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Comments by Praveen Meghwal (Top 20 by date)

Praveen Meghwal at 4-May-12 5:38am View
I think you can only return integer values through the stored procedure's return type.
Try out put parameter for this purpose.
Praveen Meghwal at 3-May-12 2:10am View
Please post more details like what error you are getting.
Also post complete code.
Praveen Meghwal at 3-May-12 1:58am View
Does add/update functionality make separate entry in the table or they update an existing record.
Praveen Meghwal at 2-May-12 2:20am View
Please post question with full details. With this one line statement, no one will be able to understand what you really wants to achieve.
Praveen Meghwal at 30-Apr-12 1:05am View
Praveen Meghwal at 26-Apr-12 4:32am View
Can you please explain what you want to achieve in little detail. You have just posted your code only. You have not specified any thing about what action you want to perform in your page.
Praveen Meghwal at 26-Apr-12 0:56am View
Format the code.
Praveen Meghwal at 26-Apr-12 0:54am View
Formatted the code.
Praveen Meghwal at 25-Apr-12 8:27am View
Can you please post your code?
Praveen Meghwal at 25-Apr-12 8:00am View
Can you please post what error you are getting?
Praveen Meghwal at 20-Apr-12 5:38am View
Please make your question more clear and if possible post code snippets.
Praveen Meghwal at 25-Oct-11 7:04am View
Please make it clear. What out put you are expecting from the stored procedure. Looking at your stored procedure you will not get any result as you are just setting the value for variable @events. You will have to add a select statement after it like "select @events"
Praveen Meghwal at 14-Oct-11 7:46am View
Hi Sandhya
Do you want to make some items in dropdownlist non selectable?
Praveen Meghwal at 14-Oct-11 7:38am View
Did you try to bind your grid after calling DeleteRow function?
Praveen Meghwal at 18-Aug-11 5:22am View
Please post your config file. Error message indicates that there are 2 sections with same name. Check it properly.
Praveen Meghwal at 18-Aug-11 4:17am View
Thanks Dalek
Praveen Meghwal at 16-Aug-11 6:46am View
My 5 too
Praveen Meghwal at 11-Aug-11 8:55am View
Yes, You are correct. This is working fine :)
Praveen Meghwal at 11-Aug-11 7:58am View
This is nice approach but in case of TemplateField it will not work. It gives text property as empty string value.
Praveen Meghwal at 11-Aug-11 7:52am View
You can get DataItem of the current row as:
DataRowView drv = (DataRowView)e.Row.DataItem;
Here i have used DataRowView because I am binding the grid with DataTable. Above line will change according to the Datasource you are setting for the grid.
After getting the DataItem you can use following lines:
e.Row.Cells[0].ToolTip = drv[0].ToString();
e.Row.Cells[1].ToolTip = drv[1].ToString();

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