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pranav95 at 27-Sep-11 22:45pm View
IsNumeric checks if the given string contains only numbers.
We can use this function from Microsoft.VisualBasic.Information
It returns a boolean value on checking if the string is numeric.
So, if you want to check if a string (say text from a textbox) is numeric in the program,
will return true if the text is numeric.
pranav95 at 25-Jun-11 23:13pm View
pranav95 at 3-Jun-11 7:42am View
Check these articles :
pranav95 at 3-Jun-11 7:38am View
Are you trying to get your homework done.?
pranav95 at 3-Jun-11 7:06am View
Dave said it.
pranav95 at 26-May-11 3:34am View
Hood :)
pranav95 at 26-May-11 3:34am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good :)
pranav95 at 26-May-11 2:37am View
Check for .NET using .NET itself?
pranav95 at 26-May-11 2:22am View
Not marketing. In fact I hate Visual Assist X. I prefer Microsoft integrating IntelliSense with C++ 2010. The only working solution is this.
pranav95 at 25-May-11 10:41am View
More typing :P
pranav95 at 8-Nov-10 6:13am View
Thank you for the suggestion..
I do not wish to be rude. If I am, I'm really sorry.
1) In a quadratic equation, 'a' can never be 0. So, where can a division by zero problem occur?
2) Taking square root twice is not a big issue.. It is computed in a matter of seconds.. I do agree it is inefficient in the extreme case..
3) An alternative can have an improved feature.
pranav95 at 28-Jun-10 21:05pm View
pranav95 at 22-Jun-10 6:52am View
compile the project.
open the assembly(exe or dll file) in reflector.
In the programming language drop-down, choose VB
pranav95 at 15-Jun-10 23:25pm View
Restoring is simple.
Scan the string line by line.
Check if a colon exists in the current line. If it exists, it is a property. So, split it and get the two values. Use SetValue for that particular property.
If there is no colon, then see if a control of that name exists. If it doesn't, skip to the next line
pranav95 at 14-Jun-10 8:49am View
These are the only 2 possibilities. I have provided the solution for both and made the question wider and clearer.
pranav95 at 14-Jun-10 8:45am View
Improved the question.
pranav95 at 14-Jun-10 4:09am View
Even this
pranav95 at 14-Jun-10 0:54am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Tip already posted
C# and VB.NET Available
pranav95 at 13-Jun-10 0:09am View
:) good. Have fun :)
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 4:16am View
I don't know.
Bug with WPF?
Since VS2010 UI is designed with WPF
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 2:13am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Repeat of my tip
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 2:12am View
I Told the same thing! :P
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 1:56am View
To my knowledge, .NET Framework does not have this capability. You might have to write your own FTP Client.
There are good FTP projects in CodeProject
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 1:45am View
For that, there will be a password box.
Use SendKeys.SendWait(Make sure your application is active that time)
First send the Username(as a string)
Then send "{TAB}" - For going to the password box
Then send the password(as a string)
Then send "{TAB}" - For focusing on the OK button.
Then send "{Return}" - equivalent of clicking OK button
pranav95 at 11-Jun-10 1:13am View
What about
Label1.Parent = Control
Label1.Background = Transparent
pranav95 at 10-Jun-10 7:35am View
pranav95 at 10-Jun-10 7:26am View
pranav95 at 8-Jun-10 10:47am View
Reason for my vote of 1
The question is not clear

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