't have time to do that, but you can find examples in MSDN.
Raul Iloc at 30-Jun-14 7:44am View
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 10:57am View
The connection string should be in the config files (web.config for UI and app.config for other cases) and you could add two configurations entries (one for home and the other for work) then to comment one of them and uncomment the second one.
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 8:45am View
Could you show us also the code of your method "RemoveLogicalChild()", because maybe the problem is generated from this method!
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 8:38am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 6:44am View
Raul Iloc at 24-Jun-14 4:49am View
1.I am also using LINQ in my web application above, but this is not so important!
2.I already answered to you. The main user interface part in in the JavaScript above and you should use it similarly in your web application. The method from the controller is invoked via AJAX call and inside of them the EF is used to set the flag in the database.
Raul Iloc at 22-Jun-14 15:20pm View
Yes is fine also, because your "Program" class implements the interface.
Raul Iloc at 22-Jun-14 14:53pm View
See my update above!
Raul Iloc at 21-Jun-14 10:04am View
This is the best answer. You have my vote 5!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 13:44pm View
You right, I missed a zero!
But the idea is to use Sleep method.
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 3:11am View
You should change your code:
<pre lang="cs">
p = Data; // now "p" is pointing to the first item of the array!
for ( int i=0;i<20;i++)
// your other code!
p++; // point to the next item from the array!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 1:37am View
You forgot to post the error!
Raul Iloc at 20-Jun-14 1:26am View
What do you mean by nested comments? Could you give some examples about what do you want to have in your view (how these comments should look like)?
Raul Iloc at 19-Jun-14 8:29am View
1)You should do like I suggested in my 2nd point above.
2)The sessionState setting only let the IIS to save the users session into memory or in SQL Server tables, but all the data are serialized before to be cached into the database, so its internal staff of the IIS.
3)If you will have a huge number of users that are accessing your web application at the same time, and you are storing for each user a lot of data in the Session, then the "SQLServer" mode is the best solution, because in this way you could have more free memory on your web server; otherwise the StateServer mode should be used.
Raul Iloc at 18-Jun-14 7:00am View
Very good answer! You have my 5+!
Raul Iloc at 16-Jun-14 4:06am View
You should use compatible version of JavaScript libraries. Regarding the "opera", you didn't provide details about PersonScript.js and PersonIndexScript.js, so maybe the error is there!?
Raul Iloc at 16-Jun-14 4:02am View
Raul Iloc at 13-Jun-14 12:45pm View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 13-Jun-14 8:22am View
You should give details about what your project. It is a web application, WCF, Windows Forms, or what? Where will be used in the intranet, internet? Do you will have more module that should communicate and exchange data?
Raul Iloc at 11-Jun-14 13:31pm View
In my opinion they is is not depreciated, was just replaced with install shield (that is the same) but not free for complex tasks. Some complex installation tasks, like installing SSL certificates and windows services cannot be done without setup projects or install shields setup projects!
Raul Iloc at 4-Jun-14 1:07am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 2-Jun-14 8:34am View
Which type of application do you use? ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Windows Froms?
Raul Iloc at 2-Jun-14 6:25am View
See my update!
Raul Iloc at 31-May-14 9:00am View
Something like this, but each add is in fact adding/registration of the method/methods into the current method list associated with the delegate.
Raul Iloc at 30-May-14 11:27am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 30-May-14 7:34am View
Raul Iloc at 30-May-14 6:25am View
You could use SQLite database for storing the offline data, because SQLite DB no not need any installation on the client (just a simple file), so you could have also the DB installed in the application folder.
Raul Iloc at 30-May-14 4:44am View
Sorry, I saw that you specified ASP.NET MVC.
See my updates!
Raul Iloc at 28-May-14 0:54am View
I have mentioned the file because you have to copy all files from the folder like in the case of copying the folder from the same computer. See the link in my solution update!
Raul Iloc at 27-May-14 7:40am View
As I know you cannot do this!
Raul Iloc at 23-May-14 7:44am View
1.See details in the link above especially for IIS6 case.
2.In the case of IIS 7, because it natively supports .NET IHttpModules, by default you’ll have UrlRoutingModule plugged right into the server!
Raul Iloc at 14-May-14 7:38am View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 14-May-14 7:33am View
I gave you a complete class that I'm also using it in my projects. See details bellow in Solution2. Did you try it?
Raul Iloc at 13-May-14 8:54am View
1.You are joking!? Anyway I have used this method successfully in many real projects.
2."ExecuteScalar" method is doing both: the INSERT and the return of the Identity value (new ID).
Raul Iloc at 13-May-14 8:11am View
I am not agree with you, and also Microsoft did not agree with you, because in the case of INSERT is indicated to use ExecuteScalar() method, because you will need to read as result the ID of the new inserted row. You can find this info even in the MS article indicated in your comment!<br>
Raul Iloc at 13-May-14 8:05am View
You have my vote!
Raul Iloc at 9-May-14 7:01am View
Nice, welcome!
Raul Iloc at 9-May-14 2:52am View
You have to add reference to the used jquery library.<br>
In my project I am using the next libraries in this order: "jquery-1.5.2.min.js", "jquery-ui-1.8.11.min.js", so you are missing the first one!
Raul Iloc at 6-May-14 7:50am View
You should login by using your CodeProject account and the download will work.
Raul Iloc at 5-May-14 2:18am View
Inside the main root of your web.config, as child of "configuration" !
Raul Iloc at 30-Apr-14 1:24am View
See my update in my solution2 above (the 2nd point)!
Raul Iloc at 29-Apr-14 7:15am View
OK, and the Windows used on your test machine is Win64 version ?
Raul Iloc at 29-Apr-14 6:57am View
Check in the project propertiis -> "Build" tab -> Platform target
Raul Iloc at 28-Apr-14 1:21am View
You should give more details about what you want, and did you try (some code) until to put the question, in order to can help you!
Raul Iloc at 26-Apr-14 13:38pm View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 25-Apr-14 6:24am View
You have to use "FileInfo"class and look at "LastWriteTime" or "CreationTime" property.
Raul Iloc at 25-Apr-14 6:20am View
Raul Iloc at 24-Apr-14 3:45am View
The name of the "ID" field is not important for my solution, the idea is to use the "primary key" or a "unique key" (in your case should be "CarDemageID") to load the entity that you need for update.
Raul Iloc at 24-Apr-14 3:35am View
Should work if your "Image" folder is a sub-folder of your web application root, otherwise you should change the path in the web.config setting above from": path="Image" to path="\someFolder\Image".
Raul Iloc at 23-Apr-14 7:41am View
Your answer to your own question is not OK, because you can get the same error again if the pass is not initialized for the first item (Row).
See my update in my solution (solution1)!
Raul Iloc at 16-Apr-14 1:08am View
See my update (4th point)!
Raul Iloc at 15-Apr-14 7:29am View
My solution is for ASP.NET and C# and you have to do no change in your current pages. You have only to add a new class (I provided example in my link) and to add changes in the master page.
Raul Iloc at 15-Apr-14 7:05am View
Where is your "carDemage" object created? Could you provide also that code? "carDemage" is a class memeber?
See my update!
Raul Iloc at 14-Apr-14 1:41am View
So what is you problem?
You should describe better your problem by specifying what should be and where is the problem now!
Raul Iloc at 14-Apr-14 1:38am View
From your info is clear that the second computer is better, so maybe this 2nd computer has a very slow internet and/or network speed, or maybe there are also other applications that are using the 2nd computer resources, so you should inspect its running processes into Tasks Manager" or other inspection tool.
Raul Iloc at 13-Apr-14 13:54pm View
Raul Iloc at 11-Apr-14 11:26am View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 10-Apr-14 23:55pm View
Welcome, so you should accept my solution!
Raul Iloc at 10-Apr-14 2:35am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 9-Apr-14 4:47am View
Welcome, but I strongly recommend you to optimize your code by using only one AJAX call in place of 10, because each call (even if is AJAX) go to the web server, then there are some processing on the server (recreating of the controller class, executing the controller method and maybe accessing the database), then the result is sent back to browser!
Raul Iloc at 9-Apr-14 2:18am View
See my update above!
Raul Iloc at 9-Apr-14 1:27am View
Welcome! I am glad that I could help you.
Raul Iloc at 7-Apr-14 13:43pm View
You should provide the SQL code and the test condition (in your question above) in order to can help you!
Raul Iloc at 7-Apr-14 13:11pm View
You should improuve your question and show us the complete section of code that generate the error!
Raul Iloc at 7-Apr-14 4:16am View
So you succeeded to upload your web application (that result after publishing it into a local folder) on your remote server. The next steps are:
1.Change in your web.config the SQL connection string so to can access your DB, and note that the your DB backup should also be restored in your running server first;
2.In the IIS you have to create a new site then set its :Site bindings": "Host Name" and "Port".
3.Also in IIS create an "Application Pool" for ASP.NET version 4.0 (or the version that your are using); If you cannot select the version of ASP.NET, you have to install the .NET framework used by you on the server AND/OR to registry the ASP.NET in IIS by using "regiis", after that to create your application pool;
4.By using IIS and "Manage web site-> Advanced settings" and set the "Application Pool" created above, and also set/verify the "Physical Path" property to point to the folder on your server where your web application was copied;
5.In IIS "Restart" the site and should works!
Raul Iloc at 7-Apr-14 0:57am View
All needed files for your web application will be copied into the folder specified by you.
Next step is to setup in your IIS the site parameters including the folder for your site where the web application files were deployed.
Raul Iloc at 4-Apr-14 6:38am View
ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Events
Raul Iloc at 4-Apr-14 2:21am View
Tell me you question.
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 6:37am View
You should use Javascript (jQuery) to invoke AJAX calls to the controller that in response will send you back only the partial view with the new filled drop down list for your current context.
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 6:29am View
So it's working by using my solution?
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 3:41am View
The error is generating by the fact that you are not providing the right parameters to the next call "@Html.ListBox(...)". In your controller your property "model.lstTrxn" must be created as a list of "SelectListItem" objects!
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 2:24am View
Try to debug the code, and inspect all local variables, maybe there is some Upper chars or something!
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 2:14am View
See my update to my solution!
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 1:48am View
Did you use my new update?
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 1:15am View
See the update in my solution, then give a feedback if is this that you want!
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 1:03am View
You should show me some code from your 2nd view in order to can give more advises. Also the code from the parent of your partial view.
Raul Iloc at 3-Apr-14 0:59am View
You answered only to my first question. So you have the label with some text and the world from your label text are the items of your checkboxlist, right?
And big question is what do you want to happen when you select one ore more items in your checkboxlist?
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 8:33am View
You should do: "textBox1.Text = comboBox1.Text;"
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 6:53am View
I am glad that I could help you! If my solution was OK for your you could accept it!
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 6:28am View
So it is working or not?
If not please describe clear what data do you have in your "label1" and what do you want to be checked!
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 3:29am View
Thank you for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 2:09am View
Your question is not clear! You should provide more details about you application (is APS.NET or not), and about what do you mean with "session value" ?
Raul Iloc at 2-Apr-14 1:17am View
I did not used WebGrid, but I am using in my MVC projects jqQrid, and I recommend this grid to be used. You can see details about it in my next article:
Raul Iloc at 1-Apr-14 8:38am View
You should give me more details about: what grid are you using? when the data are cleared, at postback?
Raul Iloc at 1-Apr-14 7:34am View
1.Welcome, and if my solution helped you you should accept it!
2.My advice for your is that you should not use dynamic objects when is not necessary, otherwise your code will not be so clear!
Raul Iloc at 1-Apr-14 7:31am View
OK, no problem! The solution should work because I am using something similar in some project.
Raul Iloc at 1-Apr-14 3:45am View
Welcome! If my solution helped you, you could accept it.
Raul Iloc at 1-Apr-14 3:42am View
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 6:36am View
Inside the main root of your web.config, as child of "configuration" !
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 4:41am View
You should add more details about the context of your problem and finally to ask a question about your problem!
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 2:53am View
I just tested into a test application my suggestion:
"if(!(dataGridView1.CurrentCell.ColumnIndex == 0 && dataGridView1.SelectedCells.Count > 0)" and works fine.
So what event do you use it to invoke the code for validation?
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 2:41am View
1.See my update!
2.I have a question related with "dataGridView1.Text": what do you trying to validate by reading this (because is the text associated with the control itself and is not under the user input control)?
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 2:05am View
See my update in my solution!
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 1:44am View
Are you shore that you are talking about the selection of the first column and not about the selection of the first row or first cell?
Raul Iloc at 31-Mar-14 1:35am View
I gave you a solution for showing reports in your web application about the applications that are executing on your server.
I saw that first you have accepted it then UnDo the acceptance. Do you encounter any problem or my solution is not that you want?
Raul Iloc at 30-Mar-14 11:51am View
This in not a question. You have to give more details and to ask a question!
Raul Iloc at 30-Mar-14 9:36am View
Did you try like I suggested in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 30-Mar-14 5:58am View
Welcome, so you could accept my answer if it helped you!
PS: Yous shouldn't put your comments as "solution", because you are the question originator!
Raul Iloc at 29-Mar-14 12:53pm View
Did you try my solution (Solution 1) ?
Raul Iloc at 29-Mar-14 12:51pm View
Did you try my solution (Solution 5)?
Raul Iloc at 29-Mar-14 7:50am View
Maybe I was not so clear in my answer above but, if you have tow choose between this two option: CA+VB or CA+ASP my suggestion is VB.
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 16:17pm View
I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 14:09pm View
As you want, then you should use $("#row_" + rowId).remove(); in this case to remove the current TR.
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 13:20pm View
Thanks for your vote!
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 12:58pm View
So did you succeeded to receive your email, but you cannot see the email body?
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 12:40pm View
You should have only one table to manage the tree and it should contains the next fields: ID (PK), ParentID(FK), Text, Position (for children of the same parent). Then the management of tree's data is simpler.
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 10:26am View
Did you try one of my solutions (Solution1 or Soultion2)?
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 9:11am View
see my update!
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 7:35am View
You have also a very good example in my 1st solution above (article with source code and a stored procedure that can be modified for your task)!
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 7:32am View
I did in my solution above, but if you want more details in a running example you can look in my next article (and its source code):
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 7:29am View
OK this is your opinion, and I gave you mine just in my comment above.
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 7:25am View
Yes "Thicks" value is the representation as "double" number at the entire given date time object, so the result should be a big number that can be used as you want (make it smaller, use only first part of it, etc). Here is an example about Thicks:
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 5:44am View
I gave two different solutions, so I don't see what are your point!?
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 4:02am View
You have to create/use a class that will be used in your Model, like in the example from the "Solution 1" above.
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 3:46am View
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 3:34am View
Now your view code is more clear, but the next aspecta remains totally unclear and wrong: you are using the same Model in both places: View and PartialView, and in your View; and in your View for each item from your Model (that is a list of IncidentModel objects) you are passing to the PartialView an object of type Incident, but your the PartialView is expected to get an object of type list of IncidentModel!?
It seems that you don't need any partial view and your code could be used directly in view.So can you describe textually what are your trying to do in this View and also in the Partial View?
Raul Iloc at 28-Mar-14 1:57am View
The question wasn't about how to clear from session, but about the choosing the right ASP.NET event where the session data to be cleared.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 13:45pm View
Did you try my solution (Solution 4) ?
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 13:31pm View
You put as tag C# and ASP.NET and this confuse me.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 9:35am View
Like I said in my comment above "at the beggining I didn't sow that are 2 Sleeps calls" and there I suggested to move the existing call to "Sleep(2000);" at the end of the method.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 9:22am View
I am glad that I could help you!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 9:19am View
At the beggining I didn't sow that are 2 Sleeps calls in the source code provided, but I didn't sugested to use Invoke!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 9:10am View
The user wanted some simple changes of the color and text after the user click with some delays between changes and keeping the user input in wait stage. The usage of timer was the single solution in MFC (old times) but in C# a simple Refresh() is OK for this request.
PS: In generally the best solution are the simple ones, and we do not have to complicate things when is not necessary.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 9:01am View
You vote me with 1 :( !? Is not nice from your side if you did!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 8:54am View
You vote me with 1 :( !? Is not nice from your side if you did!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 8:53am View
Your solution is OK but your comment is partially true, because simple Refresh() is working (he just tested sucesfully my solution)!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 8:47am View
Did you try button1.Refresh() and didn't work?
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 7:53am View
The parameterized string should be used only in the case when the SQL is made by using user input, but here is not the case!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 7:25am View
So it is not a programming error, is and admin issue, and you should ask you Server Admin to help you. See details here about:
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 5:21am View
Welcome, if my solution helped you you can accepted.
Note that the solution2 din not solve your problem, it just works for a particular case (see above my comment that I added to it)!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 5:19am View
Your solution is not solving the problem, and is working only if you know the format of the date time string, but this was the problem that this format depends on the current culture used in the application that call the stored procedure.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 4:45am View
This because could be some firewall settings that block the SMTP communication.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 4:41am View
See my updates to solution!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 4:00am View
1.A web application is running on "Web Server" (could be your server, a host server, etc).
2.The user is accessing the page by using a browser, and this is the client.
3.My code is an example of AJAX call used for direct access from client browser to the application that are running on the web server.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 3:46am View
You are using MVC, so you could do the change only in your layout (master page)!
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 3:43am View
This error is typical for trying to access a Javascript that was not referenced in the page of invocation. Did you clear your Chrome browser cache?
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 3:26am View
Is not about mapping, is about how to use EF in the context of MVC application.
Each time the code is executed on your controller at response to an user action from your view, the controller class is recreated and also its properties and used objects, in this case a new EF context object is recreated. So the EF entity object that come from your model was created into a EF context that does not exist anymore on your server.
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 3:06am View
Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 27-Mar-14 1:51am View
So if you received the user inputs in your controller method, this means that now I are having a problem with the method WebMail.Send(..). So you should check the help regarding this method and maybe you are not setting the parameters in the proper positions!?
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 14:02pm View
Yes, should be there.
Give me a feedabck after you will insepct it in Debug!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 10:03am View
Welcome! Now you should give me some 5+ votes... :)
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 9:43am View
Should be like this:
// Form 1
private void cmdfind_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Form2 form2 = new Form2();
this.Hide(); //Hide the current form (Form1)!
this.Close();// Close Form1!
//Form 2
private void dataGridView1_CellContentClick_1(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
Form1 form1 = new Form1(); //Here was you bigger error, you used Form2!
DataGridViewRow row = dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex];
form1.textBox1.Text = row.Cells[0].Value.ToString();
form1.textBox2.Text = row.Cells[1].Value.ToString();
this.Hide(); // Hide the current form (Form2)!
this.Close();// Close Form2!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 9:33am View
So did you try it like I suggested above?
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 9:06am View
Why you duplicate your question?
I already gave you a solution on your first post!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 8:35am View
This line <a id="mytasks" runat="server" href="../ProgressClaims/QuickLinks.aspx?Redirect =0"> have to be modified to: <a id="mytasks" runat="server" href="~/ProgressClaims/QuickLinks.aspx?Redirect =0">
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 7:31am View
Did you debug your controller method and do you have value in Model.Kommentar before to send it?
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 5:23am View
So what is the status with your problem? Did you try my solution?
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 5:21am View
Abort is not dangerous, it has only the problem that it generate an ThreadAbortException exception, but sometime is what that we relay need in our code. But also Interrupt() generate also exception and from my point of view is not better then Abort because it works only if your thread is not in a wait, sleep, or join state!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 5:10am View
So in this case in your view (page) you should change like this:
@using(Html.BeginForm("KontaktForm", "Kontakt")
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 5:07am View
Did you try as I indicated in my solution?
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 5:05am View
OK, as you want, but in my projects when I relay want to kill immediately (abort) a thread I am using Abort. So If my solution helped you, you could accept it!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 4:29am View
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 4:25am View
Just look on the link provided in my solution and you will find an example there like I said!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 4:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice article!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 4:16am View
Normally your client should use the Download link from your web application and a "save as" dialog from the browser will help him/her to save the file locally.
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 4:10am View
Normally your action have to be implemented in your controller class, but if you want to redirect to a specific site you could use it like this: @Html.BeginForm(
null, null, FormMethod.Post, new {@action=""} but this do not solve your problem!
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 3:34am View
You should put your action part like this: @using(Html.BeginForm("YourActionName", "YourControllerName");
You have to implment the method "YourActionName" in your controller and there you should manage the user inputs that will come as param of type "Model".
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 2:48am View
If you are using MVC in your page you should use razor code in place of <FORM ...> should be: @using (Html.BeginForm()){...} and in place of <input type="hidden"...> you should use: @Html.HiddenFor(...), and so on.
Raul Iloc at 26-Mar-14 2:38am View
Yes, sorry about this, it seems that the site was overloaded last night!
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:43pm View
I've just added some new info in my Solution1.
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:43pm View
I just added some new info in my Solution1.
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:41pm View
I just added some new details into my solution (Solution 1).
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:27pm View
I've jsut added some new details in my solution (Solution 1).
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:27pm View
I've just added some new info in my Solution1.
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:27pm View
I just added some new details into my solution (Solution 1).
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:27pm View
I just added some new info in my Solution1.
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:11pm View
Try-catch role is not to validate an SQL, but to manage an exceptional situation that could occure at the database communication level, and you arev right there should be an "if" to test if there are results or not.
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 15:02pm View
You request was for converting to "decimal" (not to "int") and for using from razor code, I provided my solution (solution 2) that match all condition at most at the same time with OriginalGriff (that was faster then me but his solution not fulfill your requests). I am wandering why you din not accept my solution!?
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 14:01pm View
Did you try my solution (Solution1)?
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 14:00pm View
Thank you for your feeback!
Raul Iloc at 25-Mar-14 10:03am View
I am glad that I could help you!

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