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Parwej Ahamad at 15-Sep-13 2:04am View
Yes, correct
Parwej Ahamad at 15-Sep-13 1:15am View
It's parameter so no relation with your identity column. But yes don't try to update or insert employee id.
Parwej Ahamad at 2-Aug-13 6:52am View
Thanks you sir, I will follow your valuable suggestion in future :)
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jul-13 21:41pm View
I put your sample code in fiddle, it's working fine:
Yes you can access, put your method bindEvent() to Webform2.aspx. Because when you are loading webform4 then your envent is not binding.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 15:05pm View
Dear issue is, IE doesn't support "text-shadow" so you it's not working in IE.
find some work around.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 14:34pm View
If you are using 4.0+ then inbuilt is having routing features.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 14:25pm View
Behavior may be change browser to browser due to browser version. So you have to be with what you are getting.
Whatever you want, if you are able to explain it and show something with example then anyone will able to help you to get workable as per your requirement.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 14:13pm View
:) same way look inti the IE from developer tool
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 14:05pm View
Dear I said, firs try to find what is the error and you can see it. Run page on Chrome browser, then press ctrl+shif+i.
One window will open, then click on Console tab the see the error and post here.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 13:55pm View
1. Invalid script path
2. Required js file didn't taken reference
3. Some typo in code
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 13:55pm View
1. Invalid script path
2. Required js file didn't taken reference
3. Some typo in code
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 13:51pm View
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-13 13:44pm View
Make sure you taken the correct reference path:
<script type="text/javascript" src="../Scripts/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/jquery-ui-1.8.20.js"></script>
Have you any error in browser console?
Parwej Ahamad at 13-Dec-12 8:12am View
pre lang="cs"> remove this from code, it was mistaken inserted into the sample code
Parwej Ahamad at 20-Oct-12 11:27am View
I believe it should work, please check for span color, is the color same as your background? OR go to view source and see if vale exist.
2nd thing I would ask, why you are not using Label OR Literal instead span?
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 14:09pm View
where is Click event method? Had written event in code behind file? I didn't saw.
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 14:09pm View
where is Click event method? Had written event in code behind file? I didn't saw.
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 14:07pm View
Also look for Unito Of Work pattern:
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 14:00pm View
It's depend the how you are managing your DBContext object, fist look into this URL about the lifecycle of DBContext then you will able to implement your scenario:
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 13:55pm View
Go with URL, first learn about the Listview :
I would suggest purchase any beginner Asp.Net book to learn about the controls etc.
Parwej Ahamad at 16-Oct-12 13:40pm View
look some sample code :
Parwej Ahamad at 21-Jul-12 0:34am View
Thanks Charles!
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-12 8:31am View
What output? Have created app inside the Facebook? What kind of error you are getting?
Yes, it's different, because on server side it's using OAuth protocol.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-12 8:30am View
What output? Have created app inside the Facebook? What kind of error you are getting?
Yes, it's different, because on server side it's using OAuth protocol.
Parwej Ahamad at 12-Jul-12 8:11am View
Have you tried OAuth?
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 3:15am View
Thanks :)
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 2:33am View
Dear I would say using DataBinder.Eval can be performance issue so I would suggest fetch the value from e.Row.DataItem object.
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 2:21am View
Great! No issue
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 1:55am View
type cast e.Row.DataItem as your row type then fetch all values from that object liek
Yourbindrow obj = e.Row.DataItem as Yourbindrow
then fectch value from this object and build the string like:
obj.intID OR obj["intID"] etc then
find the btnProcess control then the commandargument property with that string,
Note: I can not write the exact code because I don't have idea about the binding detail and table columns
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 1:40am View
which framework version you are using?
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 1:34am View
event : ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs
e contains dataitem property so type cast e as your datarow and then fetch all value then build property string then set it to CommandArgument
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 1:30am View
As per my understanding you want to call OnlyRead method from Button click event and Page load event. so can achieve two way either direct call only read method on page load event or call button click event.
Parwej Ahamad at 24-Dec-11 1:28am View
I have seen the code what you want me to show?
Parwej Ahamad at 21-Dec-11 14:03pm View
Not an issue, now started getting object so just use msg.d
Please refer this URL for complete example:
Parwej Ahamad at 21-Dec-11 14:00pm View
Not an issue, now started getting object so just use msg.d
Parwej Ahamad at 21-Dec-11 13:52pm View
Thanks :)
Parwej Ahamad at 21-Dec-11 13:27pm View
Verify browser developer tool console what is the cause of error then post here that line.
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Sep-11 12:27pm View
Please make sure folder name and image name is correct. One more thing remove "/" too and then try.
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Sep-11 11:58am View
Remove ".." from image URL:
Hope so this should work
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Sep-11 11:24am View
It's not able to find the path. So can you post image path with root project? So we will able to figure out.
Post here you page location too.
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Sep-11 1:46am View
Showing Text means what? Are you able to connect your DB? Is CSS is applying? All page is accessible?
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Sep-11 4:26am View
You can use LoadControl method to load any user control. Have look this site:
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Sep-11 5:37am View
Post here your code part too (HTML & Event)
Parwej Ahamad at 20-Sep-11 14:17pm View
If possible, can you post the original exception message?
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Sep-11 3:17am View
Thanks for sharing with us this link. My vote is 5
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Aug-11 16:54pm View
Mark I already told you my intention was not to give him answer but I suggest him to do study. Because when he don't have basic information how to take input and save into Database then it should be serious concern for his future.
Thanks you so much for your suggestion and used wording "Unacceptable"
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Aug-11 15:30pm View
I am not intended to give answer of this question,
Parwej Ahamad at 9-Aug-11 2:00am View
Most of the developer work on source view but if you can see layout in design view. But the changes in Source view. Because I don' which version are you using, in 2.0 if you are touching in design view few code automatically added by VS.
Parwej Ahamad at 9-Aug-11 1:58am View
Edit, Delete is a special command name which is used by Gridview so change the command name like DoEdit etc. Hope so will work.
Parwej Ahamad at 27-Jul-11 10:12am View
Yes practically it is not a large but iterviewer intention was same to asking this question.
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 9:02am View
Then bind the repeater control on page load event. Is there any issue to doing this way?
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 8:56am View
Are you passing any parameter when popup being open?
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 8:42am View
- Take an Div on popup control
- Build this format through loop in web method
- return in jquery call, on success section assign this result into Div control
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 8:08am View
Repeater control render html form in client side, so as you were doing very first time in jquery just build html form (using Table or Div) and then display on popup instead of binding repeater control.
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 6:46am View
I didn't got your requirement exactly, as per my understanding, on link button click you are opening Model Popup and on model popup you have repeater control that you want to update and display on button click event.
Is this right? please elaborate.
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 6:30am View
Why you use here href="#dialog"? may be the cause
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 6:17am View
Oh ok :)
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 6:10am View
What is Handles lnkQC.Click? I think this should work
Protected Sub lnkQC_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
End Sub
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 6:06am View
When are you using master page it's mean your child pages is used master page. So once placed jscript tracking code in Master page don't put in content page) it will automatically propagate all child page too. For confirmation view the page source the couple of pages and see the script.
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 5:58am View
Because you are not creating object of the current page just calling directly through the method name and this is the way only possible. So if you know, we can call all static method directly by the class name without instantiate.
As per your requirement, I guess you don't want to postback your page so you are trying to use Jquery with Ajax. Why you didn't use Update Panel in this situation?
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 5:49am View
so are you not able to validate on Server side? Because you are validating from DB so you have to validate from server side.
<asp:CustomValidator runat="server" id="cusCustom" controltovalidate="txtCustom" onservervalidate="cusCustom_ServerValidate" errormessage="The text must be exactly 8 characters long!" />
protected void cusCustom_ServerValidate(object sender, ServerValidateEventArgs e)
e.IsValid = true;
e.IsValid = false;
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jul-11 5:26am View
Yes it's true, mean you are using web controls inside this method cause the error?
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 1:09am View
do you want to know how to login/logout in web aps? is it? please elaborate more more in coding point of view
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 1:02am View
where you have put Autopostback=true?
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 1:01am View
If we are using Ajax to popup Calendar then why we need javascript? It's mean there is no use of Ajax. Because Ajax Calendar control does this thing it self I guess not need to write anything addition javascript code for the same.
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 0:52am View
are you using this code inside the update panel?
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 0:41am View
I supposed you have all image under the teacherPic and pic name in DB. So please try this way:
ImageUrl='<%# Eval("teachImage", "~/admin/teacherPic/{0}") %>'
Note: If still not able to display the image then view the page source see what is image path has picked. If not currect then provide the correct path.
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jul-11 0:33am View
I believe issue is not in Web.Config file, something breaking in your default page. Error message basically denoting that to display custom error. So try to figure out on your default page it may be cause DB connection or check logs etc.
Parwej Ahamad at 19-Jul-11 14:39pm View
Post here error too and your connection string.
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jul-11 2:18am View
I think first you have to learn basic understanding of Session management and session object instead of asking these question. So search on google or CP you will found many articles.
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jul-11 1:53am View
First clarify your question? What passing to another page? Do you want to retrieve session value on another page? If yes then do the same way as you are doing on current page.
Parwej Ahamad at 15-Jul-11 16:26pm View
It's seems you haven't set start-up page. So just right click on default page (which page do you want to show as index page) and set as default page.
Parwej Ahamad at 13-Jul-11 6:11am View
Can you post all attributes of Web Method? that should be:
[WebService(Namespace = "")]
[WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)]
Parwej Ahamad at 11-Jul-11 12:57pm View
I think, First you have learn basic stuff of Asp.Net, Ado.Net, C# so purchase a book or follow the below link:
There is no benefit to got solution of these kind of question.
Parwej Ahamad at 10-Jul-11 13:50pm View
Thanks Ravi
Parwej Ahamad at 9-Jul-11 16:31pm View
I think you have to provide column name only lie:
Parwej Ahamad at 9-Jul-11 16:06pm View
Are you setting selected event date to Calender control too?
Parwej Ahamad at 8-Jul-11 22:01pm View
See the below Philippe Mori comment.
Parwej Ahamad at 8-Jul-11 13:48pm View
Someone is rated 1 star great :)
Parwej Ahamad at 8-Jul-11 11:51am View
Seems issue is in your call method OR may be not providing correct location.
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 14:50pm View
Are you getting any error? User firebug to figure out if anything going wrong with Javascript and let me know
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 14:24pm View
Dear if you see your question, your question was on selected row populate nested grid not to popup the nested grid.
Another good example:
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 14:14pm View
Ok got your point, but you should clearly mention your requirement, I can not write the whole code at this moment but you can follow the below article:
and Let me know if you have any question or doubt.
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 13:40pm View
first you need learn how to show nested grid view so go with video:
and One more, put something efforts from your side too. Many articles are available.
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 13:21pm View
Look my second comment, doing the same thing as you have required.
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 13:15pm View
Go with this URL you have your image into DB
Parwej Ahamad at 6-Jul-11 13:12pm View
do you saved image in DB or just you have image file name?
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 11:12am View
Yeh... I think so sometime it creates problem, So most of time I deleted all tables from the designer and adding again all tables.
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 9:24am View
Because you didn't provide TextBox id so you will not able to find Textbox control.
Second approach is, if you are adding more than one control in Place Holder so it's better approach is, iterate all child control under PlaceHolder using PlaceHolder1.Controls property.
And make sure provide unique id for all child controls.
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 6:19am View
According to my understanding, It's mean you disabled only parent control (panel) resultant all child control inside the panel get disabled and when you enable the parent control (panel) then all child control get enable.
Have you tried to do enable/disable Dropdownlist separately?
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 5:36am View
Sorry I missed,
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 2:44am View
I need too :)
Parwej Ahamad at 4-Jul-11 2:27am View
Dear it's normal process for all sites:
- Create list of users in your appliation
- Provide rights for each users like user, admin etc
- Better to use this structure, create two separate folder called Admin and procted
- Through authorization, Admin folder for only admin rights user
- finally on UI level display info based on right and logged in
Go with link, Pluralsight owners posted great free videos may helped you:
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 15:17pm View
So post here exception too.
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 5:47am View
I think your requirement is, fetch records from the XML out put and insert into Database.
If yes then search on Google first how to read XML file then you can easily insert record into Database OR you can do directly
Edit your question OR ask to them who created this requirement document.
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 5:47am View
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 5:27am View
Yeh... Chris, but question is most popular in these days and many articles are available. But these guys don't want to spend time on Google :)
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 5:22am View
4th option is good solution :)
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 3:17am View
I didn't got your question "Where to set the password?"
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jul-11 2:52am View
Thanks Sengupta
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Jun-11 5:27am View
Just silly mistake, see your method parameters.
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Jun-11 4:25am View
That should work: Some tips for you-
- view page source and look if, is there menu generating code?
- Is there may be css issue which can be hide you menu
- If it is dynamic menu then see source
Hope so this will help you,
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Jun-11 3:54am View
Not working server mean, menu are not displaying OR are you getting any error?
Parwej Ahamad at 30-Jun-11 1:32am View
Post here piece of Jscript code block and web method block
Parwej Ahamad at 29-Jun-11 5:48am View
Dear I think you should first buy a Asp.Net book because there is no benefit if someone write code for you. If you are really serious about your profession.
Parwej Ahamad at 29-Jun-11 5:46am View
Have you read this discussion:
Parwej Ahamad at 28-Jun-11 2:05am View
Your question is not more clear, so elaborate more about which security method you have used? Have you maintain session timeout/Cookies expiration policy?
Parwej Ahamad at 28-Jun-11 2:00am View
Do you know about validationgroup property?
Parwej Ahamad at 26-Jun-11 14:43pm View
If you are storing only image path in database then simply bind image button with image path column.
OR are you storing image in DB? Please specify.
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jun-11 17:37pm View
Hi Chris, I had commented above because I was ensuring with him if he used this way or not. Because sometime developers are looking some other work around.
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jun-11 17:20pm View
Have you tried to call HttpContext directly from Wrapper class like:
and check if session is available.
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jun-11 4:55am View
I think so it is working fine, because once user get authenticated then can visit authorized pages. According to your concept, user will always by pass through Login page?
Is there any special purpose?
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jun-11 4:49am View
Have you implemented gridView_PageIndexChanging event? and in this even are you setting current page index?
Please make sure, on page load event are you binding under IsPostBack check like:
Bind grid
Parwej Ahamad at 25-Jun-11 3:50am View
Very good Explanation, my vote is 5
Parwej Ahamad at 22-Jun-11 12:17pm View
Can you post here parent html too which contains those div?
Parwej Ahamad at 22-Jun-11 12:05pm View
Thanks for your suggestion and I agree with you. MS Task Scheduler is really new for me too and I will look into.
Thanks SA for sharing your great experience with us.
Parwej Ahamad at 22-Jun-11 11:50am View
Dear, I don't think so would be best way to implement on Either you have to create a Windows Service OR Create SQL Server Jobs would be best way to implement this.
Parwej Ahamad at 20-Jun-11 14:30pm View
Dear purchase a book would be better than asking these type of questions. You can also look website.
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 7:15am View
Thanks Nit
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 5:40am View
:) I am not enforcing to do agree Dear and it was not written by me so read given msdn reference site.
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 2:41am View
I don't understand why do you want to use Javascript to check blank? I think Required filed validator is better to use for this.
And if you want to access any server side control in Javascript, better to use client id:
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 2:40am View
Are you able to call Check method? if yes then try this:
If not then let me know.
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 2:34am View
Have seen below link:
Parwej Ahamad at 18-Jun-11 2:24am View
Please go through with below link:
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 15:13pm View
Good conceptual explanation! Thanks. 5 :)
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 14:18pm View
Thanks Monjurul
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:54pm View
Dear it's all depend on your requirement. If you are thinking that use of DNN is only filling the content of the website then you have to deeply go through DNN.
You should mention here all area of your site then person can give his more feedback on your requirement.
Please read following features of DNN:
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:35pm View
Thanks Mr. Uday P.Sing
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:32pm View
Your most welcome!
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:26pm View
Can you mention here which .net version are you using? Linq to Xml would be best way to bind XML Data to list view.
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:24pm View
Thanks Uday!
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:17pm View
Thanks Dear if my suggestion is working.
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 13:13pm View
Dear If I will write the code then it's doesn't help you in future. So first try to implement by your self. f you are facing any logical/functional issue then I will help you and will write code for you.
Parwej Ahamad at 17-Jun-11 12:42pm View
Thanks Anupama
Parwej Ahamad at 9-Jun-11 9:54am View
Good question but difficult to answer :)
Parwej Ahamad at 8-Jun-11 15:44pm View
On the basis of previous page parameter:
Are you pulling the multiple records from the database and displaying first record then do you want to implement the next and previous functionality?
Pulling single record from the database then trying to implement Next and Previous functionality?
Note: Are you maintaining any sequence order for your ticket-id? please mention.
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jun-11 14:24pm View
Thanks Dear, Really feel good if someone posting comment like you great person. Thanks once again.
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jun-11 3:41am View
Can you post here your conversion code?
Parwej Ahamad at 1-Jun-11 3:00am View
As posted question description, I posted the solution. Otherwise he can use Math.Round function.
Parwej Ahamad at 15-Apr-11 11:20am View
Post here complete exception message
Parwej Ahamad at 28-Mar-11 4:31am View
Post here your C# Code and Email Text
Parwej Ahamad at 13-Feb-11 5:04am View
Post your code with explanation. We will help you. Thanks

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